Business hotels are hoping to ring in the good times

Business hotels are hoping to ring in the good times with more travellers demanding 'smart hotels' with prompt service and good communication systems sans the luxury frills

With the industry gradually emerging from recession, business hotels are hoping to ring in the good times with more travellers demanding "smart hotels" with prompt service and good communication systems sans the luxury frills, reports PTI.

"The forecast is very encouraging. We can expect a steady increase in occupancy level for the year ahead and can see a 20% growth from the third quarter.

Business travellers are looking for smart hotels with prompt service standards and good communication levels. Luxury is not the major concern for a large number of travellers,” said Mr Rupam of Radha Regency.

Prakash Ryon, corporate general manager, Nandhana Grand Koramangala and Nadhana Hometel, which runs a chain of business hotels, agrees with this view. He said, "We are seeing an uptake of 15% in occupancy compared to last year."

Mr Ryon said that there has been a lot of corporate movement, with recession receding and recovery of the market. "The luxury market and increase in domestic travellers in December also added to (the) numbers,” he said.

"We are seeing corporate negotiations from existing firms which use our hotel for middle management and senior management executives. These corporates are negotiating for our high-end suites now,” he said, while explaining the flow of senior management from five-star hotels to business hotels.

Mr Ryon said that business hotels make sense to corporates as they have begun offering good facilities minus huge cost tags, which include complimentary Wi-Fi facilities, dinner coupons, free pick-up and drop to airports and a more lavish and elaborate breakfast spread.

"The price difference between the upper-end and mid-market segment is around 50%," he said.

Explaining the move towards business hotels, S Raghunath, who handles marketing for India for Electra Polymers (UK) and who is a frequent business traveller, said, "Most travellers are middle management (executives). Hence, business hotels suit our requirements.”

"Nobody has (the) time to go around for a spa or sauna. Basically most businessmen are off for their business meetings by 8am and return late. What they look for is basically the bed and breakfast concept, which is what these hotels offer,” he said.

"Moreover, hotels in India are overpriced with average pricing being around $200, while in Thailand the best hotel room comes at an average of $80,” Mr Raghunath said.

Company guest houses have their own maintenance issues, said Raj Rajkumar, managing director, ADC, whose company has turned to business hotels to lodge overseas customers.

"Company guest houses mean hiring personnel. Keeping such guest houses no longer makes sense on account of high rents, power bills and housekeeping tabs," he said.


Googlle Learning School... And you thought it was from Google?

What's in a name, asked William Shakespeare. In today's context, there are a lot of things in a moniker, especially if your name is similar to that of an Internet giant

Googlle Learning School. I was taken aback by the similarity between the name of this institute and Internet search giant Google. At first glance, I thought that it may be a new initiative by the search engine giant, but on closer look I found that there was no relation between the two.

This learning school Googlle is a training division of CB Online Pvt Ltd, which is located at Bhubaneswar in Orissa. On its homepage, Googlle even had a 'declaration' that reads, "We are (in) no way related to Google Search Engine, neither (do) We want to copy the name or take advantage of that name and the pronunciation of (the) same is different from 'Google'."

What’s funny is that just a few days ago, its website not only had Google’s name, but the logo and even the favicon were a replica of Google’s, in order to trick people into thinking that the online university was somehow related to the real search engine giant.

In its profile, Googlle said, “We love the name and that's why we name our training division in that name. Googlle is not the name of a company, it's only the name of our training department."

What the creators of Googlle seem to be unaware is about the possible lawsuit that may be coming their way. Search engine giant Google is very protective of its trademark and intellectual property rights, and its India office already may be in the process of filing a suit. However, this cannot be confirmed.

Earlier, Moneylife had reported about an ice-candy vendor, who uses a similar design to Google's website for his stall. This vendor even has a website for selling his ice candies (often called as golas in local parlance).


We were like the Indian cricket team in the 1983 World Cup

Jignesh Shah was an employee of the Bombay Stock Exchange. Today he runs one of the 10...

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