Birla Sun Life Protector term plan increases sum assured at a cost

This innovative plan offers the option of increase in sum assured every year by 5% or 10% without increase in the premium, but the annual premium is high. Does your term plan need to increase the sum assured every year?

Birla Sun Life Insurance Company has launched new term plan offerings-Protector and Protector Plus. These plans offer flexibility to customers, giving them the option to increase the sum assured over a period rising out of increasing responsibilities and inflation, at no extra premium.

Both plans allow customers to opt for a constant or increasing sum assured at inception. Customers, who opt for an increase in the sum assured, have the option to increase it by 5% or 10% every year, in order to factor in growing needs and responsibilities. Under this facility, on every policy anniversary, the sum assured increases by 5% or 10%.

Mayank Bathwal, chief financial officer and head-institutional sales, says, "Over time, an individual's responsibilities grow and this, coupled with lifestyle improvements, makes one realise the need for increased protection. To ensure that one's loved ones continue to enjoy the same comforts, even under unforeseen circumstances, there was a need for a plan that could keep pace with changing requirements."

Does your term plan really need to increase the sum assured every year? The insurance needs increase together with the number of dependants and inflation, but your income level and savings also increase. The need to provide a cushion for dependants should decrease under normal circumstances, with financial commitments like children's education reducing near retirement. So, with age, given a normal earning cycle, the need for life insurance should decline and, at some point, it should be zero. If not, then you have not planned your retirement. One approach would be to go for additional term plan when your insurance need increases and terminate the policy close to retirement when your insurance need decreases.

As seen above, if the customer opts for 10% increasing sum assured every year, the premium is double for a policy term of 20 years or more. The company will charge the additional premium every year, to be able to afford a 10% annual increase in the sum assured.


For added protection, both plans can be enhanced with the following riders: accidental death and disability rider, critical illness rider, surgical care rider, hospital care rider and waiver of premium rider.

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6 years ago

Don't know how this one is a innovative product. SBI LIfe is already having a similar product.

Now, Indian Railways to sell e-tickets. But what about uniform quotas in tatkal, general categories?

The new e-ticketing service of the Indian Railways will not involve travel agents and commercial organisations. However, there is no information about how the quotas are to be allocated for various trains

The Indian Railways is all set to roll out a new e-ticketing service that will apparently not be open to travel agents, but will be reserved only for individual users.

The move comes after widespread discontent over malpractices by agents and touts who manipulated the system to hog a majority of the tickets available, even from quotas and the 'tatkal' facility, leaving individuals ticketless.

In March, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which operated the online booking system, blocked over 4.5 lakh user IDs, most of them agents, who were found to be violating the rules.

However, questions are being raised whether operating the ticket booking system from a new portal will resolve the contentious issue of quotas on different trains.

"Unlike the e-ticketing service of the IRCTC, the new service by Indian Railways will have no role for travel agents and commercial organisations. Only individual users will be allowed to book on the portal," a railways official said.

The new service will be available on, which will be launched after necessary clearance for the payment gateway. The facility will be available on a fixed time basis from 12.30am to 11.30pm.

has consistently maintained that the tatkal facility has been exploited by agents, with the tickets vanishing within minutes of the reservations opening. Thus, individuals, unable to get tickets have had to depend on agents who charge a substantial commission.

Following these complaints, the railways decided to bar travel agents from booking tatkal tickets on the IRCTC portal during peak hours.

Indian Railways transacts over 9.5 lakh bookings across the country daily, about a third of these through the IRCTC portal. About eight lakh agents are registered under the IRCTC.

Under the new e-ticketing service, individuals will have to register while using the facility for the first time. Registration is free of charge. A maximum of eight transactions will be allowed monthly to each user ID, the official said. Service charges will be Rs5 per ticket for sleeper class and Rs10 per ticket for all other classes. Currently, IRCTC charges Rs10 per ticket for sleeper class and Rs20 per ticket for all other classes.

Besides reducing the load on the IRCTC website, the railways is also considering using the mobile platform for ticket booking.

But there are many questions about the new system that are still not answered. For example, there is no clarity on the tatkal quota, or the logic of allocating so many seats under this category. Many a time, passengers are surprised to find more seats available under tatkal than the regular category. A Moneylife reader pointed out that on 15 April 2011 there were 216 seats allotted under the tatkal quota, while there was a waiting list of 274 passengers under the general quota for the Pune-Lucknow Express.

Surprisingly, no one, not even railway officials, can explain the rationale for the quota system. A different number of seats is allocated for each category on different trains. The question is why cannot this be synchronised. For example, a uniform 10% seats can be allocated for the tatkal quota, 80% for the general quota and the rest for other quotas.

