Investor Issues
Compulsory Demat Could Further Alienate Investors

Will SEBI’s move on compulsory demat again create problems for investors instead of being a convenience?

On 19th June, chairman of Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI), UK Sinha announced a slew of decisions to ‘revive the capital market’. But the proposal for compulsory dematerialisation of shares has been deferred. Compulsory dematerialisation has obvious benefits for companies and intermediaries. Automated trading is swifter; it eliminates residual requests to transfer or dematerialise physical shares and generates revenues for depository participants (DPs) through various fees and charges. But, for long-term investors, especially those holding blue-chip shares for decades, this means paying annual maintenance charges in multiple DP accounts, depending on the combination of joint owners or nominees they decide on. Interestingly, although companies were persuaded to pay a one-time custody charge to depositories at the time of dematerialising their shares, no effort was made to get them to bear a part of the annual fee, despite huge savings through elimination of share-transfer work.

What happens to shareholders who are left holding suitcases full of worthless shares after the initial public offerings (IPOs) mania of the early 1990s? Many are holding on to the shares in the hope that some corporate action or takeover will allow them to recover at least a part of their investment. If SEBI insists on mandatory demat, they will end up paying charges to
keep holding worthless pieces of paper.
Long-term investors also want to avoid needless charges. After all, DPs charge for every corporate action—opening and closing accounts, dematerialisation, re-materialisation, pledge of shares, transfers and off-market transactions. All have a cost attached, apart from the annual charges. A reader, Hemant Dehadray, writes to say that transposition of shareholder names on a physical share certificate is done free of cost under the Companies Act. However, if the shares are in electronic form, the depository charges a flat fee or percentage of the transaction, whichever is higher.

Many investors who did not understand the costs attached to holding dematerialised shares found themselves paying  annual charges for shares of companies that were suspended from trading  or had vanished. Their complaints to the regulator fell on deaf ears. Many such investors are too disgusted to invest in the capital market again.

Investors who have entered the market in this century find the issue of mandatory dematerialisation trivial. But SEBI would do well to remember that, in the 25 years under its watch, nearly 10 million investors have deserted the capital market and prefer to park their money in bank fixed deposits, gold or real estate. The regulator would do well to avoid causing needless harassment to this set of investors, until it can fix the issue of annual demat costs or convince them about why dematerialisation is the better option.



Usha Pillai

3 years ago

I regret having converted my MF holdings into demat format. I no longer get any statement of dividends declared from the Funds concerned nor is the demat custodian able to provide this info. We have no one to complain to in this regard and I am seriously contemplating selling off all my MF investments.

The real silent killer-your own mind

 We all know how to keep our body clean but many of us do not know how to keep our minds clean and devoid of all the negative and dangerous thoughts

“Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.

                 Be honest and frank anyway.”
                                                                                        -Kent M Keith

Our medical scare system tries to ensare you by frightening you with words like silent killer high blood pressure, silent killer diabetes, etc. The truth is that the most potent silent killer is your own mind. Where is the mind? All over you, indeed!

Consciousness is fundamental and all else is derived from that was the opinion of one of the great brains in physics, Max Planck. The human body is therefore, the extension. "Cogito ergo sum" or "I think, therefore, I am" for those uninitiated in latin maxims, was the famous proclamation by Rene Descartes back in the eighteenth century, although he used this formulation to divide the human body into two parts - the thinking part (res Cogitans) and the material part (res Extensa ). That is where the curse of reductionism in science first took root. Science started looking at bits and pieces to understand the whole. With all the wonderful advances in modern day physics pointing towards (w) holism, medical science still looks at bits and pieces, often becoming a bane to society.

Charles Sherrington, a Nobel winning physiologist, became the professor of physiology in 1899, he admitted that "positive sciences do not and cannot answer the question 'why?' That was precisely how silent killer hypertension etc. originated. Today with the understanding of (w) holism we are able to ask the pertinent question as to why does the blood pressure go up in the first place? Here

I am not referring to the disease, secondary hypertension, where we know the cause for elevated BP. I am talking of what modern medicine calls primary or essential hypertension. Similarly we now know why the sugar or cholesterol goes up, again excluding primary type I diabetes.

Now the reader will have to understand elementary human physiology. We have a healer inside us which is the most powerful healer and the best doctor in the world called the immune system. This has to be kept in good working order all the time. When we were mere hunger gatherers in the forest, our only cause of premature death was predation. Nature then endowed us with a very intelligent extra system called the autonomic nervous system which would keep us going when we are seriously injured as we did not have intensive care units then. What the intensive care unit does was being done by the autonomic nervous system in a better way. If could close up cut vessels, make the blood clot, get our blood pressure up when it went down and see that the vital organs got enough blood by redistributing blood more efficiently. In case we saw a tiger, the same system would make us capable of running away from danger by elevating our blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and other sterols as a life saving measure.

