Commodity trends
Nickel prices edged higher on speculation that demand for the metal used in corrosion-resistant stainless steel will increase. The metal, for delivery in February, rose by Rs5.10, or 0.58%, to Rs884.50/kg on the MCX. Increased domestic demand from alloy-makers, a firming trend in base metals after China’s trade surplus and rising imports of the commodity, supported the upside in...
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Railways should consider raising platform height above 920mm, says HC

The Bombay High Court also asked the Expert Committee to inspect existing height of Railway platforms and give its recommendation for reducing gap between platform and train footboards to prevent further mishaps

The Bombay High Court has asked an Expert Committee to examine the gaps between footboards of local trains and railway platforms and recommend suitable measures, including raising the height of platforms to prevent mishaps.


"At present the Court does not propose to pass any order on this issue, but it would be in the fitness of things to direct the Committee appointed by this Court to have another meeting and to recommend optimum height of the platform after taking into consideration all the relevant aspects including the height of the coach floor of suburban trains and also mail/ express/ passenger trains. The Committee shall also take into consideration the height of the platform at stations, which do not cater to the express/ mail/ passenger trains," the HC said in its order issued last week.


The Committee is asked to file its report by 28th February to the Railways. The HC also directed railway officials to examine the Committee Report and come out with an action plan by 13th March.


A bench of Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice MS Sanklecha directed the expert committee to inspect each and every platform on the Central and Western Railway routes and decide how much space should be left between the platforms and the footboards of trains so that mishaps could be avoided.


Adv Jamshed Mistry, the Special Invitee on Moneylife Foundation, has been appointed as amicus curie in the case.


The Committee, which has been given this task, is the same one appointed earlier by the High Court to look into the problems of handicapped persons who commute by local trains.


The bench had taken up the issue after a 16-year-old college girl, Monica More, lost her arms after falling into a gap between the platform and local train at Ghatkopar railway station while trying to board a local train last month.


The tragic incident brought to the fore the risk over 75 lakh commuters take daily to board crowded suburban local trains, transport 'lifelines' of Mumbai.


The Western Railway submitted before the Court that it had increased height of suburban platforms at nine railway stations including Grant Road and Dadar.


The Court has directed the expert Committee to inspect these nine platforms also along with others.


The HC also reprimanded the railways for keeping wide gaps between the platforms and footboards of trains thereby putting the lives of commuters at great risk.


The court observed "you (railways) are not ready to listen to others. Your stand has been that whatever you say is right and others are wrong."


Counsel for railways Suresh Kumar gave technical reasons for not increasing the height of platforms.


Next hearing of the case is scheduled for 20th March.


The railways in an affidavit had said that the gap between the footboards of local trains and platforms is not the sole cause behind commuters losing their life or limbs in mishaps but there were several other factors involved like crossing of tracks, trespassing and over-crowding.


In Mumbai, there is no separate rail corridor for local suburban trains and long-distance trains. Since the width of the long-distance trains is greater than local trains, the platforms have to be constructed keeping this in mind.


Tarun Tejpal charged with rape, sexual harassment

The charge sheet notes that there are incriminating emails in this regard containing Tejpal's apology, email letters to the victim regarding rape, sexual harassment, and outraging her modesty

Tehelka founder and former editor Tarun Tejpal on Monday was charged by Goa police with rape, sexual harassment and outraging modesty of a woman journalist in a lift of a five-star hotel at Panaji in November 2013.


If proven guilty, Tejpal can be sentenced for more than seven years of imprisonment on these charges.


The 2,684-page charge sheet filed before Chief Judicial Magistrate Anuja Prabhudesai has examined 152 witnesses including the victim, staff of Tehelka magazine and the investigating officer in the case.


The charge sheet mentions that there are enough statements on record to prove that Tejpal has admitted the commission of rape, sexual harassment and outraging the modesty of the victim.


Investigating officer Sunita Sawant has charged Tejpal under sections 354, 354-A (sexual harassment), 341 and 342 (wrongful restrain), 376 (rape), 376(2)(f) and 376 (2)(k) (takes advantage of his official position and commits rape on a woman in his custody).


The investigating officer has noted that there are incriminating emails in this regard containing his apology, email letters to the victim regarding rape, sexual harassment, and outraging her modesty which were retrieved at his instance.


