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Bangalore flat owners suffer from a plethora of problems

In the “Silicon Valley” of India, plumbers, carpenters and water supply are scarce while flat-owners bickering among themselves in illegal “associations” formed to run the buildings

There are essentially two types of residential buildings in Bangalore. The first type is those that are constructed by builders who use tracts of land from their land bank. The second is those where an independent home owner (often called a 'promoter') enters into an agreement with the builder to sell the plot to him. In return for the same, the builder demolishes the structure and constructs defined number of flats, of which, some of the flats are sold in the outside market. The balance flats are owned by the promoter. So, for instance, if the builder constructs 20 flats, depending on the type of contractual agreement, eight flats may be sold in the outside market while 12 flats may be retained by the promoter.

The flats built by top-notch builders like Prestige, Embassy, Mantri, Sobha Developers and Puravankara are sold at a premium depending on the location and the amenities available. These developers are particular about aesthetic appeal of the structures and also provide facilities like round-the-clock security, comprehensive elevator maintenance, swimming pool, gymnasium and a club-house. It is another matter that Bangalore faces a severe water shortage and so most of the swimming pools are defunct.

Water supply: There are essentially two types of water connections in flats in Bangalore. One is the borewell water that is used for cleaning and washing. The other is the supply from the municipality, popularly known as Cauvery water. The quality of the borewell water is such that it can corrode even your stainless steel vessels. The Cauvery water can't be used for drinking without filtering. Many areas in Bangalore do not have even the Cauvery water facility. So, it becomes a field day for drinking water suppliers. I have seen at least 15 different brands of mineral water supplies and people consume them simply because they are packed and sealed. They seldom worry about the nitty-gritties like whether the source of water is good or if the water is purified.

Incessant drilling for borewell water: Walk into any of the narrow by lanes of Bangalore and at any time of the day (or night) you can hear the huge noise of borewell machines drilling the ground. One of the residents near our area had drilled the ground and the noise stopped after 72 hours of incessant drilling. Even as we were wondering what happened, the penny dropped that the resident had become a supplier of tanker water. He proudly displays the board-"Manjunatha Water Supply".

Funny associations: Every building has a so-called association that has no legal standing. The so called municipal bye laws are rarely ever complied with. The association meets once a year to discuss the most absurd and silly issues that one can never imagine. However, they never discuss things like sinking fund, financial management of association funds, etc. Anyone who questions the association is bad but people who are silent spectators are good. I know of associations where bank balance of around Rs2 lakh lies idles in a SB account at 4% interest but the association members cringe to give Rs50 for menial work like tank cleaning, removing the weeds in the garden, etc. Despite the fact that water is in short supply, people wash their cars as if there is no tomorrow. Every household has a minimum of four vehicles-two cars and two scooters/bikes.

One can see independent home owners throwing garbage on the road and using water to wash their gates and the streets outside their homes. Even the IT crowd that stays in flats under a leave-and-licence agreement are quick to buy large vehicles (thanks to easy availability of vehicle loans), regardless whether there is adequate parking space or not. In case of independent home owners, they avail of free parking facility on the road. Many independent home owners block the roads to put up a shamiana to celebrate family functions.

Plumbing woes: There is a severe shortage of skilled and unskilled labour in Bangalore so if you are looking at repairing something, you are in for a rude shock. One has to cajole the carpenters and electricians to get your work done and they won't touch the debris generated.


Anyone with plumbing tools and tackles passes off as a plumber. On most occasions, these unskilled technicians aggravate the plumbing problem instead of solving it. Builders do the vanishing act once the flats are sold, so there is little recourse on that front. The second rung builders also do not worry about doing the plumbing in an aesthetic fashion. So, you will have drainage pipes bang above the parking lot on the front side of the building. Leaking water taps are never rectified.

Legal issues: In Bangalore each flat owner is given a 'khatha' certificate that indicates that he holds the share in the area on which the structure has been erected. To get this certificate, you have to grease the palms of people in the registration office. This system is something like the conveyance deed scheme in Mumbai (though there are differences). Other than this, one has very little control on what happens in the premises. Flats are bought and sold without anyone's knowledge. There are no transfer fees payable to the association. There is no need for a "No Objection" certificate at all, when flats are sold. Likewise, tenants walk in and out of the buildings, stay and vacate the flats as though it is a lodge. Neighbours rarely open the door to each other.


