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Change! Thy name is science

We still use the outdated Newtonian physics to understand the human body. We also use the reductionist view of human healing. The result has been disastrous, to say the least

Science is change. Anything that remains static does not qualify to be science in the true sense of the word. Philosophically, science is just wonderment of man about this wonderful wonder called the universe, which has now become multiverse, according to quantum physics where multiple universes are recognised in actuality. Change keeps on occurring with man’s ability to think laterally. Majority of us are conformists and we do not think out of the box and are not capable of understanding progress in science.
Occasionally, someone comes along with a new idea that coruscates like the midday sun.

The history of science from the very beginning was created by curious observers called scientists. Our cave dwelling ancestors were as curious as we are about this world. Initially they were content by observing the sun’s rays coming into the caves where they could see the shadows on their cave walls. Later a few daring thinkers among them ventured out of the cave and were amazed at the vast expanse outside in the bright shining sun. They came back to tell the majority who were still inside the dark caves. Curiously that situation obtains even now. Nearly ninety years ago the conventional deterministic Newtonian physics changed into the Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Heisenberg went out of the cave of ignorance created by Newton and dared to challenge the accepted norm. We still hang on to Newtonian physics, which is good enough to make money.

People like Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Schrodinger, Pauli, Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Hans Peter Durr, Feynman, and a couple of fence sitters like Albert Einstein and his ardent fan, Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington of his “fish net” theory fame have all contributed their share for this growth. Everything in the physical universe is made up of subatomic particles such as leptons. These particles exist, when not observed, as just pure potentials. Our physical actuality (not reality) is only potentials when not observed. The quantum universe is “waiting for a conscious observer (you or me) to come along and influence energy in the form of potential matter by using the mind and consciousness (which are themselves energy) to make waves of energetic probabilities coalesce into physical matter. We, the observers cause a particle or groups of particles to manifest. We communicate with the quantum field primarily through our thoughts and feelings.

In this universe, there is nothing as enigmatic as the human body and the working of it. We still use the outdated Newtonian physics to understand the human body. We also use the reductionist view of human healing. The result has been disastrous, to say the least. Every single audit, since Hippocrates, shows how the medical world has been harming human beings! Science has gone too far from that mechanistic view of human being to the quantum view that shows the human body to be a colony of 100 trillion individual human cells, which are capable of independent life on their own. Each cell, in turn, has 100 trillion atoms at the lowest level and then of course the subatomic particles. Each atom in the human body emits a photon light which can now be studied using the bio-photon camera invented by Fritz-Albert Popp. When the cells are happy and are in sync one is healthy and vice versa.

Human being is eminently capable of self-healing without outside help as long as the human thoughts and emotions are positive; filled with universal compassion. When the mind and consciousness are negative and hateful, the human healing suffers and diseases do come up. This was shown above as to how the thoughts and emotions make energy probabilities into physical matter. Even the genes can be changed by this healing process proving Darwin’s views to be found wanting.  One such experiment is quoted below for reference.

“Cellular biologist Glen Rein, Ph.D., conceived of a series of experiments to test healers’ ability to affect biological systems. Since DNA is more stable than substances such as cells or bacterial cultures, he decided to have healers hold test tubes containing DNA. This study took place at the Heart Math Research Centre in California. The folks there have conducted extraordinary research into the physiology of emotions, heart-brain interactions, and much more. Essentially, they and others have documented a specific link between our emotional states and our heart rhythms. Let us see one of their experiments.

“In Dr. Rein’s experiment, he first studied a group of ten individuals, who were well practiced in using techniques that Heart Math teaches to build heart-focused coherence. They applied the techniques to produce strong, elevated feelings such as love and appreciation, then for two minutes, they held vials containing DNA samples suspended in deionized water. When those samples were analysed, no statistically significant changes had occurred. A second group of trained participants did the same thing, but instead of just creating positive emotions (a feeling) of love and appreciation, they simultaneously held an intention (a thought) to either wind or unwind the strands of DNA. This group produced statistically significant changes in the conformation (shape) of the DNA samples. In some cases the DNA was wound or unwound as much as 25%!”

Indian wisdom of Ayurveda and many other so called complementary systems have been trying this Whole Person Healing (WPH) for centuries with good results. Some charlatans give those systems a bad name. Allopathic system is only a few hundred years old and it received its respectability because it can misuse the word science to support its tall claims. But audits since the time of Hippocrates have been showing otherwise. The tag of science is only The Golem to frighten people and get them into their fold. I have written about the faulty reductionist science of modern medicine elsewhere in great detail. Since this world is only energy which when observed becomes matter, we need energy sources to heal better.

