Cairn India net jumps 10-fold on higher oil price

While 2010-11 was the first full year of safe and consistent operations at the Rajasthan oil fields, Cairn realised $94.2 per barrel for oil produced in January-March quarter as opposed to $71 per barrel the previous year

New Delhi: Cairn India (CIL) today reported a 10-fold jump in its quarterly net profit on back of higher crude oil price and consistent performance at the nation’s biggest onshore oilfield in Rajasthan, reports PTI.

Consolidated net profit in the fourth quarter through March rose to Rs2,457.79 crore from Rs245.19 crore an year earlier, the Indian unit of Edinburgh-based Cairn Energy Plc said in a statement here.

While 2010-11 was the first full year of safe and consistent operations at the Rajasthan oil fields, Cairn realised $94.2 per barrel for oil produced in January-March quarter as opposed to $71 per barrel the previous year.

Mangala, the biggest oilfield in the Rajasthan block, is currently producing 125,000 barrels per day (bpd) but has potential to go up to 150,000 bpd without any new investment. But the oil ministry has for unknown reasons held back approval for raising output for nearly a year now.

“Our enhanced understanding of the Mangala reservoirs, following development drilling in the field, indicates a production potential of 150,000 bpd, subject to joint venture partner ONGC and government approval,” Cairn said.

With Mangala field consistently producing at approved plateau rate of 150,000 bpd, it is now focussed on the second phase of Rajasthan development.

Bhagyam field, the second largest find in Rajasthan, is likely to be put into production in October and will reach plateau production of 40,000 bpd by the calendar year end.

“We are now focused on the second phase of the Rajasthan development to reach the currently approved plateau production of 175,000 bpd, which will account for 20% of the country’s crude production," Cairn said.

Further, Cairn plans to put into production Aishwariya field in 14 months from the date it receives necessary government sanctions.

Aishwariya will produce 10,000 bpd sometime in second half of 2012 calendar year and together with 150,000 bpd of Mangala and 40,000 bpd of Bhagyan, total output from Rajasthan would be 200,000 bpd (10 million tonnes a year).

“In addition to the above, the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) pilot project in Mangala which commenced in early 2010 is progressing as per expectations. The successful implementation of EOR in Rajasthan has the potential to increase recoverable reserves by more than 300 million metric barrels of oil equivalent (mmboe), and materially extend the duration of the plateau production,” the statement said.

Cairn said it has sale arrangements in place for 155,000 bpd of oil from Rajasthan and it is in discussions with the government for finding buyers for additional volumes.


BSE gets in-principle nod from SEBI for SME exchange

With a view to let smaller firms access equity capital, SEBI had last year come out with guidelines for dedicated exchanges for SMEs. As per the guidelines, a company can do away with the practise of sending full annual reports and reporting quarterly numbers

Mumbai: Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Asia’s oldest bourse, today said it has been granted an ‘in-principle’ approval by the capital market watchdog Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to launch an exchange exclusively for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), reports PTI.

“BSE today received an ‘in-principle’ approval... the BSE is now gearing-up for its latest venture in an emerging market segment,” a release issued here by the BSE said.

A senior exchange official said the BSE has to now comply with certain conditions like putting in place a trading system, a code for arbitration and sorting out investor grievances, among others, before a final approval is given.

The BSE has been working to put the systems in place for some time now and a dedicated SME exchange will be operational “definitely” in this fiscal itself, he said.

The official declined to give an exact number when asked about the investment BSE is making towards the venture. The new exchange will operate on the BSE platform, he said.

With a view to let smaller firms access equity capital, SEBI had last year come out with guidelines for dedicated exchanges for SMEs.

Considering the lean nature of the companies which will list, SEBI has relaxed rules applicable for listing on such exchanges.

According to the guidelines, a company can do away with the practise of sending full annual reports and reporting quarterly numbers.

Apart from the BSE, its competitor in the equities trading space, National Stock Exchange and the privately promoted MCX-SX, have also shown interest in entering the upcoming segment, according to media reports.


Osian’s Neville Tuli is not out of town; says process of paying back investors has begun

Osian Art Fund’s chief advisor rubbishes talk that phone calls are not answered. Minerva theatre plot deal yet to materialise

Osian Art Fund’s chief advisor Neville Tuli had promised some time ago that he would pay back all his investors by 29th May 2011. However, on account of a prolonged silence on the part of Mr Tuli, speculation was rife among creditors that he had probably left town. Now, it seems that the art fund advisor is in Mumbai, and he says that the process of paying back the money has begun.

