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B Rajaram to present paper on Gravity Power Towers at 13th APM-ATS in Paris

Our babus continue to ignore his inventions, while the world honours the technology man who patented an anti-collision device, made the Skybus and more recently the Gravity Power Towers

Rajaram Bojji, former managing director of Konkan Railway, never got a chance to implement his revolutionary Skybus project which would have provided inexpensive, air-conditioned mass transport without land acquisition! The idea, backed by 17 patents, was abandoned by Indian authorities despite a successful demonstration in Goa. But Mr Bojji, who is better known as B Rajaram, moved on to new research and has kicked off the new year with a bang.

Automated People Movers and Transit Systems (APM-ATS) has accepted Mr Bojji's work on Gravity Power Towers (GPT) as a peer-reviewed paper to be presented at its 13th International Conference on 24 May 2011. The biannual international meeting is being held in Paris for all those involved in the development of fully-automated people movers and urban transit systems around the world.

This is an honour for the man who invented the anti-collision device (ACD) for the Indian Railways and has already got 17 patents for his inventions. He has assigned the intellectual property (IP) rights of this technology to the president of India, which has the potential to generate additional revenues of between Rs300 crore and Rs400 crore per annum for the Konkan Railway.

In a message to Moneylife, Mr Bojji said, "With the GPT, the world will be benefited by a more economical and nature-friendly transportation system that runs substantially on eternal gravity. With GPT, the carbon emissions can be substantially reduced in the future. This totally automated system neither uses electrical traction motors on the rolling stock nor fixed signal train control systems. All it uses is automated energy control systems from gravity power towers, which can redefine our safety standards and lifestyle as well. It can be even adopted by the existing legacy systems. A dream of mine has taken the first step. Hope humanity benefits."

While, the Indian Railways is still 'thinking' about implementing indigenous technology, one of its technology drivers has moved on to bigger and better things.

Mr Bojji's GPT principle re-directs vertical-acting gravity force in a horizontal direction to create a tractive force on a mass on wheels-either rail or road-to accelerate, then sustain speed, and when decelerating to recover kinetic energy. It is almost like the action of a pendulum.

The recovery on the GPT system can vary from 95% to 70%, depending on the distance of uniform speed-the longer the distance, the lesser the recovery. Hysteresis losses owing to friction cause increased irrecoverable energy loss. GPT has been granted a patent in the US.

Mr Bojji has also presented the outline for a $450 billion scheme to create a cargo transportation network of about 100,000 km to be fully powered by the GPT in the US. The network, fully powered by gravitational force, would save around 97% of energy being utilised currently, and generate 30% surplus after meeting all expenses, while generating a million blog GPT.
It is estimated that gravity power systems could contribute 30-40% of the Earth's total energy needs, taking care of transportation of people and cargo, while attaining speeds of 360 kmph on rail-based systems.

Unfortunately, as the world rewards and awards the Indian innovator, the Indian government has shunned his solutions. The best example is the anti-collision device that he devised and which was given a patent, but the Railways have chosen to ignore it while trying to adopt the European Train Protection Warning System (TPWS) on busy rail routes. (Read, 'Is the anti-collision device system being derailed?' ; 'Why we are denying Raksha Kavach to rail commuters?' )

Mr Bojji's other creation, the 'Skybus', was also left by the wayside by Indian authorities planning mass transit systems. Further, while the anti-collision device was singled out by the World Intellectual Property Office for special coverage, the Skybus Metro Rail System was described in special programmes on National Geographic and Discovery channels.

Mr Bojji was involved with the Konkan Railway project as chief engineer from the beginning of its construction in 1990, then as director for projects and finally as managing director between 1998 and 2005. He was instrumental in delivering more than 100 tunnels (including the Mumbai-Pune Expressway tunnels), about 2,000 bridges and 750 km of live running track through treacherous terrain in Maharashtra's Konkan region.




6 years ago

The reason Mr Rajaram's inventions are not used in India is because there's no money to be made by the politicians and bureaucrats. Similar, but far more expensive technology from abroad will be readily ordered, because of the benefits - to the babus and netas.

RBI investigating Citibank fraud

New Delhi: India's central bank, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is investigating the Rs300 crore fraud in Citibank's Gurgaon branch, which saw diversion of depositors funds in stock markets, reports PTI.

"RBI is investing the matter (Citibank fraud)," a key Reserve Bank source said.

The fraud at the Citibank's Gurgaon branch in the state of Haryana, involving diversion of depositors' money into the stock market, was uncovered last week.

Several high networth individuals (HNIs), including promoters of the Hero Group, the biggest motorcycle maker of India, were lured by Citibank's relationship manager Shivraj Puri, the main accused in the scam, into investing funds on promise of high returns.

