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Credit societies to act as BCs for farm credit in Maharashtra

Nationalised banks and regional rural banks conceded to chief minister Prithviraj Chavan's demand for appointing operational credit societies and other institutions as bank business correspondents


Mumbai: To facilitate flow of pre-monsoon credit to farmers in seven districts in Maharashtra where district co-operatives are not operational, commercial banks conceded the state's demand for appointing credit societies as business correspondents, reports PTI.

Six district central co-operative (DCC) banks affiliated to the Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank were prohibited by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) from doing business as their net worth went negative earlier this year.

Following the restrictions, farmers of these districts are finding it hard to access credit ahead of sowing for kharif season and there were apprehensions that they would go to private moneylenders.

The prohibited banks include those in Dhule, Nandurbar, Nagpur, Wardha, Osmanabad and Buldhana districts which used to serve seven districts.

To overcome the difficulties, nationalised banks and regional rural banks (which are sponsored by nationalised banks) conceded to chief minister Prithviraj Chavan's demand for appointing operational credit societies and other institutions as business correspondents, a press note released here said.

The decision was taken at the state-level banking committee meeting here today which was attended by representatives from the RBI, top officials of nationalised banks and the chief minister himself.

A total of Rs750 crore has been disbursed to four lakh farmers in the affected districts while Rs500 crore more is yet to be disbursed, the press note said.

At the meeting, Mr Chavan asked the Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank to take lead in facilitating flow of these funds by helping the nationalised banks and RRBs, the statement said.

Maharashtra has targeted a disbursal of Rs24,629 crore towards crop loans this fiscal, the statement said, adding the share of commercial banks has grown up to 55%.


Bribery: SEBI must show good governance

Although SEBI has remained silent about bribery charges against its staff, it is time the...

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Google says internet content censorship on rise

Google said like India, content removal requests doubled from the US in the second half of last year as Ukraine, Jordon and Bolivia showed up for the first time on the list of countries out to have materials removed


New York: Internet search giant Google has reported a sharp rise of 49% in online content censorship from India as it said the trend of blockage were increasing from governments round the world, more surprisingly from Western democracies, reports PTI.

Google Inc said it had received more than 1,000 requests from governments around the world in the second half of last year to take down items such as YouTube videos and search listings, and it complied with them more than half the time.

The Internet giant said political comments were a prime target as the number of requests for the company to remove content from the reach of Internet users jumped manifold.

"We noticed that government agencies from different countries would ask us to remove political content that the users had posted," a top Google official said.

He said the number of content removal requests received by Google in India was 49% higher in the second half of last year than in the first six months.

But the requests made by New Delhi were not released in the company's transparency report made public yesterday.

Google reported that it went along slightly more than half of the approximately 1,000 requests it received to remove material or links.

The Google report does not provide insights from countries such as China, where tight Internet controls allow blocking of content.

The net blockage request from governments ranged from satires on military Generals in Pakistan, request from UK police officers to terminate six YouTube videos for terror contents and SOS for removal of as many as 149 videos for allegedly insulting the monarchy in Thailand.

Google said Pakistan's Ministry of Information of Technology asked it to remove six YouTube videos that satirised the country's military and senior politicians. "We did not comply with the request," it said.

A company top official said that the prime request from the governments were mostly to take down political speech.

"It's alarming not only because free expression is at risk, but because some of these requests come from countries you might not suspect - Western democracies not typically associated with censorship."

Like India, content removal requests doubled from the US in the second half of last year as Ukraine, Jordon and Bolivia showed up for the first time on the list of countries out to have materials removed.

From political to terror inspirations, Google said that requests at times became ludicrous as Canadian officials wanted removal from YouTube of pictures of a citizen peeing on his passport and flushing it down a toilet.

Releasing the transparency report, Google said it hoped to continue to contribute to the public debate about how government behaviours are shaping our web.

Overall, the firm said it had received 461 court orders covering a total of 6,989 items between July and December 2011. It said it had complied with 68% of the orders.

The company said it had received a further 546 informal requests covering 4,925 items, of which it had agreed to 43% of the cases.




