Around 74,000MW of power to be added in XI Plan

Earlier in its mid-term review, the Planning Commission had reduced power generation capacity addition target by over 20% to 62,374MW for the current plan period from the original 78,577MW

The government today said that the power generation capacity addition in the XI five-year plan, ending 2012, would be about 74,000MW, close to the original target of 78,577MW, reports PTI.

"With best efforts, we would add about 12,000MW-13,000MW power generation capacity over the likely addition of 62,000MW in the current five-year plan. This would be at 74,000MW near to the original target of electricity generation capacity of 78,577MW," power minister Sushil Kumar Shinde told reporters at a FICCI conference on energy efficiency.

Earlier in its mid-term review, the Planning Commission had reduced power generation capacity addition target by over 20% to 62,374MW for the current plan period from the original 78,577MW.

In the mid-term appraisal report, the Plan panel had stated: "It is anticipated that additional power generation capacity of 45,234MW can be commissioned during the remaining period of the XIth Plan, noting that 19,207MW capacity was added till 31 December 2009."

Mr Shinde further said, "I purposely took the power generation capacity addition target of 78,577MW in XIth Plan considering prime minister Manmohan Singh's announcement of 'power to all' by March 2012."

"I could have taken 50,000MW as the target. But we took the challenge and added over 22,000MW as on today during the first three years of the current five-year plan. I have two years in hand," he said.

During the Xth Plan, 21,080MW was added against the target of 41,000MW.

Addressing the conference, the minister also said, "The CDM executive board has approved our 'Bachat Lamp Yojana' under which incandescent bulbs are replaced by energy efficient CFLs at a cost of Rs15 only."

The CDM is an international organisation for approval of carbon credit projects under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The replacement of all incandescent bulbs in the country is expected to result in saving of 6,000MW of power.


HCC may emerge as lowest bidder for two Rajasthan atomic power projects

The company expects to achieve financial closure for one road project and the letter of intent for the nuclear power contract this month

Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) is expected to emerge as the lowest bidder in two of the contracts issued for nuclear power projects under the Rajasthan Atomic Power Project (RAPP) quota.

“We are the lowest bidder in five to six projects of the value of Rs4,500 crore. One of the latest projects in which we are likely to be the lowest bidder is the nuclear power project given under the RAPP quota for Units 7 and 8,” said Praveen Sood, group CFO, HCC. The letter of intent for this project is likely to be given within this month.

The contract, if awarded, would comprise developing a Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR) for Unit 7 and Unit 8 under the RAPP quota, each unit having an expected capacity of 700MW each. The investment in such projects is being quoted at around Rs8 crore per MW. Both these units are expected to start commercial operations by 2016.

In addition, the HCC Group, which also has a wide presence in the road sector, plans financial closures for one of the three road projects currently in its kitty. “We plan to achieve financial closure for one of the three road projects that we have, this month,” said Mr Sood. He refused to divulge any further details of the financial closure.

HCC had been awarded three National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) projects to develop three contiguous sections of approximately 256 km length between Bahrampore to Dalkhola on NH-34 in West Bengal on a build-operate-transfer basis. Financial closure for one of these three projects is expected to take place this month.


Proposed Navi Mumbai international airport lands in fresh trouble

In a letter dated 26th March, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) had notified the villagers that a public feedback meeting would be held to record their suggestions regarding the proposed project, but the villagers have boycotted the meet

Work on the Navi Mumbai International Airport has run into fresh trouble with villagers affected by the proposed project boycotting a crucial meeting with the authorities today.

"We believe that the conditions being put forth are not in our best interests," said Mahindra Patil, sarpanch of Pargaon, one of the affected villages where agricultural land is yet to be acquired by CIDCO.

The villagers met yesterday evening to discuss the matter among themselves, and thereafter, chose to boycott today's meeting. They have also handed over written petitions detailing the reasons behind their non co-operation to the authorities, including CIDCO, the district collector, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), and the tehsildar.

In a letter dated 26 March 2010, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) had notified the villagers that a public feedback meeting will be held on 5 May 2010. The main objective of the meeting was to get feedback from the villagers regarding the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report that was presented to them by the authorities in mid-March 2010.

The EIA report, put together by the Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE), IIT Bombay, runs into five volumes and contains reports that were prepared by specialised agencies commissioned to study various environmental aspects of the project. The EIA report notes in section 4.12 (Land Status & Settlement) of its first volume (Executive Summary) that out of the 2,054 hectares (ha) required for the project, 1,154ha is in City and Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (CIDCO)'s possession, 443ha of government land is being transferred to CIDCO, while the balance is private land that is still being acquired.