Now that we are in a (un) civilized world, involved in our rat race to make money and get positions, we have to deal with human tigers every day. Many a times these tigers live with us as our near and dear ones. We are yet to evolve enough to get rid of the autonomic nervous system, and that might take millions of years of evolution. As of now we get the flight-fight-fright reaction of the forest tiger sighting with the same biochemical reactions and consequent altered blood parameters and BP rise. While in the forest the elevated levels used to be burnt up to give us energy to run. Today, we cannot run away from the metaphorical tigers. On a chronic basis we accumulate these elevated blood parameters and become hypertensive, diabetic, and what have you. So it is not the tail, elevated blood pressure, which wags its dog, the silent killer. It is the abnormal consciousness of fear and fight reactions of our atavistic human mind that does the trick. Unfortunately, in reductionist medicine we do not look at the whole and try to deal with the end result or symptom.

Cancer is another killer. Cancer cells are normal body cells that fail to die on their appointed time by apoptosis (normal programmed cell death) and mutate to become rogue cells. They are a bunch of jobless, aimless, wandering cells that might eventually become clinical cancers- weeks, months or even years after they get formed in the first place. So if we could screen for rogue cells, all of us would show many potential cancers inside us every day. Why do these cells grow to be cancers in some but die away in the majority? Here again the culprit is our mind. Negative thoughts like hatred, jealousy, anger and pride help the cells to grow to be cancers while love, camaraderie, sharing and caring (otherwise called spirituality) would try and destroy those rogue cells. Abnormal over-eating is another trigger for cancer cells to grow. A frugal diet might not encourage them.

Modern medicine also is now recognising hostility as the main culprit in heart attacks and anger as the cause for haemorrhagic strokes. Depression with frustration does bring on cancer and all other killer diseases in their wake. We all know how to keep our body clean but many of us do not know how to keep our minds clean and devoid of all the negative and dangerous thoughts. Every thought gets translated into a powerful chemical in the body which ends up doing all the damage or good depending on the thought being either negative or positive. How then do we do control our thoughts?

That is the job of the true educational system which, unfortunately we had completely destroyed this in India thanks to our colonial masters who wanted to keep us under their thumb. Every new born child is a genius and a Godly person only to be converted into an idiot and a devil in the present schooling system where negative thoughts and competition are taught. From day one in school those innocent compassionate children are graded with ranks and marks and are made to be aware of their individuality. The altruistic "we" concept gets transformed into the dangerous egoistic "I" concept. That I leads to illness in later life while e WE would have encouraged wellness.

Education must make Healthy minds and not just wealthy careers. A Healthy mind is defined as that which has "enthusiasm to work and enthusiasm to be compassionate". Indian Sanatana dharma, which goes back millenia, has had all those beautiful ideas but was all but removed from the educational arena. We still follow the British model in our schools and colleges while Britain is slowly taking ideas from our ancient system. Let us be human and humane in our social intercourse for us to develop a healthy mind which is the best vaccination for all killer diseases and the mercury containing chemical vaccines that we load our children with. Even Adam Smith had defined education as that which trains a man to act "justly, skilfully and magnanimously under all circumstances of war and peace".  This world runs through your consciousness. Matter comes into existence when observed by you. This new concept is called bio centrism, a brain child of that great thinker physician Robert Lanza. It may be time to reconsider our most common beliefs about healthcare.

                “The truth can only offend those who live a lie!”

(Professor Dr BM Hegde, a Padma Bhushan awardee in 2010, is an MD, PhD, FRCP (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dublin), FACC and FAMS. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes, chairman of the State Health Society's Expert Committee, Govt of Bihar, Patna. He is former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University at Mangalore and former professor for Cardiology of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London.)




3 years ago

"Matter comes into existence when observed by you."
That is an amazing observation.
I request all to read Nisarga Datta Maharaj's books on this !


3 years ago

Amazing article. !!! Thank you for sharing invaluable knowledge. I only wish that people who read this article could share it with all their near and dear ones to spread the concept of healthy living. This is the true Art of Living, not just existing.



In Reply to Farize 3 years ago

You may try one more method of practice which is known as Brahmavidya which teaches the same thing. URL is given: with HQ at Thane.

Balraj Amaravadi

3 years ago

The real silent killer-your own mind - Very much true.


3 years ago

Develop your sub conscious mind which is the real mind. It will then work wonders in all respects. Just chant continuously one sentence in your mind continuously, so that all negative thoughts are driven away and positive thoughts take charge of the human body. The sentence is: I AM COMPLETE AND STRONG IN ALL RESPECTS


A Kumar

In Reply to Hemant 3 years ago

Every Day and in every Way I am getting better and better

Suiketu Shah

3 years ago

One of the biggest cancers in the investment industry to a healthy mind are "wealth management experts or RM's" esp in equities in India.Stay far far away from them else you wl surely have a "cancerous" mind just interacting with their polluted thoughts aimed are legally looting you by fooling you.