Final Word

Despite being called as the "Silicon Valley" of India, the Garden City has not managed to keep pace with the changing times. Monstrous transformers stare at you from every nook and corner. Garbage is handled manually by scavengers who sort the garbage right on the road. Hooligans pass off as auto rickshaw drivers. Bus conductors do not issue tickets for short rides and even if you insist on a ticket, they brazenly ask you to return the ticket so that the same can be reissued. Street dogs swarm every street. The only advantage of living in this city is probably the anonymity it offers you.



Jony Loe

2 years ago

Pointed everyting to the fact, nice article Mate!!


4 years ago

Its business as usual for the killer builder Mohammed Salim as several illegal buildings around the city continue to rise making a mockery of all those who lost their lives in the Someshwara Nagar building collapse on August 19, 2013. Obliviously, this cannot happen without the conniving of corrupt local authorities, corporators and BBMP officials. They are all part of this evil nexus that plagues India. There was a hue and cry when the illegal structure in Someshwara Nagar collapsed prompting public outrage. Officials rushed forward with statements of action, yet the builder is repeating ‘Someshwara’ type building all across the city. As usual the bond between builders and the corrupt local authorities is stronger than public memory.

A seven stories illegal structure without any parking facility or safety features is being readied for delivery in 4th Cross, Kempiah Block, better known as Mubarak Nagar under J.C Nagar police limits. The illegal structure is serviced by a narrow staircase just a foot across. The congested street leading to the building has barely enough places for a two wheeler to pass through, how will this take the traffic of 30 plus additional families crammed into a small pigeon hole style apartments? What about utilities and sanitation, are these approved by BBMP? Why are unsafe Chawl like buildings allowed to be built in crowded residential areas, is this the City planners new vision for a better, beautiful and sustainable Bangalore? With the influx of builders like Mohammed Salim, it’s not just lives that are at risk. The heritage and character of Bangalore are also at risk, the authorities in Bangalore will need to do some soul searching and act now to save Bangalore.

Radha Hari

4 years ago

aptly explained without twists


4 years ago

April 2013
There is a massive borewell drilling going on in and around Bellandur and Sarjarpur junction areas -where the remaining agricultural land/trees are being butchered down, flattened for those ultra luxurious hi-rise apartments. In the past 2 weeks three bore wells were drilled in the bellandur area alone within a 200 mtr radius-- drilling continued for 3-4 days continuous to reach the water tables. One of them is being used by a Tanker mafia to fill his tankers on 24 hr basis. New projects like SRR group opp Total Mall, Nitesh Estate, Purva, Salarpuria etc is currently in the process of drilling thousands of feet deep borwells to suck out the remaining water, whatever is left, to use for their mammoth construction work. The so called residents who buys this ultra premium apartments will be left at the mercy of the tanker-mafia to meet their daily water requirement. Absolutely no sanity in this development. The BWSSB is sleeping as usual , palms greased, and merrily approving more borewells to be sunk where 99.5% of existing bore wells had gone dry. The end game is those greedy land owners and developers will go filthy rich and their families will ultimately retire in prosperous lands leaving a bunch of migrant / so called affluent people buying these flats on a drought stricken township to fend for their basic amenities themselves.


4 years ago

I fully agree with you. The apartments constructed in a jiffy give rise to several repair issues. I had bought a flat 2 years ago in bannerghatta and within a year the electrical wiring and plumbing issues begun and i was really shocked. It seemed i was not alone in this boat. The other apartment owners were already facing the issues and the electricans who probably couldnt understand E of Electricity were repairing and spoiling it further. Their un-professional behavior and give a damn for quality really made me do a research on this. As a US returned i was expecting an excellent services company but when i went on the web i found wolves in sheep clothing. Finally one of my friend reffered me to Blue Impulse and finally i had my electrical and plumbing problems repaired. Thank God the guy who looks after the company is very well educated from REC and he has employed really soft and professional people who did a great work at my flat. Now after re-wiring and re-fixing plumbing issues the flat looks great. We have now handed over the carpentry works to them. you can search on google as "Blue Impulse India" or "Blue Impulse bangalore" and get to know about them. Hope this helps people struggling with labor issues.



