Building’s Terrace Belongs to Residents!

AMumbai consumer forum has observed that the open terrace of a building is the joint property of residents. Not adhering to this is a violation of the provisions of the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act (MOFA).

The forum directed industrialist Yash Birla’s Birla Infrastructure Ltd along with Lakshmi Properties Ltd to pay Rs1.25 lakh to an ad hoc committee comprising some residents of a Juhu building for irregularities and illegalities.

The forum admonished the residents who were party to the illegalities and irregularities. It pointed out that they had not only created a dangerous situation for other residents and their properties but also for themselves by such actions.


Consumer Forum Issues Arrest Warrant

The Noida District Consumer Forum has ordered the arrest of directors of the real estate company Supertech for non-compliance of its order in a consumer complaint requiring that complainants be paid the amounts they were due.

Samyak Misra had booked a flat in Indirapuram Supertech Icon site in December 2006 and made full payment on 18 January 2007. Supertech promised possession of the flat within two years of the receipt of full payment failing which the builder promised to pay an interest of 18% annually for the period of delay. The possession offer was made in February 2010 which meant a delay of 13 months but the company refused to pay the penal interest.


Pulse Beat

Medical developments from around the world

The Great Calcium Myth
Our profession takes its post-graduate education primarily from the pharma company literature. So, I am sure many who read this column are already on calcium supplements for good health in old age, especially elderly women after menopause, to prevent osteoporosis and fractures. The vital mineral for good health is magnesium.

To cap it all, when one takes calcium supplements, more calcium from your bones leaves through the kidney as the kidney exchanges calcium for sodium in the distal tubule. So, the more you take by mouth, the more you lose through your kidney. The wise thing to do would be to reduce sodium intake as you age to keep the bone calcium intact. The next best thing to keep your bone calcium is exercise—daily walk and exposure to sun as much as you can to get nature’s best vitamin D3—the foundation stone of human immune system.

Looking at the sun before 9am and after 4pm is another very important health-giving act. Do not directly look at the sun but look above, below and on the side of the sun. This will help the whole retina to get sun’s UV rays which stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands to tune up your endocrine orchestra.

In addition, the retina needs sunlight. We destroy that also by wearing sunglasses even inside the buildings. When I see dark glasses, I come to two conclusions. Either s/he is a politician who cannot look you in the eye or he is an underworld don.

Antioxidant LIES
We are told that, as one ages, free radicals float around in the system and they, in turn, damage the cells and the chromosomes. They need to be mopped up and destroyed. In retrospect, I suspect this myth was created by the industry which wanted to sell antioxidant supplements, to make big money.

The advertisements for antioxidant vitamins and creams, etc, are so persuasive that even a sceptic would buy and consume them. The correct science is that these free radicals are there to help ageing cells to die by apoptosis, a natural process of cell suicide which, in turn, facilitates new cell formation to keep one healthy. By destroying these free radicals, we are only hurting the body’s normal phenomenon of self-regulation.

If we prevent cells from dying by apoptosis, we are encouraging these cells to outlive their life span and get mutated. A mutated rogue cell is the beginning of cancer! In addition, when we discourage apoptosis, we are encouraging cell death by necrosis, a very dangerous proposition as the cell contents spill into its environment encouraging inflammation, cancer growth and many other ills.

Apoptosis is a process where the cell dies by shrinking and not breaking its wall, as in necrosis. The shrunken cell loses its morphology and becomes amorphic to be eaten by the phagocytes.

This beautiful working of the human body is nature’s way of letting the human being live well. The reductionist scientist always thinks that s/he is smarter than nature and tries to misunderstand nature’s efforts and tries to interfere from outside. The hapless common man gets caught in this.

In fact, this is why adverse drug reactions cause maximum deaths these days. The higher the number of drugs that come into the market, the more the illnesses.

I teach my students that if the bedside clinical picture does not fit into any textbook description of a disease, think of adverse drug reactions whose protean presentations can fool the best medical brain. Most antioxidant and vitamin tablets have caused more misery, illness and precocious death.

Please do not jump to the wrong conclusion that fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants are also bad. On the contrary, they help good health and healthy ageing. How they work is still a mystery but what science does not know is that they have many other health-giving elements in them that our in-vitro tablets do not have. Nature keeps her secrets.

Long back, a large study of post-menopausal women in Canada had shown that fruits and vegetables reduced diseases and postponed death while capsules and tablets containing the same ingredients did the reverse!


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