Victims of the fraud have complained to the police that their securities were encashed without their knowledge.

Sanjeev Aggarwal, managing director of Helion Advisors, had on Tuesday filed a first information report (FIR) with the local police, alleging he was cheated of his life's savings of Rs32.43 crore in the fraud.

Besides senior officials of the bank, Mr Aggarwal named Indian-born global CEO of the Citibank Vikram Pandit and chairman William R Rhodes in the FIR that alleged criminal breach of trust, falsification of accounts, cheating and criminal conspiracy by the bank officials.

Citibank, however, dismissed allegations of involvement of its senior executives in the fraud.

The local police on Wednesday ruled out the possibility of questioning Citibank's global CEO Vikram Pandit and other top honchos in connection with the scam.


The Land of the Free? Not Exactly

Yankee, please don’t come home. We get the feeling that you are waiting for our floodgates to open

Move over, Ellis Island. Mumbai's Gateway of India would be a better bet for the poor and huddled masses of the USA.

No, I am not kidding you. If you are in your right mind, and if you (heaven forbid) happen to hold what was once a much-drooled-after passport (or visa or whatever), and you are yearning to be free, housed and clothed, India might just be the place for you. We just might let you in.

But when we Indians say, "Have a nice day", we really mean it. Notice how almost always our smile touches our eyes? We don't really like plastic, you know, even if we do land up picking up the wrong card sometime at the wrong places.

As you guys like to say, and to pluck a few words from the mouth of Asterisk and make a hash out of it-"These Indians are crazy."

Get ready to not burst into tears when I narrate this true incident, which took place a few days before Christmas Day (or whatever they call it in politically-incorrect-completely-gone-crazy) America.

I was trying not to freeze to death (despite being in the right spirit) in the above much-mentioned country. A poor, frail soul approached me for a dollar. If I had not parted with that solitary greenback...

I digress, because I want to. When reports last came in, Afghanistan had the dubious distinction of topping the Gini (no, Microsoft Word does not recognise this term) coefficient index. I, for one, would rather place the place that flies the Star-Spangled Banner (emphasis yours) so proudly, right on top of this list.

New York, New York? Remember, the Big Apple is where singers with deep baritones used to light a cigar with a $100 bill? Maybe they should not have done that. Maybe I am striking the wrong note.

But I know for sure that I am not wrong. I rarely go off-key.    

Mr Obama, we hope you reading this. I really want you to. Because WE can.  
Is there anything else left to say?



Shadi Katyal

6 years ago

What is he trying to tell as the article does not make any sense.
while living in USA, is he trying to judge this new home of his with his own values?
What is he comparing or showing his inabuility to adjust here.?
Where are the lines of people to get visa outside USA embassy or ever seen any outside Indian embassy.
The only lines are of those unhappy with delays of Visa issuance though some of the Consulate has outsourced that function .
The present Economic conditions and employment position might be very poor yet nation moves on and has enough credit in the world that can borrow Trillions and yet in 1990 we had to ship our gold.
We might not forget that USA is till thousands of time ahead of India in technology and innovations and that is why stand on her embassy door to get entry visa.
Has the writer seen articles on difficulties to get Indian Visa even for NRI?

R Balakrishnan

6 years ago

Yes, Devi. We welcome the americanos to work here. But let them come here and behave like colleagues. Unfortunately, in my industry, I have seen the white man get a status far beyond his capabilities and intellect. And the Indian owner keeps on pampering the ba*^$%#


p y k

In Reply to R Balakrishnan 6 years ago

i agree with you.same with industrial products..i have been selling for last many years, even if a worker or lower catagory white person is visiting indian customer, we cud get appointment with g m which is generally difficult otherwise.and evrything is then open "transperant" told to the foreigner as compared to the indian who is more competent and deserving !! it is the magic of skin colour, of course not every white person is "export quality seconds " catagory.


6 years ago

something somewhere...



In Reply to Johnny 6 years ago

what u mean???...


In Reply to Joseph 6 years ago

Something wrong in ur understanding?


In Reply to Joseph 6 years ago

Which language r u talking in?


6 years ago

Perhaps by mistake the author of this letter has despatched this letter to Moneylife instead of Obama. It is a model letter on how to write a vague letter.

nagesh kini

6 years ago

uncle sam in deep it's time our desis who are second class anyway trace their way back to motherland with their abcds it will be reverse brain drain.
east or west home is best!

p y k

6 years ago

i dont get....have seen "art" movies, husain and look alike paintings....but the article just makes as much sense as the hindi movie " action replay" . i am scratching my head what it is all about??? a haiku or new genaRATION literature??pls help

julius frederick

6 years ago

Stupid article. Whats your grouse? Raw deal in the US of A? Grow up.

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