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Asaram Bapu says Delhi girl also responsible for rape!

According to Asaram Bapu, the 23-year old victim in the Delhi gang-rape case could have called the cuplrits as brothers and begged before them to stop!

Self-proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu has stirred a major controversy by saying that 23-old girl, victim of the brutal sexual assault last month, is also responsible for the rape.


According to media reports, the godman has been quoted as saying, “Can one hand clap? I don't think so. Only five or six people are not the culprits. The victim daughter is as guilty as her rapists... She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop... This could have saved her dignity and life.”


Asaram's remarks on the gangrape of the 23-year-old girl sparked condemnation across the political spectrum and from women's bodies today with the BJP saying it was "regrettable, deeply disturbing and painful".

Addressing his followers recently, Asaram said that when the girl encountered six drunk men "she should have taken God's name and could have held the hand of one of the men and said I consider you as my brother and should have said to the other two 'Brother I am helpless, you are my brother, my religious brother.'

She should have taken God's name and held their hands and feet...then the misconduct wouldn't have happened."

He also went on to say, "Galti ek taraf se nahi hoti hai (mistake is not committed from one side)." The girl was gangraped on the night of 16th December in a moving bus and died nearly a fortnight later at a Singapore hospital.

"The accused were drunk. If the girl had chanted hymns to Goddess Saraswati and to Guru Diksha then she wouldn't have entered the bus...," he added.

BJP spokesperson Ravishankar Prasad said Asaram is a religious guru and that the country looks upto him. "His statement is regrettable, deeply disturbing and painful," he said.

"For him to make the statement in relation to a crime which has shocked the conscience of the country is not only unfortunate but deeply regrettable," he added.

An aide to Asaram sought to downplay the controversy over the remarks. Neelam Dubey said the remarks were made at a religious discourse in Delhi in the context of how one should invoke God's name to avoid incidents like crimes against women. Some reports said the event was held in Rajasthan.

Dubey said Asaram was trying ta drive home the point that incidents like the gangrape of the girl could have been avoided by reciting mantras, by reciting names of Gods. "If she(victim) would have taken God's name or recited a mantra God inside her might have suggested her to how to avoid such crimes," she said, seeking to explain Asaram's remarks.

"He was giving that idea to his devotees. He was citing the gangrape incident to say one should use commonsense to avoid such incidents," she added.

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said religious leaders should give serious thought before they speak out.

Asaram also said that he is not in favour of harsher punishment for offenders in the rape case. He said, “We have often seen such laws are made to be utilised in wrong way... Dowry harassment law is the biggest example.”


Asaram’s remark comes at a time when the entire country is mourning the death of the 23-year-old girl who died in a Singapore hospital 13 days later after the heinous crime.


But Asaram Bapu has always been a controversial figure. There is an enquiry going on about the deaths of two boys at his Ahmedabad ashram, while last month a father of a 21-year-old student has lodged a police complaint accusing Asaram's Jabalpur ashram of deliberately withholding information about his missing son's whereabouts.


On 28th December, the Gujarat government extended by three months the term of Justice (retd) DK Trivedi Commission of Inquiry, which is probing the death of two boys at spiritual leader Asaram Bapu's ashram in Ahmedabad in 2008, reports PTI.


This is the sixth time the term has been extended.


The Commission was set up to probe the mysterious death of two children, whose bodies were found on the Sabarmati riverbed on 5 July 2008 after they went missing on 3rd July.


Dipesh Vaghela and Abhishek Vaghela, cousins, were studying at Ashram's Gurukul (residential school) at Motera. The mysterious deaths caused a considerable uproar, with parents levelling allegations of “black magic” against Asaram and his son Narayan Sai.


The CID is also conducting an investigation. Seven disciples of Asaram Bapu were arrested in the case, now they are on bail.


Asaram appeared before the Commission for deposition on 1st December after much dithering. He refuted the allegations and said it was a conspiracy to malign the Ashram and Hinduism. His son Narayan Sai also deposed, denying any knowledge of “black magic”.


Last month, Naresh Patel, said his son, Rishi, has been missing for over a month and was last seen at Asaram Bapu’s ashram in Jabalpur four months ago. The college student had taken diksha from Bapu last year and had been a frequent visitor to the ashram and ran errands for its manager.


Spectrum auction from 11th March; EGoM favours price cut for CDMA

The auction will start with the unsold spectrum in 1800 MHz band at a reserve price, 30% lower, compared the one in the previous round held in November

New Delhi: The second round of telecom spectrum auction is likely to be held on 11th March after the Cabinet decides on the reserve price, which may be reduced by up to 50%, for Code division multiple access (CDMA)-band radio waves, reports PTI.


An Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) headed by Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Monday finalised the schedule for auction of unsold GSM spectrum of the first round and 900 MHz spectrum together with 800 MHz band airwaves used for offering CDMA-based mobile services.


"All the auction for which announcement has been made today will be held in March 2013," Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal told reporters after the EGoM meeting.


Sources said meanwhile that the government has plans to start the auction from 11th March. The auction will start with the unsold spectrum in 1800 MHz band at a reserve price, 30% lower, compared the one in the previous round held in November.


"The auction for 1800 MHz band in four circles in which bids were not received in November 2012 will be put up for auction. The reserve price will be 30% lower than the reserve price that was fixed in November 2012 auction," Sibal said.


The EGoM, however, left it to the Cabinet to decide on cutting base price of CDMA spectrum by 30-50%. The previous reserve price -- 11 times high than the amount operators paid in 2008 -- did not receive any bids.


Sibal said the EGoM has decided to "conduct auction in the 800 MHz band in all circles since no bidder participated in that band in the November auction... We will take the recommendations to the Cabinet and it will decide on the reserve price."


RGESS mutual fund schemes: High costs could erode returns

For schemes that would invest in securities specified under RGESS, charging an expense ratio...

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