J P Shah

3 years ago

Useful for good health.

Sameer Thekedar

3 years ago

A very knowledge enriching article by Dr.Hegde. I would like to draw the attention of our fellow readers to the age old tradition of YOGA, which has all the answers for the problems mentioned by Dr.Hegde. So kindly make a guru and step into the world of YOGA as early as possible.


3 years ago

very very informative article.What is required is for readers to pick up the nuggets of wisdom and follow them in their life religiously

sivaraman anant narayan

3 years ago

Almost identical views have been propogated by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev whose flagship program 'Inner Engineering' goes a long way in strengthening our immune systems besides ofcourse preparing us for spiritual growth!


3 years ago

Thank you Professor Dr.BM Hegde, I enjoyed reading this article and I am sure many more people felt the same.

Some suggestions for the Railway Budget

In response to Railway Ministry's advertisement in the press, here are some proposals for the rail budget

Today's newspapers carried the announcement that the Railway Budget would be presented on 8th July, before the Finance Minister submits the full-fledged Union Budget on 10th July. The Railway Ministry has called for suggestions and recommendations from the public, by inviting comments through advertisements in the press.


Last week, it may be recalled, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government took a difficult decision in hiking the railway fare by 14.2% and freight by 6%, which has been greeted with protests all over the country. In fact, some NDA partners openly admonished the Modi government for taking this step and demanded that it should be rolled back. In his defence, the railway minister and the finance ministers have claimed that the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government had made these proposals to increase the charges, but did not do so on the pretext of the "ensuing" elections. Now, the NDA seems to have been "forced" to enact this hike due to the increase in fuel costs.


The revised and increased rates are to be charged from 25th June, i.e. tomorrow. Due to the strong opposition to the rise and the anticipated railway budget on 8th July, it is possible that the Modi Government may decide to temporarily postpone this move to appease the public and their NDA partners.


Perhaps, as a response to these protests and the outcry from the public, the Railway Ministry has come out with the advertisement in the press seeking suggestions through email on [email protected] .


In the past, Moneylife has carried several stories on the Railways. While offering our suggestions, as given below, we would invite comments and recommendations from our readers, who may also write directly to the railway ministry:


a) Withdraw the 14.2% across-the-board increase in fares; a nominal increase of say 7% may be affordable for the lower classes of seats on trains.


b) For the 1st class and above, including AC compartments, a 14.2% increase may be workable, as the travellers concerned may make the choice between railways and air travel based on cost and other factors like travel time etc.


c) Increase of freight rates by 6.5% on domestic freight seems reasonable, considering higher amounts charged on road transport by users; however, Railways must ensure adequate availability of wagons, rakes etc, on demand


d) The increas in freight charges should not be applicable for all export cargo .


e) Senior citizens should be exempted from these increases on showing ID proof, while buying tickets and on actual travel; misuse would be punishable by a double charge and a fine.


f) Railways should introduce, if technically feasible, attachment of specially designed and easily identifiable wagons that carry export cargo from point of manufacture to port of export, to be hooked on to fast moving passenger express trains.


g) Ticket-less travellers should be handed over to the station master at the nearest stop and they should be fined and may be imprisoned


h) Passenger comfort and facilities in compartments should be upgraded


i) Vendors should not be allowed in compartments to sell their wares – these may also be ticket-less travellers causing nuisance to passengers


j) Railways must ensure that the train services maintain punctuality.


All these would make train travel a pleasure and not a pain. Some or all of these measures might in the long run, warm people up to the additional costs they end up paying as a result of the fare hikes.


(AK Ramdas has worked with the Engineering Export Promotion Council of the ministry of commerce. He was also associated with various committees of the Council. His international career took him to places like Beirut, Kuwait and Dubai at a time when these were small trading outposts; and later to the US.)




3 years ago

A passenger train train between bangalore to channapatna is long pending one surprisingly train is introduced up to Ramanagara channapatna and Ramanagar is connected each other more number of Passengers are travelling fron channapatna to bangalore, Electrification work and dubling work is finished up to Settihalli which is outskirts of channapatna.
Pl verify the details of this and Run train Between channapatna and bangalore so that passengers can travel in more numbers and bring good revenue to the Indian Raily.


