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Clean up the Indian Olympics Association, petitions Ashwini Nachappa

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Moneylife Digital Team | 05/12/2012 03:51 PM | 

We need sports people to run the Indian Olympic Association instead of politicians, says Ashwini Nachappa in a petition to the sports minister on


Ashwini Nachappa (a famous retired athlete) has petitioned sports minister Jitendra Singh on to clean up the Indian Olympics Association, wherein she says, “We are aware of the rampant corruption within the Indian Olympics Association (IOA). We have all seen that despite the evidence against Suresh Kalmadi, Lalit Bhanot and others, the Indian government and the IOA have refused to clean up its act.” She fears that this could potentially kill the Olympic dream of thousands of young athletes who are preparing for the upcoming Olympics.

This petition is consequent to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspending the IOA because of government interference, putting a bar on India’s Olympic participation. This is because the IOA failed to conduct the elections in accordance to the IOC’s norms.

Nachappa appeals to the sports minister to ensure that sports people run the IOA. She says, “I believe that in the interest of sports in India, we need sports people to run the IOA instead of politicians. Sports people know what is required and will keep the interest of sports above their personal interests.”

In an appeal to her fans and sports lovers, she adds, “Join me in demanding a clean up of the IOA, and sign the petition on” The petition has already been supported by 702 people.

Nachappa’s specific demands of the sports minister include derecognising the current IOA, appointing an ad hoc committee of eminent sports personalities and conducting free and fair elections for the association.

She wants all sports lovers to sign her petition to disband the IOA and reconstitute it with people who understand sports and truly want to develop the sporting talent of our nation.

Finally, Nachappa in her appeal to all politicians says, “This is also an appeal to all political parties to not allow their party men run the business of sports, as they are elected representatives who need to work for its people and not cause such huge embarrassment to India’s name. It is time the politicians who know nothing about sports left the management of sports to professionals and sportsmen.”

Nachappa’s petition is addressed to:
Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports (Jitendra Singh)
Secretary, Sports (Pradeep Kumar Deb)
Joint Secretary, Sports (Onkarmal Kedia)
Joint Secretary, Sports (Rahul Bhatnagar)
Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports (Jitendra Singh)
President of India (Pranab Mukherjee)

Clean Sports India has been working towards cleaning up sports in India since the last two years and Nachappa is a part of this movement.


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