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Automated Paydays India: Work from home business, is it real or a scam?

Moneylife Digital Team | 30/04/2013 06:59 PM | 

The site claims one can earn Rs15,000 a day by just posting links and that it has Yahoo, Google, Bing etc, as its top partners

In the past we have seen Speak Asia Online, the multi-level marketing (MLM), company spreading its wings under the pretext of online surveys. In the same way another online company—Automated Paydays India ( claims one can earn Rs15,000 per day by just posting website links. On visiting the site the company claims to be advertised on Sun TV, CNN-IBN, Times Now etc. The company also mentions that it has partnered with Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It mentions that over 3,000 people all over India have joined. There is an American version of the site as well. The claim is that one can make money by posting links from home.

There have been many complaints online that apart from the joining fee it tries to sell different products which are supposed to ‘enhance’ your “work from home” business. One should not fall for its refund guarantee. There have been several instances as well where people have filed for refunds but have not yet received it.

After entering a few details to check if you are eligible, you are taken to another page which is a “Special Report” by one of its top home consultants. Here is what the page mentions on how one can make money,

“Put it this way: To post one link takes between 3 to 4 minutes. To be conservative, let's say it takes 4 minutes. Well, if you post one link every 4 minutes, and you do that for 60 minutes, that amounts to 15 links in just 60 minutes. And the average amount you make per link posted is Rs1,500.*

Let's do the math: 15 links for Rs.1,500 each equals Rs22,500. That's you earning Rs22,500 for 60 minutes of work! If you do this five days a week, you can make Rs1,12,500 a week... Rs4.5 lakh a month... and Rs58.5 lakh a year!* And that's just 1 hour a day, I do at least 3 hours per day Monday to Friday keeping the weekends to myself."

Towards the end of the “Special Report” it puts an earnings disclaimer mentioning that, “Even though this industry is one of the few where one can create their own earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials”

One can enroll by paying $19.97 (supposed to be a special discounted rate from $90). The payment goes to a company—ClickSure, which is based in Mauritius. Where is Automated Paydays based? Well, we are not really sure but in their terms and conditions document they mention that correspondence can be made to iNet Cubed in the United Kingdom.

The website has been running since October last year. Nearly 40% of the visitors to the site are from India.

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Parikshit Bhagat

Parikshit Bhagat 1 year ago

Without pay anything from your pocket.
Just spend 15-20 minutes on Internet, just like surfing Facebook, Yutube, Gmail e.t.c. Every body can do it through Mobile, Laptop, PC. Easy & simple Task. no huge typing work no Copy Paste Jobs.
All videos available for how to joined, how to work e.t.c.
you can easily earned 3$ daily with spend only 15 minutes on Internet.

Click or Copy past link on address bar to Joined :
in document put your correct ID no like adhar, voter, pan card
Any problem pls ask :
*please joined only through this link because it will help you also in future

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Alok Sharma

Alok Sharma 1 year ago

I have no money because I have lost 4 lakhs in Speak Asia and I am in debt. I want to get rid of my debts, so if possible for you please help me, you may come to my home to see truth, I am not god who can prove my problems. I have 2 daughters and I am feeling to much upset I cannot describe in words.

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SUNAINA 1 year ago

how can we do this work????kindly send me the complete information about this on my mail id

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how can do pls give me some information in my email

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dharmendra kumar

dharmendra kumar 2 years ago

how can do pls give me some information in my email

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