In Reply to Basanth 3 years ago

I am looking for a flat in banglore. whitefield, marthalli these areas have water issue i read everywhere. Is it the same case in bannerghatta side also? where should i look for a good flat..i m confused

Vinaya Kelkar

5 years ago

Agree with author. During nights, street dogs bark continuously, fight among each other and spoil the sleep. During days, the members in Assembly bark continuously, fight among each other and spoil the peace of citizens.

Nagesh Kini FCA

5 years ago

The concept of cooperative housing societies that was born in Mumbai is fast taking root in Bengaluru too.
Since this type of ownership is new to the city the Karnataka - when it is not busy with the infighting - Govt. to get its babus to study the Maharashtra laws of housing but also the working with civic, revenue,law authorities and residents' groups like the BMC recognized Citizens Advance Locality Management set up at the neighbourhood levels.


5 years ago

Now, that u hate Bangalore so much, u should get yourself a one-way-ticket out. And don't let the door hit ur A$$ on the way out!


Truth Seeker

In Reply to Michael 5 years ago

Michael ,Truth is often bitter.

As you turn a bind eye,the BBMP is deciding whether to go for IPAD2 or IPAD3 for the corporators.The corporators are also busy in forcing clubs to give them free memberships.Who has time to solve civic issues?.Afterall, all the problems are due to the outsiders working in the IT industry.What say?


5 years ago

My God. There are lot of half truths in this story. It is not all that bad. It is written as if we are living in a posh slum. Compare to all the other cities Bangalore is the best and that is the reason why so many companies are coming here and many more want to settle here.
Local transportation is best and any body can vouch if they have travelled from airport by Volvo buses which none of the other states have.
Yes we do have problems but can't complain much if you have stayed in Mumbai,Calcutta and new Delhi, and compare to them our city is the best


R Nandy

In Reply to Sreepathid 5 years ago

I think both of you are correct partially.What the writer has said is certainly true for the new areas of the city especially ORR, whitefield, Sharjapur Road etc. The situation
is much more stable in the older parts of the city.I guess you have the older areas in mind while writing the comment.

I would additionally add that most of the newer areas are drying up with no water coming up in the borewells.Many of the apartments are forced to buy water from tankers especially in areas like Whitefield,ORR,Sharjapur Road,C.V.Raman Nagar since the borewells have dried and
there is no water supply from the corporation.In many of the areas like Sharjapur Road the tankers are contolled by the Water Mafia who artificially jack up the water prices.The going rate now is Rs1000 for a small tanker.Since the water is so costly many associations are forced
to ration water for a few hours in the morning and evening.The water pressure is also not adequate
as the water gets used up very fast to use appliances like Geyser,Water Purifier,washing machine
etc. For those who don't know, these new areas are the hub of the IT industry and most non local
IT professionals stay here.Having stayed in a 'new' area for a couple of months I have first hand experience. The new areas also don't have any public parks.

The public transportation system is almost non-existent(if you compare with the other metros).
I had found it totally unusable except for the volvos. Everyone is forced to keep a bike and/or a car.

does it matter

In Reply to R Nandy 5 years ago


To me authors view seems myopic.
I stay in one of the so called new areas (HSR-Sarjapur road and by the way it is Sarjapur and Not Sharjapur) and face water crisis once every month (but only during summer). Water is an issue but not as critical as highlighted. It all depends on the builder and the amount of active your society is. In my society of approx 60 families, we celebrate nearly all the festivals known (holi, diwali, Eid, Christmas and even thanks giving, before moving in I was not even aware how is it celebrated). So nothings perfect, just find the builder who is not in just for one building and things should be OK.

R Nandy

In Reply to does it matter 5 years ago

It does matter.Since,the water level is going down every year bore wells are not fetching any water in many areas.The builders are mostly concerned in selling their apartments and they can't guarantee there will be bore well water after possession.To be fair to the builders and the associations,they can't manufacture water if the bore wells dry up.The only sustainable solution is to get corporation water at a reasonable cost.Buying tanker water at an exorbitant cost and overexploiting ground water is hardly a economically or ecologically sustainable solution.The way the BBMP is working I don't think anything will happen.Your apartment might be getting bore well water but what's the guarantee that you will continue to get bore well water say after 5years? Once they bore wells dry up,then people can't even sell their exorbitantly priced flats and move out as there will be no buyers.