A few months ago, Rajaram Bojji, former managing director of the Konkan Railway, said this about the tatkal mess: "Those in the railways must have found an indirect route to realise higher revenues without increasing the fares over the last seven years, simply by increasing the quota under tatkal. Reasonable I feel, because the fares of passenger tickets were kept the same with a proud announcement by each political master."




6 years ago

Normally I book tickets with,But today afternoon when I tried to book tickets on,I found message that due to maintenance activity site is unavailable,Looks like site already has a lot of problems,

amrender kumar

6 years ago

hi sri ji

Useless Site

6 years ago

The Indian railways site sucks big time. What a shabby job whoever has built the site and it looks like a typical government website, why cant they build decent looking websites? Moreover it does not open at all. I find the IRCTC site is still usable and it works. God knows how log it will take for the Railways to make this site usable. Possibly another 10 years.

S Krishna Kumar

6 years ago

Another sham of IRCTC is the Railway Credit Card sold in association with SBI. SBI is another government owned monopoly which can match IRCTC is the case of harassing common man. The card is issued only to crooks with black money. If genuine ordinary customers like government employees who have to travel regularly by train happen to apply for the card, the IRCTC, and its crony SBI Cards, will search for all kinds of reasons for denying a card to them.

I am a government employee. I travel regularly by train. I applied for a SBI credit card about a year ago. I was harassed by agents and officials of SBI cards in person, and over phone for several weeks. I work in a small office with no telephone connection. But they insisted on my providing an office land-line number. After several weeks of harassment, they sent a curt SMS to my mobile phone telling that I have been denied card. The guidelines issued by RBI to credit card issuers clearly says that when a person is denied credit card he is entitled to be told the reason explicitly. But the rules do not seem to apply to the thugs in the SBI Cards Ltd, which is a company with a reputation worse than that of "blade finance companies".

I request Government of India to disband IRCTC and the SBI Cards Ltd to rescue ordinary people from such harassment.


6 years ago

Worst ever made forms. Usability sucks ... Cannot compare to cleartrip / makemytrip usability. I think CRIS should feel ashamed for showing the world what IndianRailways IT team are....



In Reply to Anonymous 6 years ago

I have been using the IRCTC website and have always found seats booked the moment they are opened for booking even if the journey is over two months away. Looks like a legal scam is being perpetrated on the unsuspecting public and an RTI is certainly the need of the day. By overselling the Tatkal the railways is making huge amounts of money and not all of it is going towards customer amenities. TCs are never there when you need them and with the huge employment base in india it is really strange why on board TCs cannot be employed for the journey and made responsible for the train's smooth running and also be a point for proper dispensation of information etc.


In Reply to Ajit 6 years ago

As a customer of IRCTC I have managed to get tatkal bookings every time I have tried. Obviously if 1000s of people are trying to book tickets at the same time it is difficult to get tickets, the same happens on the counter. I stood in the line for tatkal tickets and by the time my turn came I could not get any tickets. I guess it is a problem of demand and supply. The best way to deal with the problem is to increase supply or get rid of tatkal itself. Why blame a website for not able to meet the demand..

Opto Circuits inks distribution pact with Japanese firm

Opto Circuits’s arm, Cardiac Science Corporation, has entered into a distribution agreement with Omron Healthcare to distribute Automated External Defibrillator Powerheart G3 HDF-3000 in Japan

Healthcare equipment maker Opto Circuits (India) today said it has entered into an agreement with Japan’s Omron Healthcare to distribute equipment used for treatment of heart disease in the Japanese market.

The company’s arm, Cardiac Science Corporation, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Omron Healthcare to distribute Omron Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Powerheart G3 HDF-3000 in Japan, Opto Circuits (India) said in a statement.

The agreement is for marketing of products which have been approved by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (JMHLW).

External defibrillators are medical devices that diagnose life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms and deliver electrical energy to the heart to restore its normal rhythm.

“Omron, a leading healthcare company dedicated to the prevention of heart disease, will distribute the AEDs through its home-use and medical healthcare devices division and will optimally utilise sales channels of business partners,” the company said.

Commenting on the development Opto Circuits Chairman and Managing Director Vinod Ramnani said: “We are pleased to partner with a well known brand like Omron Healthcare to gain a strategic re-entry into the lucrative Japanese market with our emergency life saving product.”

Japan is the second largest AED market in the world with 65,000 AEDs sold annually. In 2004, the Japanese government passed a law permitting the common man to operate AEDs, prior to which, AEDs were operated only by designated healthcare professionals.

Last month Cardiac Science Corporation had received approval from JMHLW to market Powerheart G3 AED in Japan.

“Cardiac Science and Omron Healthcare are currently engaged in market launch preparations, with commercial release and first revenue sales expected in August, 2011,” it added.

On Friday, Opto Circuits ended 0.23% up at Rs287.55 on the Bombay Stock Exchange, while the benchmark Sensex ended 1.15% down at 18,858.04.


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