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Centum Learning gets PNB contract to train employees

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MDT/PTI | 06/08/2012 11:25 AM | 

The training programme would help PNB staff to communicate better with customers and also enhance team bonding between officers, clerical staff and sub-staff

New Delhi: Bharti Group firm Centum Learning has received a contract from public sector major Punjab National Bank (PNB) to train up to 30,000 employees across the country, a move that will help the bank improve service to its customers, reports PTI.
Centum Learning will conduct a customer service sensitisation programme for a period of 10 months to improve the customer service levels in nearly 65 circles comprising a total of 5,247 branches spread across the country.
"Centum Learning has been selected for a countrywide contract in the area of customer service for PNB, which involves providing an effective training solution for 25,000 to 30,000 front line employees working in various customer service branches in the bank," Centum Learning CEO and Director Sanjeev Duggal told PTI.
The programme will equip the workforce with the necessary soft-skills to better serve the Bank's customers, he added.
"Besides, helping staff communicate better with customers, it will also enhance team bonding between officers, clerical staff and sub-staff," Duggal said.
As per PNB's website, the bank has over 60 million customers and more than 5,100 offices, including 5 overseas branches.
The bank is estimated to have over 50,000 employees.
With more than 1,000 certified trainers, Centum Learning will roll out the programme simultaneously across all circles.
"Centum will conduct about 1,000 batches with each batch training 30 employees. The programme will engage both external and internal customer-facing employees at various levels, including branch managers as well," Duggal said.
The content will be designed in consultation with PNB, conducting the programme through instructor-led-training mode and developing appropriate methodologies to monitor impact form important components of the training solution.
The training modules will include elements like complaint handling, customer service etiquette, how to display positive attitude and empathy.

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