Critical Illness
A television commercial shows a patient being unhappy as he is diagnosed with a critical illness (CI) which was not covered by his medical insurance policy. It clearly shows the limitation of the CI product. Such an illness can be an shattering experience—emotionally and financially. Payout from such policies is certainly a welcome help for the person and her family. It cannot ensure getting over the illness, but it can go a long way to reduce the financial stress. In our Cover Story this time, Raj Pradhan explains, in great detail, the nuances of such products that will help in selecting the right cover. Having health insurance is more important; but there are gaps in the product. Life insurers offer CI as rider or as a stand-alone product. A CI product helps bridge some of the gaps, even though it is not a perfect product. 
We all know that stock market is on a downward roller-coaster, right now. Losing money, even temporarily, is a terrible experience. So, how should you handle the situation? If you have invested in quality stocks for the long term, you shouldn’t be worried, reassures R Balakrishnan. In his article, he gives a few takeaways from the recent market decline.
Over the past two years, the government has injected over Rs59,000 crore to recapitalise public sector banks (PSBs) which is higher than the budgets of several ministries involved in public welfare. Yet, these banks continue to report burgeoning bad loans. Recently, the Supreme Court of India (SC) stepped in to stop the ongoing loot of PSBs. Sucheta, in her Crosshairs column, explains why the SC has stepped in and what it should do.
It now appears that fraudulent chain-money schemes, PACL and City Limouzine, have transferred vast amounts of money outside India. PACL has been found to have taken investors’ money to Australia, Madagascar and Dubai. Isn’t this a fit case for the much-touted Black Money Act? Sucheta asks the question, in her Different Strokes column. As for our forthcoming events, on 19th March, Moneylife Smart Savers Investor Club is planning to host its third workshop. Stay tuned for the programme. 



Vaibhav Aggarwal

1 year ago

Does L&T super top up health policy cover critical illness? I have purchased for 20 lacs

Pulse Beat

Whole Herbs as Drugs

A recent study, led by Dr Mark Moss, head of psychology at Northumbria University, found that the smell of rosemary boosts our ability to recall past events and remember what to do in the future, thanks to a compound that gives the herb its distinctive scent. Rosemary boosts long-term memory and the ability to do simple sums. It is still not known if this could help treat dementia.

Psychosis and Inflammation 

Inflammation seems to be everywhere now—as a cause of atherosclerosis and what have you. The latest addition to this long list is psychosis. Stressful life events and emergence of psychosis is now the in thing in psychiatry circles. What science requires is a mechanism connecting psychological stressors with functional changes that drive behaviour. Recent studies connect psychosis with inflammation in the brain. These studies provide a mechanism for how trauma can increase the emergence of psychosis. My personal observation is that this premise of the causal connection is still in its infancy. More needs to be known in this field before we connect the two as cause and effect, lest we repeat the same mistake that we have been making in the past.

Zika Virus

It is Zika everywhere. Already new tests for rapid diagnosis have come out and vaccines are pouring out. See the timing. How quickly things move, if there is money in the field. Poor Zika, which was sleeping since 1947, has got a shot in the arm. The editorial of British Medical Journal (BMJ) dated 12 February 2016 talks about the tests already. Fiona Godleee, the editor-in-chief writes: “And The BMJ has joined other organisations such as the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in an initiative to share data on Zika.” These names are there wherever there is an opportunity to make good money. The story of over-treating every fever as malaria, which at one stage was thought to be a necessary evil, is coming up to haunt us. Let us not repeat that with Zika. Writes Ms Fiona: “But with this success come other challenges, notably the harms caused by presumptive over-treatment of fever as malaria.” 

Turmeric Can Improve Your Mood

We all know how powerful a drug turmeric can be against cancer with its plentiful supply of tyrosine kinase receptor-blockers. New research now tells us that it might even be a mood elevator. There is hope that regular use of turmeric might even go as far as preventing depression, a very common malady in society today.



Largest Meta-analysis of Anti-depressants 

The largest-ever meta-analysis of anti-depressant trials was published in the British Medical Journal on 28 January 2016. Researchers from the Cochrane Collaboration reviewed 70 trials (involving 18,526 subjects) to find—counter to the initially-reported findings—that anti-depressants doubled the risk of suicide and aggression in subjects under 18 years of age. The authors feel that this risk has been deliberately under-reported. The same finding should hold good for adults on anti-depressants. A study published in  the January issue of the journal Stroke found that anti-depressants may increase the risk of micro-bleeds in the brain. Both SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and SNRI (serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) anti-depressants can disrupt natural clotting mechanisms and lead to increased adverse bleeding incidents and prolonged bleeding. 


Clinton wins two of first three Super Tuesday races

Democrat Hillary Clinton on Tuesday scored two of the first three Super Tuesday contests


Democrat Hillary Clinton on Tuesday scored two of the first three Super Tuesday contests, garnering an early advantage over Bernie Sanders, who won his home state of Vermont, according to multiple media projections.
On the Republican side, New York billionaire Donald Trump was projected by all major US cable news to win handily in Georgia.
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