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Anti-corruption crusade: Battle hots up between reality of hafta and the ‘experts’; Baba Ramdev joins protestors

It is easy to be swayed by the candle lights at Jantar Mantar or the patronizing attitude of the media. But the reality is that a large number of people are coming out to be counted and spotted on television, because they are simply tired of being hit by corruption at every step they take

South Indian Snack Centre (SISC) was a little hole in the wall behind the Jantar Mantar bus stop, when political demonstrations were held at the Boat Club Lawns, off Rajpath, till Mahendra Singh Tikait's followers changed the rules of the game as far as political rallies in Delhi is concerned, forever, 23 years ago. Political rallies had always held the city to ranson, trashing the pristine lawns off Rajpath was par for the course, but there were bigger issues-long satyagrahas could endanger the planning for the Republic Day Parade, winter afternoon siestas on the lawns were sacred for many who hung around in the Bhavans in those days, and most of all the music played at these functions was off-key and disliked by the swish set.

This evolved into the famous episode when Deep Purple, as well as other rock music was played more loudly as a response to the motivational songs played by the BKU Chaudhary. All political and other rallies, as well as protests, were subsequently banished to the faraway, sylvan area between Jantar Mantar and Ashoka Road, a very quiet and cosy part of town, with the traffic organised in such a way that it simply did not disturb any route, except those buses parked nearby, waiting to pick up passengers from Connaught Place and Central Secretariat, in the pre-Metro days.

With Kerala House next to it, Bible Bhavan behind it, assorted Socialist party offices in front, SISC could not but do well. About the best value for money in terms of basic southie veggie, it is now the second most popular place visited at the Anna Hazare "India against Corruption" protest, though you may not notice it on television. Its roof is used by television crew and photographers for top angle shots, and the repertoire served has been enhanced to include paneer dosa and capsicum utthapam, to augment the basic idli-dosa-vada-upma fare.

At a modest estimate the hafta paid to a variety of 'authorities' to continue business for a small stall like this would run into lakhs of rupees a month, and it is as simple as that. We can say what we want a few metres away, but the day we can stop corruption even a few metres away from this spot, is when it really starts showing results on the ground. Even the ragpickers present, for whom this is a bonanza as they go about picking up everything on the ground that has been thrown away or discarded, have never had it so good-even they have to pay a little something to be allowed to wander around inside.
And that is the simple truth from Jantar Mantar, where it is currently very easy to get swayed by the two main players present-the upbeat middle-class energy being best motivated to walk around with candles that are eventually placed on the ground; and the patronizing as well as supercilious attitude of the media, who are the heroes in a reality show situation, where everybody else besides them, in any sort of power scenario, is a villain. That is, other than the old man fasting on a platform and his group, who also are being pushed into corners by smarter and less tired adversaries, who have the power of the State behind them. Every time Arvind Kejriwal tries to get some rest, he is called to answer another bunch of questions, and then participate in intense strategy sessions before and after.

On Friday, yog guru Baba Ramdev joined the campaign, with a demand to hang the corrupt. Addressing the protestors he challenged the government, saying that if those running the system were clean, they should not hesitate to give capital punishment to those who are corrupt. He said the government was indifferent to the issue of corruption as the rulers were not affected by it. He also challenged the government on the constitution of the committee to work on the Lokpal Bill, saying it must ensure that the five representatives from the government side must be absolutely taint-free or else they would not be accepted.

Yes, the issue is simple and drills down to a simple point-corruption. How the corruption will go away is not important, since the people believe that all existing tools are as good as useless, so anything else new would be better. So up comes the Lokpal Bill, now part of a trendy song, also. That this momentum is because people want a Lokpal Bill in a particular format is something easy to believe in, if all we do is sit and watch the talking heads go into gabfest mode on television. The reality on the ground is that a large number of people are coming out to be counted and spotted on television, because they are simply tired of being hit by corruption at every step they take, or a drive they make. Large corruption cases like the 2G scam, the CWG scam and other multi-thousand crore scams merge seamlessly into the smaller 5-and-10 rupee corruption scams going on everywhere. All will vanish thanks to the Lokpal Bill.

But if the Lokpal Bill is diluted so it does not work, then what?

That the politicians and public servants are easily identifiable and perceived reasons for this anti-people step is clear, if and when it happens. However, this will be taking a very simple view of the larger intelligence that the people on the ground possess, and this is where the electronic media has lost touch. Nobody is forgetting the Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi episodes, for example. Incidentally, neither of these two worthies have come to Jantar Mantar as yet. As of now the television media is making the correct sounds as far as the crowds are concerned, by lending support to the movement. This, however, appears to be changing in ever so subtle ways, with the specialists and experts expressing views that are divergent from the popular sentiment.