State-wide campaign in Gujarat for filing RTI for answer sheets in order to curb student suicides

Mahiti Adhikar Gujarat Pahel is conducting a drive across Gujarat to file RTI applications for procuring copies of answer sheets.  Interestingly, it has invoked Section 7(1) of the RTI Act under which information has to be given within 48 hours as it concerns ‘life and liberty’

Taking the issue of recurring student suicides across the country every year after results of various public or class examinations are declared, a state-wide campaign is presently underway in Gujarat to make students aware of their right to get copies of their answer sheets under the RTI (Right to Information) Act.

Already 500 students have filed RTI applications and interestingly, the Mahiti Adhikar Gujarat Pahel (MAGP) which is steering the campaign, has invoked Section 7(1) of the RTI Act. Under this section, the citizen can demand information within 48 hours as it concerns 'life and liberty'.

The campaign's initiative also leans upon the historic Supreme Court judgment of August 2011 wherein the apex court had ruled that evaluated answer-sheets are covered under the definition of 'information' under the RTI Act. This judgment applies to all examinations including the Public Service Commissions, Universities, CBSE and other boards, professional bodies like ICAI-in fact, every examination conducted by any agency in India. (Ultimate victory for students: Tuesday’s Supreme Court judgment orders access of copies of answer sheets of all examinations).

The Supreme Court order is important for MAGP as a case is pending in the Gujarat High Court against the Gujarat State Information Commission's order of 2007 which gave a similar order like that of the Supreme Court.

RTI expert and member of MAGP, Harinesh Pandya states, "an evaluated answer-sheet is of vital information to a student as his/her career depends on it. There have been many incidences in the past of students committing suicides because they have got lesser marks than what they had expected, particularly in school board examinations. This trend is seen across the country every year after Std X and Std XII results are declared. Therefore, this information falls under Section 7(1) (life & liberty) of the RTI Act. Students need not wait for 30 days for this information, but are eligible to get it within 48 hours. Once a copy of evaluated answer-sheet is given, the mystery of getting less marks will be resolved-which may save several lives."

The first such campaign was conducted three years ago, when 4,000 students across Gujarat had invoked the RTI Act at the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board for procuring copies of their answer-sheets. Information was denied to them. The MAGP appealed to the state information commission. The Gujarat State Information Commission gave an order in favour of the students. However, at that time, the Board filed a petition in the Gujarat High Court. The case is still pending but on the backdrop of the Supreme Court order, there is hope again.  

States Pankti Jog, founder member of MAGP who is leading the initiative, "In the light of the Supreme Court judgment and now that the time is nearing for the declaration of the results of various examinations, MAGP decided to launch this campaign. We have created a help desk and already 500 students from schools, colleges, competitive examinations and also examinees of UPSC and GPSC have been educated as to how to use the RTI after their results are declared. We are very keen to see if the Gujarat Board provides information on the backdrop of the Supreme Court judgment."

The helpline number of the "Help Desk" is 09924085000. From Monday to Saturday, students can visit the MAGP office for guidance on filing RTI applications to get copies of their evaluated answer-sheets. Every Saturday, between 4pm to 6pm, experts will guide students. MAGP's mobile RTI clinic will also move through various cities and towns to spread awareness and give guidance. "Legal help will also be given at the doorstep of people who request it," adds Ms Jog.

Ms Jog informs that, "during the last four years students from across the country used RTI to seek copies of evaluated answer-sheets. The Supreme Court also in its judgment gave a clear verdict that evaluated answer-sheets are not exempted from RTI. Several state boards, including the Rajasthan Secondary Board has now decided to provide photocopies of evaluated answer-sheets proactively. In the light of this we hope that Gujarat students, who pioneered this movement, will be able to access copies of answer-sheets from the board. We also appeal to the students and parent community to volunteer for the campaign."