Confirming the same in his presentation on Wednesday, Jayant Kulkarni, general manager for SEZ, CIDCO additionally disclosed that of the 443ha of Government land, 188ha has already been transferred to CIDCO.

While CIDCO has been tight-lipped on any specific deadline for land acquisition, it is learnt that a special land acquisition officer (SLO), Nandakumar Koshti, is currently overseeing the land acquisition activities pertaining to the airport. While the SLO has not yet commented on the precise status of these land acquisitions, some in his office have confirmed that they are currently working on the matter.

According to information provided by the villagers, the last public declaration pertaining to land acquisition was published in local newspapers on 16 February 2010. This declaration has lead to more confusion and discontent among the villagers as the purpose of land acquisition in it has been changed to "Navi Mumbai Project" as opposed to the "International Airport" cited in an earlier declaration dated 10 January 2010.

Many locals strongly believe that portions of the land being acquired under the project will be used for other projects too. They said that they have tried to ascertain the reason for this sudden change in the declaration, and have not yet received any convincing answer.

They have also pointed out that a resettlement and rehabilitation (R&R) committee was to be formed with representation from each of the affected villages. This too has not yet materialised. 

In the meeting today, officials further informed that the EIA has been submitted to the Centre and environmental clearance is awaited.

Replying to queries, an official confirmed that a second phase of the hydro-geological survey conducted by the Groundwater Survey and Development Agency (GSDA), Water Supply and Sanitation Department, government of Maharashtra, is yet to be undertaken. The GSDA has recommended in the current EIA that a second phase be conducted since the present hydro-geological study collected and analysed only post-monsoon data. The second phase will include pre-monsoon data, among other things.

CIDCO reiterated in its presentation today that it expects to start work on the project this year and is aiming to complete the first phase of the project by 2013, at an estimated cost of Rs4,952 crore. However, if today's protests are indicative of things to come, the project is in for a tough ride, and it might be very difficult to stop it from running into additional time and cost overruns.



Ashok Todakar

7 years ago

Land is ready for sale in nandivali , panvel as per damand in acre. contact for joint venture development or personal development. mo 09270711693


7 years ago

Panvel Airport must come up so that Mumbai progress & jobs can be created. Whether we like it or not, Dirty Politicians will rob the public tax money in crores (one scandal after the other: like: Tainted Raju - Telecom, Croses robbed in minning scam, IPL scam, Asian Games Scam, stamp duty scam, infra construction scam, mns land grabing scam in mumbai for marathi ghati's etc...). Enough is enough,. The common Indian wants a life without corruption, without dadagiri, without being cheated & wants benefits from the government for their hard earned tax money being deducted. If we don't build an airport & use it, the next greedy politician will take it & we will continue to whine... Sad but true, this is the reality in India. People are fedup actually ...with corruption at every level in the country. From wardboys, policemen, govt officials, even to get a death certificate - they expect a BRIBE. Rahul G ... please take position on the center stage. Enough of being a bystander...


7 years ago

Delhi has also got their new Airport. How much more must mubaites wait for the new airport at Navi Mumbai. Enough is enough, all the greedy have made money since 2006. Now give something back to the people.

Please give the people their airport. Request people to join in a collective voice to ensure that the nation may move from words to reality of a New Navi Mumbai Airport.

Please continue the appeal & raise your voices... jai hind !

vilas yogeshwar gore

7 years ago

I want the details of the land acquired for the navimumbai airport in thane district because I am planing to purchase the land in nandivali village near hajimalang,so I WANT TO KNOW THAT IS THE LAND IS FREE.



In Reply to vilas yogeshwar gore 7 years ago

bhai sahib, you want the villagers to leave but you want new airport to come up so you can invest in land for your needs......i think you should pay the villagers first..from your pocket.. then we will decide what land you can invest in.....

Shadi Katyal

7 years ago

I wonder which NGO is behind this negative reply from the villagers.
when we talk of environment are we not living in a dream world.
Look around Mumbai or any big town and see the pulsation and garbage all over the streets. In Delhi even cows roam openly . How about thousand of those slum huts next to railway tracks who have no toilets all over India.
These poor people are being exploited in name of envoirnment.
Yes pay them proper property rates and see they are settled well.

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