5 years ago

Dr. Ambedkar only a perfect face for Indian currency Because .
1.He was a Great Economist
2. Most talented Man in the Universe (By Oxford Univerist Survey)
2. He was great social reformer just did impossoble Social Revolution by giving Human rights to untochables
3. He is a Father of Indian Constitution
4. RBI formation :The Reserve Bank of India was founded on 1 April 1935 to respond to economic troubles after the First World War,The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) came into picture according to the guidelines laid down by Dr Ambedkar? RBI was conceptualized as per the guidelines, working style and outlook presented by Dr Ambedkar in front of the Hilton Young Commission. When this commission came to India under the name of “Royal Commission on Indian Currency & Finance”, each and every member of this commission were holding Dr Ambedkar’s book named “The Problem of the Rupee – It’s origin and it’s solution.”[3] The Bank was set up based on the recommendations of the 1926 Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance, also known as the Hilton–Young Commission.[

5. Great Journalist
6. Great Lawyer
7. Colleges (Milind college @ Aurngabad & Sidarth College @ mumbai )
8. Multidoctorate degree holder from USA ,UK,Germany
9. Religious Revolutionalist (Embrassed Buddhisam with Lacks of People)
10. First Indian Political leader who had resigned due to failur of Hindu Code Bill
11. First Leader who is really worshiping like GOD.
12. First man who ended the thousand years of the slavery of untochables.
13. Gandhi how can be ?? (refer What Congress and Gandhi done to Untpouchable or Gandhi could save ethe life of Bhagat Singh .He never go not fast for Untouchability or India-Pakistan Parttion to stop the violence )

With refernce of point no4 ,its realy hurt when SBI not printed HIS photo as BANKER TO THIS INDIAN .How can be 'Tagore and Rajendra Prasad '?? Whats their contribution in Finance / Banking sector ?

With refrence of all points ,only Dr. Ambedkar is most perfect face on Indian currency


5 years ago

Chhatrapati Shivaji, B R Ambedkar,Subhas Chandra Bose, Bagat Singh............etc just conduct Public Opinion poll selected Top 5 rated icons. Print there photos on currency notes. According to there rakings in 1000,500,100,50,20,10,5 notes & rest of Leaders On Coins 10,5,2,1


5 years ago

!!!! BUT
INDIAN Media does not show this news so spread this news to all the indian”s


P Vijayan Nair

5 years ago

My advice sto RBI would be, "Leave well alone."Mhatma Gandhi is a non-controversial figure.Respected, even revered, not only in India but the world over. Once RBI deviate from ita policy of the last 6 decades and more, it will
open itself to presures of various kinds: political, linguistic, religious, caste, regional, etc And the government will knuckle under every time. Banish the thought!



In Reply to P Vijayan Nair 5 years ago

Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi was definetly a controversial person and how many controversies do you require. How many books you want in this matter. For quick results on Gandhi's controversies, just surfit in internet

RC Tandon

5 years ago

It is necessary to stick to one figure Mahatma Gandhi only. On postage stamps however personalities and events may be represented. Changing person on currency only stinks of loyalty to political party and in bad taste. Why not have the national bird the peacock or the tiger?


5 years ago


sakthi nagendran

5 years ago

my vote's for Dr.ambedkar........
yendrum avar pugal nilaithu nirkkattum....
valga jananayagam.... valarga india ....


5 years ago

i only support for

Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel

Jeevan Bhosale

5 years ago

Chhatrapati Shivaji does not belongs to particular state. He belongs to whole true indians. So Please I request you to print Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on Indian currency note.


5 years ago

Govt. Symbol is adequet for Currency face .No need of any human face there . There are too many leagends are in our History so it would be unfair if selected one or two faces for Currency
Uptill now Govt. done unbiasing with other Leaders by only selecting MK Gandhi as a currency face.
The above selected list by TOI is not based upon study (if Nehru in a list ,why not Lalbahadur Shastri ? if Annie Besant then why not Baba Amte , Mother Teresa ,Gadge Maharaj if Tagore is there why not C. V. Raman /Amartya sen ??) .Why TOI listed most of the peoples who were associated with Congress ?? If we talk about List below one must be ,
1.Bhagat Singh
2.Chedrashekhar Azad
3.Dr.B.R. Ambedkar
4.Subhashchandra Bose
5.Mahatma Phule
6.Savitibai Phue
7.Maulana Azad
8.Shivaji Maharaj
10.Rajaram Mohan Roy


