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BCCI seeks transcript of IPL match-fixing audio tapes

BCCI sought transcripts of the audio tapes containing the statements of Srinivasan, Dhoni and IPL COO Sundar Raman

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Wednesday moved an application before the Supreme Court seeking transcripts of the audio tapes containing the statements of board President N Srinivasan and Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This was recorded by the Mukul Mudgal Committee, which probed the allegations of IPL spot and match-fixing.


The plea was mentioned before a Bench headed by Justice AK Patnaik which posted the matter for hearing on 11th April.


In the application, BCCI has also sought the transcripts of statements by Sundar Raman, Chief Operating Officer of IPL. The application was mentioned by Senior Advocate CS Sundaram, who was appearing for BCCI.


The counsel told the Bench that they need the transcripts to prepare themselves for the matter which is pending before the Supreme Court.


Earlier, the Supreme Court had proposed the name of veteran cricketer and commentator Sunil Gavaskar to head the board during pendency of the case in the apex court.


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Brooklyn man cleared of murder after 24 years in prison!

Jonathan Fleming and his family were overjoyed after the Brooklyn District Attorney dismissed murder charges against him based on evidence withheld at his 1990 trial.

In a hearing that lasted less than 15 minutes, Jonathan Fleming's more than 24 years in prison came to an end. The 1990 murder conviction was expunged from his record, leaving his family jubilant in a packed Brooklyn courtroom.

"Thank you, God!" one relative screamed when Judge Matthew D'Emic accepted a motion to dismiss the charges. "Come hug your mother!" said another.

Today's hearing was the final step in a process that began in June 2013, when Fleming's attorneys teamed with the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office Conviction Integrity Unit to re-examine Fleming.

Together, investigators unearthed powerful evidence — much of it withheld for years by law enforcement — showing Fleming had been in Florida when 22-year-old Darryl "Black" Rush was shot to death on August 15, 1989.

Fleming's mother, Patricia Fleming, spoke to reporters through tears outside of the courtroom, thanking his attorneys and saying she always knew he was innocent. At Fleming's original trial she testified that she was with him in Florida at the time of the murder.

"When they gave my son 25-to-life, I thought I would die in that courtroom, knowing he didn't do it. But it's over now, it's over," she said, surrounded by family members.

At today's hearing, Fleming's attorneys briskly described all the evidence they and the Brooklyn Conviction Integrity Unit had gathered supporting Fleming's alibi, including a receipt for a Florida hotel phone bill Fleming paid hours before the murder took place.
They also uncovered an Orlando police department report confirming that several hotel employees remembered seeing Fleming, and evidence that an eyewitness testified against Fleming to avoid criminal prosecution herself.

"For the reasons that have been outlined...I am now respectfully moving this court to immediately vacate the defendant's conviction, immediately dismiss the underlying indictment and allow Mr Fleming to walk out of this office, this building, this courtroom, a free man," said Taylor Koss, the Conviction Integrity Unit's former deputy chief, who became one of Fleming's attorneys.

Mark Feldman, chief assistant to Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, quickly consented to Fleming's release, acknowledging that the receipt and the police report were not made available to the defense at trial.

"Had it been, the likely result of the trial would have been different," he said.

With that, Fleming bowed his head in relief.

"I feel wonderful," he told reporters outside the courtroom. "I always knew this day would come one day, and today was the day."


Courtesy: ProPublica.org



Bosco Menezes

3 years ago

Amazing, yet so sad that the best years of his life were lost in prison !!

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