What does Section 7(1) say:

The section states: "7. (1) Subject to the proviso to sub-section (2) of Section 5 or the proviso to subsection (3) of Section 6, the central public information officer or state public  information officer, as the case may be, on receipt of a request under Section 6 shall, as expeditiously as possible, and in any case within thirty days of the receipt of the  request, either provide the information on payment of such fee as may be prescribed or  reject the request for any of the reasons specified in Sections 8 and 9: Provided that where the information sought for concerns the life or liberty of a person, the same shall be provided within 48 hours of the receipt of the request."

Contacts for MAGP's answer-sheet drive:

MAGP: Pankti Jog and Harinesh Pandya : 9824048842; 09909006791
Helpline: 9924085000
Postal address:
Mahiti Adhikar Gujarat Pahel
B-3, Sahajanand Tower,
Jivarajpark Char-Rasta,
Gujarat (India)

RTI Helpline: 09924085000

(Vinita Deshmukh is the editor of Life 365 ( She is also the consulting editor of Moneylife, an RTI activist and convener of the Pune Metro Jagruti Abhiyaan. She is the recipient of prestigious awards like the Statesman Award for Rural Reporting which she won twice in 1998 and 2005 and the Chameli Devi Jain award for outstanding media person for her investigation series on Dow Chemicals. She co-authored the book "To The Last Bullet - The Inspiring Story of A Braveheart - Ashok Kamte" with Vinita Kamte. She can be reached at [email protected])



dave kalpesh

5 years ago

i am with u, my daughter is also victim of careless assessment by board authority. i am willing for getting copy of answer sheet of my daughter. kindly give me details and contact no. my return of mail.


5 years ago

I can appreciate that getting hold of the answer sheets will help those students whose papers have been wrongly evaluated (or marks wrongly totaled). However, I cannot help feeling a bit amused about the assumption that students who realise that their poor marks are the result of their own performance, will be less inclined to commit suicide. Harineesh and Pankti are friends whose opinions I respect, so I must bow to their better understanding of student psyche!

dayananda kamath k

5 years ago

it is clearly misusing the rti provisions and giving scope for people who are against rti to block and amend it to make it diificult to get information. people should desisit form such acts. if he claims life and death for getting answersheet in 48 hours he can be booked for planning to attempting to sucide.

Anil Agashe

5 years ago

This is good for students and will put pressure to perform on paper checkers. But what is the punishment for someone who is careless while checking? They can be only debarred from this work. Their career continues.The payment for checking papers is pathetic in most universities.Many faculty members just don't bother to turn up for this work and never penalised for this.
Students also not saints. I have been horrified to see blank papers being asked to be revalued by the filed students. They also need to be punished and debarred from taking exams for some time. When they don't study and final they blame the system but when they pass without studying no issue with the system! I once saw mark sheet in which a student was awarded 60/60 in a theory paper. I told him to point it out to the University, but he refused to that.

Anirban Mukherjee

5 years ago

This might help in a limited way in curbing student suicides. Students who are disappointed due to unexpected results caused by procedural lapses in marking or scrutiny may find solace. However, many actually have a bad day at the exam and are not able to perform as per their expectations. One should realize that and stop equating one's self esteem in terms of the exam results and understand that there is more to life; life provides several opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Public Interest Exclusive
Satyamev Jayate: Following the money trail—Part 2

Gender determination can be stopped if stricter audits on how ultra-sound machines are followed.  But this would mean a straight 70-80% drop in business in India. Which manufacturer of ultra-sounds wants to see that happen?