3 years ago

(1). The uni(one)gauge concept was accepted in year 1991 with commitment to achieve the goal within 15 years, by 2007. But except ADI-DLI MG line, this has been implemented in quite ugly shape. Instead of systematic conversion, short connectivity have been created, resulting several MG ice land section on one hand and congesting of the BG line, leaving little scope to meet with the increasing task. The glaring example of such mismanagement is BTD-ADI & DAS-LLR section of BVP Division over WR. This viable sanctioned project isbeing delayed wastig fund on useless political projects.
(2)The system of Tatkal ticket is most popular amongst upper class of the society who are prepared to pay any amount for this service because such tickets are practically available on counters only. To overcome the present crises,malpractice and establish judicious distribution amongst right persons, it is suggested that (A) All upper most berths in SL and 3A class should be earmarked for TATKAL booking + 4 lower berths for senior citizons. (B) The minimum fare (including tatkal charges) for tatkal should double the normal fare for all (I/c Sr.citizon).(C) Tatkal booking should be started 3 day advance. On first day preference should be given to the passengers already holding waitlisted tickets, on counter paying difference.(D) At least 50% refund should given on confirmed tatkal ticket to encourage recorded cancellation and allot to needy. Other wise such berths go at the disposal of train staff.

sulochana sharma

3 years ago

kindly run some daily train from bundi (rajasthan)to jaipur and jaipur to bundi.(bundi is a district)

dr.sulochana sharma

Dr Arun Kumar Sinha

3 years ago

1. Janshatabdi train should be given from Ranchi to Muzaffarpur or Darbhanga with stoppage at Dalsinghsarai.
2. Ranchi Jaynagar train's stoppage should be allowed in Dalsinghsarai (DSS).All other important train's stoppage is in Dalsinghsarai except this train.
3. More train should be given from Ranchi to Chennai or south India.
4. Train should be provided from Ranchi to Ahmedabad or any other place of Gujrat.
5. Cancellation of ticket charges should be reduced, it is too much.
6. Advance ticket should be booked before four months of journey.
Prof Arun Kumar Sinha,
Assodiate Professor,
St Xavier's College, Ranchi.

anandjee prasad

3 years ago

Eft.f.tbook penalty can b e 1lakh for missing by TTe and conductors despite Rs 250 .
railway spare land proper utilization for income.

train timing station to station review by DOM and report to railway board.

train arrival and departure timing review and each train profit also.FOR MORE CONTACT-
mo. 9165567798-9479025008
Anandjee Prasad Bhilai

Mukesh Tiwari

3 years ago

KIndly run some daily train between rewa and bhopal .

Thanks and Regards
Mukesh Tiwari

Gopal Singh Tandel

3 years ago

1. एक रेल गाड़ी में डब्बों की संख्या का निर्धारण यात्रियों की संख्या से हो।

2. हर स्टेशन पर अतिरिक्त रेल इंजन तथा रेल कोच उपलव्ध हों ।

3. रेलवे का डेवलपमेंट public private partnership model से हो।

4. private train routes तथा private train का concept लाया जाये।


3 years ago

1]Railway should use CCTV in Train coaches for safety purpose.
2]Railway should introduce new Express train between BHUSAWAL JN TO MUMBAI CST Or DADAR.
3]Priority should be given to clean & tidy coaches as well as toilets.
4]Improve the quality of Pantry car's food.


3 years ago

1) coaches should be kept clean along with the toilets railways is paying for the same still they are not kept clean strict action should be taken
2) Toilets should be cleaned
3) Food is of very low quality and pantry car looks like a fish market. Only veg food should be served in the Train

Paul dmello

3 years ago

i do agree and support your suggestions which are practicable.
besides would not mind the high increase if we were carried like passengers and not animals who are treated much better.
Mumbai trains are packed beyond capacity carrying four times extra load. this means there is three fold extra income. why is this not considered before increasing fares.
treat us like passengers and we will pay you more.... paul dmello


3 years ago

Selection of preferred seats must be allowed. Railway can earn more revenue from this. Railway must discontinue allotting lower berths to people who are healthy and young.



In Reply to Dev 3 years ago

Selection of preferred seats must be allowed for a fee


3 years ago

I agree. Railway Minister should also ensure that Pantry Car people should not block gates in Rajdhani during night with crates and sleep there. same is the case with AC attendents they put laundry in passages and sleep near gates.
Handicapped should also get facility of concession when booking online . proof they can show in journey to TTE


3 years ago

1. Excess Baggage should not be allowed

Some people carry excess baggage and create inconvenience for fellow passengers. This should not be allowed anymore. TTEs must be given strict instructions not to allow excess baggage. Passengers carrying excess baggage must be penalised.

2. Drunkards must be thrown out

Some people entrain highly inebriated. This should not be allowed. TTEs must carry breathe analyser and the passengers who come drunk must be subjected to test and if found consumed more than the allowed limit must be handed over to the Police.

One of my neighbours told me that during a train journey a heavily drunk man who was sleeping on the upper birth urinated on the lower birth passenger !!

3. Good food /hygienic food must be provided to the passengers.

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