Mr Tuli also dismissed talk that calls or emails from his creditors remained unanswered. “There is not one unit holder who has not been personally replied to by my office. Naturally, it is not possible for me to personally answer every call when i am in meetings or out of the office,” he said.

However, many investors allege that they received no response to their calls. With the date for payment approaching and no communication from Mr Tuli, there were rumours that he was being evasive about the payments and that he might have left the city. And the defunct state of Osian’s website ( increased the speculation.

What made matters worse was Osian’s silence on the Minerva property sale. Mr Tuli now says that the deal is yet to materialise. “It (Minerva plot) is still owned and in the possession of Osian’s Connoisseurs of Art Pvt Ltd,” Mr Tuli said.

Osian Art Fund had promised to pay back investors after they threatened legal action. It said that payments would be made as soon as the sale of the Minerva theatre plot in Mumbai was complete. When investors’ calls remained unanswered, rumours began to circulate that the Minerva plot had been sold and that the new owner of the property was in the market to raise money for a redevelopment project.

A retired journalist expects to receive Rs3 million in his capacity as a vendor. He believes it is possible that Mr Tuli is on leave, because he has not received any reply to his emails for almost six months. He is equally pessimistic about the Minerva plot sale. “We also heard rumours that the Minerva property had been sold by him, but he (Mr Tuli) is remains tight-lipped for fear that his creditors will pounce on him—which is happening anyway,” the vendor alleged.

“Unlike investors, vendors do not expect they will not be paid because of a meltdown or whatever. A vendor is selling hard goods and should get his money once the stuff is sold and get back the unsold lot. I gave my books to him to sell and got cheated. In law, the payments proceed first to the employees, then to vendors and then to investors,” the vendor said.

Mr Tuli is yet to pay Rs1.3 million out of some Rs4.6 million due against the sale of an art books library in a New Delhi auction held in July 2008. He hasn’t compensated the vendor for a few precious books that never appeared for auction, despite a written receipt, and neither returned the unsold lot or the film posters that he bought from the vendor’s wife. Add to this the interest accumulated on the total amount.

It’s a similar story in the case of a CEO of a mutual fund company, who has been left in the lurch. In his email to Mr Tuli, he remarked, “I have left at least five messages in the last one year at your office. Your mobile phone which was on a year back, is now switched off or unanswered. Needless to say, at least you had the courtesy to return my calls earlier, which has stopped in the last one year and I am disappointed with the whole affair.”

The last that anyone heard from Mr Tuli was when he replied to Moneylife’s emails and promised unit holders ‘full redemption’ will be done by end of June 2011 (Read, Osian’s new promise: Will pay back by 29th May.)

Investors, on the other hand, are furious by Mr Tuli’s silence and the confusing bits of information circulating about. “I am a lucky person to get 85% of my money back. When I called up the office, I was told that first all investors will be uniformly paid back 85% of their money, and only after that could we expect the balance payments,” remarked Delhi-based investor Sharat Jain.

The communication gap appears to have aggravated the pessimism among Osian’s creditors. It would be in the fund’s own interest to answer investors’ calls.




6 years ago

I too am awaiting the payment from Osians. If there is any group formed of investors, pls. let me know. I would like to join.

Amit Khanna

6 years ago

same is the case with Yatra Art Fund, they have delayed payout to investors (I am one of them) and do not commit to any date for closure of the fund which is well beyond it's life (extended life).

indranil sinha

6 years ago

I get amazed that Osian's owner Neville keeps on uttering half truths all the time His mobile no is switched off for sure. In any case his long list of false promises keeps on growing. I kust cannot figure out why did he pay 85% to selected investors and many of us are still having NIL repayment. Never heard of any fund following such practices. Pls Neville your entire reputation is getting completely besmirched.Everything is so gray and opaque. Give us our money and start living life cleanly. Indranil ( 9810097381)


6 years ago

We hope that this time some sense shall prevail & the honochos of Osian shall stick now to their promise of paying the innocent investors and shall not postpone the payment by declaring yet another blind date of payment... There is absolutely no transperancy in the payments... and the truth is no one knows eaxctly as to how much payment has been made & by when the balance shall be paid except one and only Mr. Tuli... I have been following up like mad with both their Mumbai office & Delhi office.... But no one comes on the line to give the proper answer.... It is flase statement of Mr. Tuli, that he tries to take calls.... Then why is his mobile no. 9821076529 is switched off every time... Why don't he give a proper reply... and leave any reply... why don't he pay first to the many investors whose only 15% balance is to be paid and clear the long list of dues from his books.... There is really something fishy going on.... which only time shall tell... If any one has any information on the payments being made now... please share at 09811019280 or at [email protected]...Thanks..Sharat Jain, Delhi.

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