The previous article Satyamev Jayate: Follow the money trail to catch a criminal ended with a promise to reveal more about the core reasons behind gender determination. Here it is, and let me be frank, this has not been an easy article to write. It is very difficult to try to present these facts in a simple and lucid fashion. The reality is that one is living through these issues, and the strain that medical episodes have on oneself, close friends and family, do have an impact. Most of all, there is this amazing reluctance, bordering on fear, within many in the medical community, to discuss this subject-unless in the strictest of confidences. So, some facts first:
Fact # 1: Today, the business of 'healthcare' as it is known is almost 15% of the GDP (gross domestic product) of the United States of America. This percentile figure would be the natural target in a rapidly evolving economy, like that of India's, especially with the middle-class as a target.
Fact # 2: It takes immense strength of purpose, character, intelligence, scheming, support as well as available power, to be able to take on the multiple lobbies which support this global healthcare business. These are not just the direct lobbies from within the profession, but also the lobbies representing other entities which stand to gain from expenses incurred on healthcare.
Fact # 3: Within the Indian context, there is the additional issue of superstition, social issues like female infanticide and more. And they are being misused for fiscal gains by the explosive mixture of religion and politics that prevails in India.
Fact # 4: The benefits of modern medicine and healthcare are, at the same time, not to be denied in any way whatsoever. Many of us are alive and kicking today because of this boon to mankind. Some of us have the strength to live out our truths because of this, too, present company included.
But it is the misuse which has deeper roots than simply the superstitions and social evils that provide business opportunity for the petty greed of clinics and hospitals offering gender determination and infant or foetus murder services. And, as always, this misuse starts from the top. In this case, both corporates and authorities are involved, without which this business can not survive.
Simply defined gender determination would not be possible without an ultrasound machine. Typically, the gender of a baby is known around the 18th week or so, though some clinics claim they can do so earlier-14th week also-the reliability decreases the earlier the ultrasound is done. It is also claimed that there is a DNA-based test available, which can be used as early as the 10th-12th week, with a blood sample, but results from this are not reliable at all. In both cases, it is not unknown for these illegal gender determination clinics to claim that the foetus is that of a girl, so that they make more money in the abortion.
If the manufacturers of the ultrasound machines and consumables used wanted to participate in blocking gender determination, then it would be as easy as (a) installing a hard drive that will retain data for an extended period of time and (b) audit with electronic records the consumables used on these ultrasounds. Matching the data thus obtained with the identity of the patient would provide a very decent mapping of misuse, if any, by the people owning and operating the ultrasound machine.
It would also mean reduced business for the sellers of the ultrasound machine and consumables, and the full business chain therein, as well as reduced income for the authorities if this was implemented. That part is simple to see, it is pure economics, and the parties involved will do anything to protect their business. Include kill the fully-formed girl child, if required, and let us not squirm away from these hard facts. And let me not name the global MNCs involved, because that is simple to find out, and dangerous to publish.
That's one part, the business model of the purveyors of a technology which has its good side also-the same technology is used, as mentioned in the previous article, also to help childless couples have babies. And more. But then, as more than one source from the ultrasound industry told me-if the illegal gender determination business were to somehow stop overnight, then business in India would be down by a straight 75%-80%. Which manufacturer of ultra-sounds wants to see that happen?
But it is the dark side of the foetus termination and infanticide business, which goes deep into the economics of life re-generation therapies and supposed cures for everything from sexual disorders to skin rejuvenation, and much more-including organ farming. This is the one which flourishes and provides what commerce has always called a "new income stream" -and becomes the subject of much speculation. That it exists is a simple fact of life-and that it is getting absorbed in mainstream healthcare is also becoming acceptable.
So how does one follow these diverse money trails?
1) Stricter audits on how ultra-sound machines are used. Implementation of the Pre-Natal Diagnostics Test Act of 1994 on a war footing with exemplary punishments. Existing and new ultra-sound machines to be provided with un-eraseable hard drives and "silent observer" tools which can be monitored online. External audits to hold the manufacturers, who typically also provide AMCs, liable for not detecting compliance by the owners/operators of these ultra-sound machines.
2) Stronger tracking back of airway bills and customs documentation from the Indian customs and central excise sources pertaining to the export and domestic movement of body parts, amino acids, and foetuses-exported for whatever reason.  This will require opening up of such information into the public domain without the typical issues of 'privacy'. The rules for carriage of such human remains, organs, tissue, amino acids or any other nomenclature, by air cargo out of India, are a good point to start from, without going into grisly details here.
If just these two money trails are suitably tracked, and action taken, then a large part of the problem can get solved.
Of course, the solution from the sociological approach is not covered here. But then, this was more about the money trail.

(Veeresh Malik had a long career in the Merchant Navy, which he left in 1983. He has qualifications in ship-broking and chartering, loves to travel, and has been in print and electronic media for over two decades. After starting and selling a couple of companies, is now back to his first love-writing.)