As per the complaint, the victim was reportedly sexually assaulted by Tejpal on 7th November and the offence was repeated on 8th November.


Goa Police has claimed in the charge sheet that there is sufficient evidence available in the form of documents and statements on record to show that Tejpal had been evading police after the crime.


Tejpal was arrested on 30th November last year and has since been lodged in Sada sub jail in Vasco town.



Steven boyd

4 years ago


Look! This is a man who has suffered enough. 81 days in a filthy prison for
a 60 second grope is punishment enough. He may be accused of rape, but it could
be just an aggressive hug. He said it was a misunderstanding of the situation
in his e mail, but there were no ‘specifics’ that he confessed to.

But his detractors have found him guilty of rape even before a trial.

Its one young woman’s word against his, (there is no medical or forensic
evidence) that’s all the evidence we have of rape.

Finger penetration is the woman’s version. Tejpal did not admit to that in his
e mail.

The Goa police charge sheet says it was virginal penetration with Tejpal’s

But if the women was resisting, in my
opinion, it would be quite difficult to.

(a) Remove women’s clothes

(b) Penetrate with tongue.

(c) All this in sixty seconds, did the woman knee his face or move her hips

(d) To hold a resisting young woman’s, strong hips steady, while bending down,
and penetrating with tongue is impossible.

Now for all we know, it could have been just be a fond kiss and the woman
making the rest up, in a self delusional kind of way.

Tejpal says “I apologise unconditionally
for the shameful lapse of judgement that led me to attempt a sexual liaison
with you on two”. That is the only admission.

Every man is entitled to his previous good name to be
taken to consideration; he should have got bail on the first day. If it proved
to be just a grope Tejpal has now served his sentence already ten times over in

He will not intimidate the victim if he gets bail, as alleged by Police, the
victim is a very resourceful woman, she has now got herself a job paying one
lakh a month and is writing a book about rape funded by a large organization.
It is alleged that she makes sure, on meeting strangers at parties, they are
made aware, about her famous rape case.

Meanwhile Tejpals reputation is destroyed something which had great value to
his business. A famous magazine that gave a vital service to the nation,
defended the most vulnerable and was a means of livelihood for dozen of staff
and their dependent families, is down the gutter, all for a ‘fondling’ for a
few seconds of a Woman by her boss, …. this is all we know from the evidence
presented on the charge sheet..

Tejpal atoned via an e mail & offered to absent himself for six months from
the magazine. He was shamed before his employees. I think this was enough
blood, he has given more than his pound of flesh for the sixty seconds of
inappropriate behavior. what do the feminists want, a hanging?

Enough is Enough. It begins to disgust ! The whole sordid case.

This is a lynching no less, Tejpal’s enemies getting the boot into a fallen

The sisterhood of scorned feminist ‘she dogs’ baying for blood, to avenge all
the wrongs inflicted by the Indian man, to be paid by this one TarunTejpal, who
is to be torn to pieces, and buried alive, entombed in a cell. This feeding
frenzy of cruelty must stop!! Public opinion must halt this crucifixion of an

There is talk of a ten year prison sentence if found guilty! Ludicrous, absurd,
but there is real danger that will be his sentence, given the new law on rape,
if the feminist man haters, aided and abetted by gleefully, corrupt politicians
get their way.

Come on lets keep things in proportion else it will all backfire, on the

Tejpal incriminated himself by writing in good faith an e mail of apology and
genuine remorse. He was tried already and the e mail was a condition of his
punishment. With confession obtained this way from Tejpal, the Victim is now
going to court to seek equity with unclean hands. It is the victim who should
now ensure that Tejpal be acquitted as the victim has already had the benefit
of seeing Tejapl tried, to use his (plea bargain) e mail as confession in the
first trial as evidence in the second is unjust.

Well, from now on no man will incriminate himself by saying sorry for any
assault, as it could be used later to incriminate him. Tejpal was entrapped
into apologizing to this woman via e mail; a lesser man would have denied
everything and sacked the woman.

Tejpal has become a victim in the eyes of all good men. Julian Assange the wiki
leaks founder is another good man entrapped by strong rape laws

We are listening!

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