On Day 4, the euphoria of possible "victory" may shift to stark realities, as Anna asks candle-holding marchers to start filling jails. And if this does not pan out the way it should, the villain in line will be the media. Especially the television media, whose 'experts' are being seen as pushing views that are divergent from what the people believe is the truth. This is the ground level observation in a movement that spans all sorts of ideologies from the Left to the Right and in between. Which makes it more dangerous, as this group will look for the next villain who killed their truths.
And their truth is simple. A vast number of laws have been used to push the public down, like the big pigs did on Animal Farm. Here is a chance for a single law for the masses, to try and equalize things against the big pigs in our society; but if this does not happen, the guilty will have to be found. And that, if you look carefully through the history of mass movements of this sort, often means the Fifth Estate.

Meanwhile, what is not lost on many in the crowd is that the price of energy is shooting up, the availability of water is going down, and the environment is getting increasingly polluted. It is therefore, also felt that a reduction in corruption could somehow ease things there, too. And if a Lokpal Bill is not introduced the way Anna Hazare wants it, then the politicians and their henchmen/women will, once again, be responsible for this. And that this was caused by the media, who are perceived and currently strutting around at Jantar Mantar, pretending to be the solution providers and opinion makers, rather than the mirrors.




6 years ago

Mr.Malik, your witticism sound nice -when they are about autos. But when it comes to mass movements, you are clearly out of your depth!! Well heeled people like you are least affected by corruption, so you would prefer to continue doing lip-service to the "necessary evil" of corruption. But here is a man who thinks that mere drawing room talk is not going to remove this evil. I support him, and hope sceptics like you will turn around sooner than later.



In Reply to B V KRISHNAN 6 years ago

Thank you for writing in. I don't think I have ever said that corruption is a neccessary evil - I have just pointed out that it happens to be there- and growing, like pornography, if you must use a comparision. And I on a personal level have been associated with Anna Hazare's movement forover a decade now- and would not have lasted so long if I did not believe in what he is trying to achieve. Whether he and his people achieve it or not is another thing - there also I have seen some truths - like people dying mysterious deaths at inopportune timelines. Such is reality. And writing therefore is the only truth left, of what I see. Witticisms are part of the larger picture. And I don't think I am a sceptic on one count - for every additional person like you who has a fire, there will be more energy. Truly, thank you for writing in - now let us all go out and help us make India a better country!!

SC for day-to-day trial without adjournment in the 2G spectrum case

Turning down the Centre's plea seeking one week's time to come out with an alternate name, a bench of justices GS Singhvi and AK Ganguly said it will pass a formal order on the appointment of Mr Lalit on 11th April

New Delhi: Brushing aside the Centre's objections, the Supreme Court on Friday said it would pass an order for the appointment of senior advocate UU Lalit as special public prosecutor for holding the trial of former telecom minister A Raja and others in the second generation (2G) spectrum allocation case on a day-to-day basis without any adjournments, reports PTI.

Turning down the Centre's plea seeking one week's time to come out with an alternate name, a bench of justices GS Singhvi and AK Ganguly said it will pass a formal order on the appointment of Mr Lalit on 11th April.

"We intend to pass an order directing the government to come out with a notification on the appointment of Mr Lalit as special public prosecutor. He will also have the choice to suggest the names of other prosecutors to assist him in the case," the bench said.

The Centre, however, continued to raise objection and Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Indira Jaising, said that court should also record her statement on the government's reservation on the name of Mr Lalit.

"I do not want to be seen as consenting to the Supreme Court order," she said when the bench refused to grant more time as sought by the government which pleaded for adjournment of the case.

Senior advocate KK Venugopal, who has been appearing on behalf of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), India's premier investigating agency, and the ED (Enforcement Directorate), did not find support from another ASG Haren Rawal, also appearing for the ED, who said "it was not the suggestion of ED" but the personal opinion of Mr Venugopal.

Mr Venugopal, however, insisted on the name of Mr Lalit saying "he is a person of integrity, wholly independent and well versed in criminal law".

The court after hearing the arguments fixed 11th April for passing order as the special court, exclusively set up for holding the 2G scam trial, is to conduct further proceeding on 13th April.

"We would make it clear in our order that the special court would hold trial on day-to-day basis and no adjournment on any basis would be allowed," the bench said adding that no court shall entertain any petition or application in the case and any thing relating to the case has to be filed in the Supreme Court.

The bench also directed the CBI and the ED to brief it about their second stage of probe into the scam after the CBI filed its first charge-sheet in the case on 2nd April in the special court.

Mr Venugopal said that the second charge-sheet regarding bribery angle in the scam will be filed before 24th April.

He said after the filing of the charge-sheets, the role of the apex court in monitoring the case will come to an end.

Earlier, the Centre had objected to the appointment of Mr Lalit as SPP saying he did not meet the eligibility criteria for the task.

The Centre raised technical objections to Mr Lalit's appointment saying that he should have worked under the state or the Union government for at least seven years to be eligible as the case has been filed under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

Mr Venugopal, appearing for the CBI, had submitted that Mr Lalit had been in the lawyer's panel for the Maharashtra government and the Centre for 15 years and five years respectively and he fulfils the criteria.

But Attorney General GE Vahanvati had submitted that being in the panel is not sufficient and one should be the government's standing counsel for seven years.

