BNP Paribas Mutual Fund unveils 369 days fixed term fund

BNP Paribas Mutual Fund new issue closes on 31st March

BNP Paribas Mutual Fund has launched BNP Paribas Fixed Term Fund-Series 21 I, a close-ended income scheme.

The investment objective of the scheme would be to achieve growth of capital through investments made in a basket of fixed income securities maturing on or before the maturity of the scheme. The tenor of the scheme is 369 days.

The new issue closes on 31st March. The minimum investment amount is Rs5,000.

CRISIL Short Term Bond Fund Index is the benchmark index. Alok Singh is the fund manager.


Hassan Ali’s income multiplied in 6 yrs to Rs54,268 crore: CAG

Mr Khan, who is presently in custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED), has not filed returns for several years despite earning crores, according to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India

New Delhi: Income of Pune-based stud farm owner Hassan Ali Khan multiplied by over 100 times in six years from Rs529 crore to Rs54,268 crore in 2006-07, reports PTI quoting the CAG report that was tabled in Parliament today.

Mr Khan, who is presently in custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED), has not filed returns for several years despite earning crores, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) said.

His taxable income, according to the assessment made by Income Tax (I-T) authorities, jumped from Rs528.9 crore in 2001-02 (assessment year) to Rs5404.7 crore in 2002-03. Thereafter, it soared to Rs54,268.6 crore in 2006-7.

The report further said that Hassan Ali did not file income tax returns for five assessment years from 2001-02 to 2003-04 and 2005-07.

However, he filed the tax returns for these years in May 2007 after IT notice following search operations.

The CAG also said "While computing his tax liability for the AYs (assessment years), the (I-T) department levied interest of Rs706.1 crore instead of Rs4,056 crore for default in furnishing returns and Rs10,033.3 crore instead of Rs9,756.9 crore for default in payment of advance tax."

The report said in 2008-09 out of Rs2 lakh crore that remained uncollected, "One group namely Hassan Ali alone accounted for Rs71,874 crore of uncollected demand."

Hassan Ali, 53, yesterday surrendered before the ED after the Supreme Court cancelled his bail and remanded him to four days' ED custody.


IndiaFirst CEO: “We are offering customers an online experience, even if there is no immediate financial benefit for us”

The chief executive officer and managing director of IndiaFirst Life Insurance, Dr P Nandagopal, says that the insurer is trying to usher in complete transparency in its operations with its customers

Will you be selling all your products online? Will you offer lower premium for such online sales?

All our products can be purchased through our website. The policy that is available online for lower premium is the 'IndiaFirst Anytime Plan', which is a pure term insurance plan. The other policies are offered at the same premium online or through other channels. It is because even in online channels, there will be personnel involved to help via live chat or in other ways. It is not about lower premiums-it is complete transparency we are giving to customers. We are offering customers an (online) experience, even if there is no immediate financial benefit for us. Instead of pushing the product, we want to generate pull for buying insurance.

In that case, wouldn't customers do all the research on the website and purchase the policy from other channels like bancassurance?

We are fine with that. We have not set any target for fiduciary benefits for our initiative. The results may not be immediate, but we want to provide value-added services to customers.

Is the pure term insurance plan only offered through the online channel?

No, it will also be offered through other channels like bancassurance, which constitute 95% of our sales. The premium for pure term plans through bancassurance will be slightly more than the online channel.

How many products do you offer? What is your mix of products? Does ULIP offer advantages over traditional plans?

We have about half-a-dozen products with a mix of ULIPs, traditional and term plans. The risk cover is important not just in the unfortunate incident of a death, but also for living years. Long-term savings and protection are important aspects of insurance products. Insurance has to be a long-term product to take benefit of rupee cost averaging and behavioural aspect of period savings. ULIPs certainly offer lot of advantages over traditional products in terms of transparency, lower charges and flexibility of investments. Asset allocation can be easily rebalanced over the period between equity and debt to follow a proper financial plan.  

Will the 'LifeStore' offer help during the claims process? How smooth is claims settlement for death claims?

Yes. The customer can track the claim status online. This will also be available for death claims and not just maturity claims. The fund value is released without much delay to the nominee. The sum assured of insurance may take more time if there is need for (an) investigation. We have even paid death claims within two days in some cases. I am willing to expose my entire plans, each claims ratio. Every genuine claim has to be paid; but (obviously), fraudulent claims cannot be paid. Fraud does take place in some cases. For example, people suffering from cancer try to buy insurance, hiding their ailment details. It is wrong. This is a business of trust.

Will you be offering fund performance transparency like mutual funds? Can you also show that your fund performance is comparable to a good mutual fund scheme?

If there is any mutual fund or life insurance company that is more transparent than ours, please let me know. We give detailed fund performance including the Sharpe ratio (a measure of the excess return, or risk premium per unit of risk in an investment asset or a trading strategy). We will compare with indices with which we are legally allowed to compare. We cannot show comparison with mutual fund performance. Moreover, the performance has to be seen over the long-term period and not just one year. Insurance products are long-term in nature.

What is the cost of technology for your new initiative?

We have spent about Rs15 crore to Rs20 crore for the entire technology setup including hardware and all other peripheral costs.

IndiaFirst had launched the 'Ask Apply Get' (AAG) process to buy life insurance in three minutes (after the decision to buy insurance). The policy documents are also emailed in three minutes. How does it really help customers?

It's about starting the risk coverage immediately as well as the investment money starting to give returns. The customer can take his own time to make a decision. Once they make the decision, they will get the policy document in three minutes and exactly know their financial investment and insurance. It is (about) giving power to customers. Around 20% of our customers are outside the AAG norm and out of the remaining, 35% avail of the service. There is good scope of reaching out to more customers.




6 years ago

It seems that their premium is very high compared to many other players. E.g. Even in a Pure Term plan which is called "IndiaFirst Life Plan", for a Male, 49,SA=1 Crore, the premium comes to Rs. 84,400 (without Service tax) which is way high than competing companies.

Also, I did not find any 'Online experience' because when I clicked on 'BuyOnline' it showed me a page from where it asks you to download product brochure, form, etc. - This is not ONLINE EXPERIENCE. If I am making a mistake and there is indeed a way to buy a policy online, then I would like to know from the company and I would stand corrected.



In Reply to Prakash 6 years ago

it is for 20 years and yearly premium, No tobacco.


6 years ago

New entrants do not have much of a choice but to stick to the mantra of financial education. Their target would be primarily existing policyholders (who already have an existing policy from a company). Their CEO was once heading the distribution in Birlasunlife ,during those days thare was no initiative to educate & sell. Insurance will continue to be a PUSH product in India. Unless Government cuts the tax benefits ,people will not realize the true meaning of Insurance.


6 years ago

Please insure all citizens with lowest premium.
For example Group Insurance for life time.
For example all bank account holders for life time.
Good keep it up!


6 years ago

Had gone thru their website..In my view they offer way too costly online insurance...Other online Insurance offer cheaper options and have better standing in the market...This is simple fleeing from a new company...



In Reply to Satyarth 6 years ago

Dont compare online insurance from two different companies solely on the basis of premium... Its always better to look their claim settlement ratio and their process. For eg. aegon religare offers online insurance with lowest premium but their claim settlement ratio is horribly lower.



In Reply to Jagadees 6 years ago

In that case too (if claim settlement ratio is the criteria) ....better trust a reputed one or one with a track record....IndiaFirst scores poorly on---score is 53.85%...( Link : am looking out for a good term plan for myself...Would be thankful if someone recommends better options...

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