5 years ago

What a pleasant news to read that too during Congress (I) lead UPA regime at the centre. All patriots of this country are eagerly looking forward to have the photos of Shivaji, Rana Prathap, Chanakya, Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai, Tatya Tope, Netaji Subhas, Lala Lajpat Rai (Founder of Punjab National Bank), Lokamanya Tilak, Aurobindo Ghosh, Veer Savarkar, Ras Bihari Bose, Bhagat Singh, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, Madan Mohan Malaviya, Surya Sen, and many such other freedom fighters photos in the currency notes of our country Bharat (India).

Already coins having the photos of most of the above personalities are in circulation. Better late than never, we should have currency notes with above personalities photos at the earliest.

Jai Hind

09845672560, [email protected],

Victor Phillip

5 years ago

I think no greater leader has ever taken birth on this Indian soil (except Mahatma Gandhi) whose photo can printed on the Indian currency notes. Also, I think RBI should be more concerned in solving the duplicate currency notes rathar than thinking of glorifying politicians and others.

Victor Phillip

Om Pratap Singh

5 years ago

Dr B R Ambedkar and Chhatrapati Shivaji were not political leaders. They were the truest sons of the soil of India. The Former was protector from social evils and the latter was protector from external invaders. Calling them as meager politicians is surely an insult and despise to these great souls. Take back your foolish article.


Adi Daruwalla

In Reply to Om Pratap Singh 5 years ago

Chatrapati Shivaji was a fearless warrior and a military and naval tactician, of Maharashtra and India. The forts that stand today, in Maharshtra are due to his genius that warded of the enemies of the state and nation. He led by example. Dr Ambedkar was the Chairperson of the Constituion drafting commitee that has given us our civil liberties of today. So why not these luminaries, of Indian society and let RBI and govt decide whose photo they want on the notes and they dont want. Its better than putting and corrupt politicians photo who has gone in and out of Tihar or to Tiz Hazari or Allahabd court or elsewhere.

Om Pratap Singh

In Reply to Adi Daruwalla 5 years ago

That's what I am saying that these luminaries were not politicians at least not bad politicians that we talk of nowadays. Both are pathbreakers and geniuses. The writer of this article has failed to understand their contribution to Indian society. Moreover, Dr Ambedkar was a leading economist before being an eminent lawyer. There is no harm if these two are printed on Indian currency notes. Yes, present day politicians, Nehru-Gandhians must be kept at bay from the currency notes.


5 years ago

It is simply foolhardy to put photos of politicians on the currency notes and nobody, really nobody deserves such a recognition in our country. The whole idea should be nipped in the bud, and the authorities should not be allowed to go with such a foolish idea.

I am sure any number of articles or appeals will not stop this nonsense. I, therefore, feel that this is a fit case for filing a public interest litigation (PIL) and I suggest MoneyLife Foundation take the lead to file the PIL on the following grounds:

1. Such a step of putting photos of politicians on the notes will encourage rampant counterfeiting of currency notes and the innocent citizens will suffer immensely, as they will not be able to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit notes.
2. This will encourage rampant corruption in the political class and each political party coming to power will vie with each other in putting the photos of their own party leaders on currency notes, sacrificing all decency and decorum, making a mockery of the whole system.

3. The sanctity of the currency note will be completely lost, when the photos of political leaders are put on them.

4. This will encourage wrangling among religious leaders to include photos of their own leaders and demand for reservation even in the number of people to be included on currency notes in the name of minority interest etc.

5. The entire social fabric will be vitiated by such a thoughtless and fruitless exercise.


5 years ago

I feel that the RBI executives are not having that much work-load to occupy them 9 hours daily that they bring up such a preposterous idea, as if our nation is not having enough problems already!

Having other personalities other than the Mahatma is only opening the Pandora's box of more problems, conflicts and animosity among the racially-inclined Indians!

RBI should instead spend their energies to more productive and make the life of Aam Admi more congenial for progress!

We are listening!

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