5 years ago

There are no hi-fi solutions required. Just there have to be telephone number where anonymous complaints can be made. Such complaints should be preferably recorded on a recording machine without human interface and monitored once in a day by an asst. Commisioner of Police level person. This will provide the courage to to the common man (more than woman) to inform the authority. If not everyone, at least one out of 100 persons knows at the centers where the female faetus identification is carried out and if he has the security of informing on a telephone number where anonymous complaints are recorded and followed up, atleast a fourth of them will provide the information. That makes one in 400 persons in any locality. Even half this number is enough to substantially reduce the female faeticide practice.

Vipin Arora

5 years ago

As you noted in the first part of the article, "...there is a gender determination clinic and a pregnancy assisting clinic within 2 kms of wherever we live,...", so we do not really need to follow the money trail when the crime is being committed in our backyard.
First, there should be exemplary punishments for these small fish, in every pond on every other street, and then we can go for punishing the big fish, the more organized players in this multi-billion blood crime.

A kumar

5 years ago

The Scheme of keeping Tabs on Ultrasound machines is too far fetched.
There is a need for direct response to the cases which are brought to notice for misuse. They need to tried and convicted for the offence of foeticide, which is infact murder. If this becomes well known the offences will fall on their own.
The MCI can open a 24 Hours help line for reporting such offending clinics annonymously.
All these clinics and doctors are well known to everyone except the authorities, who see no evil.
We should not propose any measures which enable offenders to beat the rap by shifting attention to others. This is the privilage of bureaucracy, and we should let it be at that.
In fact a bureaucrat, instead of prosecuting the offenders would have proposed just such a scheme of beating around the bush, so that in the end everyone loses sight of whom we are chasing.


nagesh kini

In Reply to A kumar 5 years ago

Speaking of the IMC opening a 24 hours its President not behind the bars for corruption charges of accepting Rs.85 lakhs bribe for recognizing/setting up new medical colleges and new post graduate courses. When the Regulators are corrupt what better can be expected of the students that they turn out? They seek to recover money they have expended on capitation and huge fees that they've shelled out.

Nagesh Kini FCA

5 years ago

Given the will to monitor, it is not difficult to put in place an effective audit trail by a mechanism to ascertain the usage of each and every machine by developing it with the cooperation of the manufacturer.
The enforcing authorities to work in close coordination with the medical and audit professions.Their respective Regulators the IMC and ICAI ought to sit across to devise the audit process.


5 years ago

Current population: 1,210,193,422
Males: 623,724,248
Females: 586,469,174
Delta: 37,255,074 -females are shortage. 37,255,074 males doesn’t have Life partners???
What is the value of education which does not inculcate passion and fearlessness for setting right what is wrong? Kiran Bedi
So, how different are we from the people who lived in and around the Nazi death-camps, with our studied silences?
Some thing is wrong in our common practices and belief system from many years. We are told that population is alarming, it is dangerous for humanity, two kids are
enough, family planning is good for humanity. We are told to follow china example. No one realize that to earn money Doctors can exploit the situation and can generate
wrong report in gender testing, nobody can identify / trace it because every thing is under the table.

Is this a secret-deal for a very important reason:?? they're super-depressing for the nation and thats why should not broadcast on TV against educated corporate and
political culprits??? Because I can't see any case against this issue till date.

What is needed today is the courage to speak; courage to unite; courage to question wrongs; courage to take on the corrupt; courage to ostracise and expose anti-social
elements. Kiran Bedi

This is a national problem. The only thing which demands is; promote the importance of girl for our(males) existence in educated communities with in our domain.
It is the existence of the woman that gives the universe its colors
She is the leading instrument in the grand orchestra of life itself

"it is the individual who has to change his perception" Aamir Khan

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The Scam
24 Year Of The Scam: The Perennial Bestseller, reads like a Thriller!
Moneylife Magazine
Fiercely independent and pro-consumer information on personal finance
Stockletters in 3 Flavours
Outstanding research that beats mutual funds year after year
MAS: Complete Online Financial Advisory
(Includes Moneylife Magazine and Lion Stockletter)