The court had said that the Act does not mention the word "standing counsel" and the objection raised was highly technical which should be given "reasonable" interpretation.

Mr Vahanvati had said there were some apprehensions that Lalit's appointment as the SPP could be challenged at any stage and it may derail the entire prosecution of the case.

The CBI has registered cases against Mr Raja and others under various provisions of the Indian Penal Code, the Prevention of Corruption Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

The agency had on 1st April informed the apex court that Mr Lalit will be appointed as SPP for assisting the special court, set up for the exclusive trial of the 2G spectrum case.

Maintaining that in the given circumstances, Mr Lalit was the best choice as CBI's special public prosecutor, Mr Venugopal had pointed out that he had a vast experience in various criminal laws.

The agency in its first charge-sheet alleged that Mr Raja, former telecom secretary Siddharth Behura, Mr Raja's personal secretary RK Chandolia, Shahid Usman Balwa and Sanjay Chandra entered into a conspiracy for manipulating the procedure for allocation of spectrum with the aim of favouring companies like Swan Telecom and Unitech Group.

Others named in the charge sheet include Vinod Goenka, a director of Mumbai-based DB Realty, which was also the promoter of Etisalat DB, Sanjay Chandra, managing director of Gurgaon-based real estate company Unitech and Unitech Wireless (Tamil Nadu) Pvt Ltd and Gautam Doshi, Hari Nair and Surendra Pipara, group managing director and two senior vice presidents of Mumbai-based Reliance Telecom Company.


SEBI bars directors of four companies and Dharnendra Overseas from markets for failing to resolve investor grievances

The market regulator said its restrictions would remain in force till Aashi Industries, Dharnendra Overseas, AEC Enterprises, Solid Carbide Tools and Dharnendra Industries resolve all pending investor grievances

The market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has barred directors of four companies and Dharnendra Overseas Ltd from the markets for failing to address investor grievances. In an order dated 7th April, the market regulator said its restrictions would remain in force till the companies resolve all pending investor grievances.

SEBI has barred Aashi Industries' directors Dhaval A Jhaveri, Seema D Jhaveri and Dilipkumar Puri, AEC Enterprises' directors RD Apte, Sanjeev R Apte, Vikram V Desai, GP Sharma and Dinesh Sharma, Dharnendra Industries' directors Dharnendra B Gandhi, Navinchandra B Gandhi, Bhupendra B Gandhi and Bharat P Delvala, Solid Carbide Tools' directors Mukesh M Kothari, Narendra C Joshi and Dilip Suresh Shah. It also barred Dharnendra Overseas from buying, selling or otherwise dealing in the markets until all the pending investor grievances are resolved.

The market regulator said, as on 24 September 2008, it found 61 investor grievances pending by Solid Carbide Tools. All reminders and letters sent by SEBI to the company were returned undelivered. On 23 January 2009, the market regulator put up a public notice of its web site for Solid Carbide Tools, but it did not receive any response from the company.

SEBI later sent notices to Solid Carbide Tools' directors Mukesh M Kothari, Narendra C Joshi and Dilip Suresh Shah. Only Dilip Shah acknowledged the show-cause notice. However, he too failed to respond to the notice. When SEBI published a public notice in some local newspapers, Narendra Joshi sent a letter on 27 July 2010 in which he stated that he was never attached to the company in any manner and was not in a position to give any information regarding Solid Carbide Tools. However, SEBI said, Mr Joshi had signed as a director of the company in the annual report for 1999-2000 that was sent to the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra, under its seal.

In the order, Dr KM Abraham, whole-time member, SEBI, said, "Sufficient opportunities have been provided to the company to redress the pending investor grievances listed by SEBI, since September 2008. However, it failed to respond. No action taken report was submitted by the company to SEBI, as advised. The protection of investors in the securities market is one of the paramount duties of SEBI and the present case involves a listed company that not only failed to redress investors' grievances, but also failed to respond to the letters/show-cause notice issued by SEBI. In such circumstances, permitting the company and its directors to access or deal in the securities market would be against the interests of the investors."

Similarly, SEBI found 122 investor complaints pending as on 2 September 2010 against Ahmedabad-based Dharnendra Overseas, 61 complaints pending as on 24 September 2008 against Madhya Pradesh-based AEC Enterprises, 416 investor grievances pending as on 25 September 2008 against Gujarat-based Aashi Industries and 101 complaints unresolved as on 24 September 2008 against Dharnendra Industries.

In the matter of AEC Enterprises, SEBI said, V Saminathan and Navneet Kampani, two of directors, have resigned from the company board in 1999 and the proceedings against them were disposed off without any directions.



suresh saraf

6 years ago

what is the current possition of ojas technochem


6 years ago

What exactly is the case against these comapnies

suresh saraf

6 years ago

how many complaints are pending ojas technochem please tell me

Dr Avtar Singh

6 years ago

Just barring from markets, is not enough. These Dharnendra Gandhi and co. had promoted Dharnendra ind, Dharnendra Agro and we had invested heavily. What has happened to the companies no body knows. We havelost heavily. They are criminals and should be punished as per law.

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