There are many methods of healing that have been authentically studied by our group at The World Academy of Authentic Healing Sciences. Their results and future would be separately discussed. Man has to change the “I” concept to the “WE” concept to change from illness to wellness because we are all interconnected.

(Professor Dr BM Hegde, a Padma Bhushan awardee in 2010, is an MD, PhD, FRCP (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dublin), FACC and FAMS. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes, chairman of the State Health Society's Expert Committee, Govt of Bihar, Patna. He is former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University at Mangalore and former professor for Cardiology of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London.)



Ramesh Jaradhara

3 years ago

The theory of Prof. Dr. B.M.Hegde is supported by theory of Dr. Deek Chopra in his world famous book "AGELESS BODY,TIMELESS MIND" based on quantum physics. A must read book for looking our body & mind with a quantum view.

Madhu Menon

3 years ago

Incredible amount of bullshit in one article.

vivek monteiro

3 years ago

bull shit

US court upholds Rajat Gupta’s conviction

Rajat Gupta's bid to overturn his conviction on insider trading charges was rejected by a US court

A US court on Wednesday rejected a bid by Rajat Gupta, former director of Goldman Sachs, to overturn his conviction on insider trading charges and sentenced him to two years in prison.


The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in its order rejected Gupta’s appeal against his conviction and said, “We have considered all of Gupta’s arguments on this appeal and have found them to be without merit. The judgement of the district court is affirmed,” the order said.


In June 2012, the 65-year-old Gupta was found guilty of securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud.


He was charged with passing confidential boardroom information about Goldman Sachs to now jailed hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam.


This information included information on Goldman’s financial results, as well as a crucial $5-billion investment by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc.


Earlier this week, US regulator Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) had asked the court to affirm a district court’s decision that Gupta pay a $13.9-million penalty and be banned for life from serving as director of a public corporation.


Gupta, the former head of McKinsey & Co, the global consulting firm, is the most prominent corporate executive convicted in the Government’s sweeping investigation into insider trading.


The case, which caps a wave of successful insider trading prosecutions over the past years, is a significant victory for the government, which has penetrated some of Wall Street’s most vaunted hedge funds and reached into America’s most prestigious corporate boardrooms.


'Dendroid' virus may affect Android phones in India, says CERT-In

Indian cyber security sleuths have alerted users of Android smartphone about malicious activities of a tricky virus called 'Dendroid' whose infection could completely compromise their mobile handsets

Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) has issued an alert, warning Android smart phone users, about a potential threat from a malicious toolkit called Dendroid. According to the agency, Dendroid is being used to create trojanised applications that infects Android-based smart phones.


"The malware is created by modifying the required permissions by any clean APK (Android Application Package) with Dendroid RAT functionality that allows detailed management of the infected devices. Once activated, could change the command and control server of a user's personal Android phone and intercept private SMSes coming in or going out," CERT-In said in a release.


CERT-In is the nodal agency to combat hacking, phishing and to fortify security-related defences of the Indian Internet domain.


It said upon installation of this malicious application, a remote attacker could "completely compromise the affected Android-based smartphone and could control it remotely".


The virus can perform a number of malicious activities, CERT-In said, adding, "It can change the command and control server, delete call logs, open web pages, dial any number, record calls and audio, SMS interception, upload images and video to remote location and open an application".


It said the malware infected "is controlled by the attacker through Dendroid Toolkit. Dendroid is a HTTP RAT, having a sophisticated PHP administration panel and an application APK binder package.


What Android phone users can do?

Do not download and install applications from untrusted sources. Install applications downloaded from reputed application market only.

Run a full system scan on your handset/tab with mobile security solution or mobile antivirus solution. There are several reputed and free antivirus, like Avast (Mobile Security & Antivirus), Lookout (Security & antivirus Protection), Avira Antivirus as well apps from Norton, McAfee and Kaspersky are available on Google Play.

Check for the permissions required by an application before installing. Exercise caution while visiting trusted/ untrusted sites before clicking links.

Install Android updates and patches as and when available from device vendors

Install and maintain updated mobile security/ antivirus solution

Use device encryption or encrypting external SD card feature available with most of the android OS

Keep an eye on data usage (application wise usage also) and unusual increase in mobile bills

Keep an eye on device battery usage (application wise usage also)

Avoid using unsecured, unknown Wi-Fi networks. There may be rogue Wi-Fi access points at public places used for distributing malicious applications.

Make a practice of taking regular backup of your Android device


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