At least 100 children among 131 dead in terror attack on Peshawar school

Taliban terrorists killed atleast 100 children in horrific attack on an Army run school in Peshawar.


The Pakistani Taliban, also known as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), today attacked a Pakistan Army-run school in Peshawar, and killed at least 100 children among 131 total casualties, in retaliation for the Pakistan Army's operation 'Zarb-e-azb'. The attack, which began at mid-day, targetted school children and the Taliban had officially claimed responsibility for the attack.


At the time of the attack, around 500 students and children were said to be inside the school. An estimated five to six terrorists reportedly started firing inside classrooms and took over parts of the building. The terrorists were said to be wearing suicide vests.


TTP spokesman Muhammad Khorasani was quoted by the media as saying, “They include target killers and suicide attackers. They have been ordered to shoot the older students but not the children.”


“It's a revenge attack for the army offensive in North Waziristan," reported Reuters, quoting a TTP spokesperson.


As PM Nawaz Sharif and Pakistani Army Chief rushed to Peshawar, condemnation and condolences also poured in from around the world. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, “This dastardly & inhuman attack exposes the real face of terrorism. My heart goes out to the families of those children who got killed by the terrorists in Peshawar." PM Modi also expressed condolences after his election rally in Jammu and Kashmir.


Official word on whether the attack had been neutralised was not forthcoming in the 6th hour of the attack.




3 years ago

This is unlikely to bring Pakistan's flirtation with Islam to an end. If anything it may cement relations further between the two violent school children massacring states of the US and Islam. the rest of the world including the UK, India and the NATO nation will continue their macabre dance with this "religion of peace": Islam's greatest achievement is the eradication of human conscience.

India ranks 3rd in black money outflow report from GFI

$94 billion in black money moved out of India in the year 2012 alone, while China tops the chart of illicit money outflows


Global Financial Integrity's (GFI) latest report on black money outflows from developing and emerging economies, for the year 2012, placed India at 3rd place in a list headed by China.


The report also said that between 2003 and 2012, the total black money outflow from India was a whopping $439 billion.


Over the 10 year period covered by GFI, India was placed an overall 4th in the rankings, however, its rank at 3rd place was for the year 2012. GFI said that black money or 'Illicit Financial Flows', which is the umbrella term for such money, had cost emerging economies a record $991.2 billion in 2012.


The report also stated that $6.6 trillion was lost by the developing world between 2003 and 2012. “As this report demonstrates, illicit financial flows are the most damaging economic problem plaguing the world’s developing and emerging economies,” GFI President Raymond Baker said.


He added that, “Most troubling, however, is the fact that these outflows are growing at an alarming rate of 9.4% per year—twice as fast as global GDP.”


In the year 2012, the BRICS countries were fully represented in the top 10 illicit money exporters. Over the 10-year period, South Africa slipped below the top ten, but the rest stayed firmly in the top 10.


Black money featured heavily in the Lok Sabha election this year, but next to nothing seems to have come in the way of stern action against such wealth. The GFI president expressed hope that a global concerted effort may help address the problem better and help drive the world towards the otherwise unachievable UN Development Goals.


GST may finally be tabled in Parliament this session

After being stuck since 2005, the Centre and States seem to be inching towards a consensus to make GST a reality


The much awaited Goods and Services Tax (GST) may finally become a reality with the Finance Ministry reportedly aiming at tabling the GST law during this session of Parliament. In what is a major move ahead, the GST had long been stuck because of disagreements between the Centre and States on matters of revenue sharing and items to be brought under GST.


"The matter (GST) was discussed elaborately. The discussions are moving in a positive direction," Empowered Committee Chairman Abdul Rahim Rather said after the meeting of the Finance Ministry with the State Finance Ministers yesterday.


Reports suggested that the negotiations between the Centre and the States had finally hit a breakthrough on Monday. The Centre reportedly made two main concessions for the negotiations to have moved ahead, one was to keep petroleum products outside the ambit of the GST and the other being that the Centre would guarantee zero revenue loss to States after GST is implemented.


Once implemented, GST will include what is currently taxed under excise duty, service tax as well as state and local taxes.


The Finance Ministry is reported to be looking to table the law, which will need a constitutional amendment, in the current session of Parliament itself.


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