Aadhaar is a disaster, says Dr Swamy
Dr Subramanian Swamy reiterated his view that the Aadhaar numbering scheme, which is based on existing data and the software prepared by foreign companies should be scrapped
Dr Subramanian Swamy has called for scrapping the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) promoted Aadhaar numbering scheme terming it a 'disaster'.
In response to a question during a seminar organised by Moneylife Foundation in Mumbai, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, said, "Aadhaar is a disaster. It is based on existing data systems. Software is prepared by foreign companies. Aadhaar should be scrapped. Sooner or later, it is bound to happen.”  
Dr Swamy was asked why the BJP government was going ahead with Aadhaar and seemed to be finding back-door ways to make it mandatory, when there was a stay order by the Supreme Court and there were several serious problems with biometrics based identification. 
Dr Swamy explained how he had spoken against Aadhaar, while campaigning from BJP minister Ananth Kumar in the Bengaluru Sought constituency for the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.  Ananth Kumar’s main rival was Nandan Nilekani, the former chief of UIDAI and Congress candidate. Nilekani, a software billionaire and former head of Infosys Ltd was considered a tough candidate and it was expected that the many benefits promised by Aadhaar would work to his advantage. 
“Nilekani was contesting for the Lok Sabha election from Bengaluru and our party candidate Ananth Kumar gave me a panic call and asked me, if I would campaign for him. He said Nilekani was propagating Aadhaar and he (Kumar) did not know the technical details to demolish it. I studied it and then went for the campaigning. I gave two-three speeches, which went very well and also against Nilekani, who lost the seat,” he said.
“But then I found when the new government came in, they decided to renovate or bring it (Aadhaar) in new form. So I asked, Ananth Kumar, who had become a minister, that you made me to come and argue (against Aadhaar). Now with what face I will go and tell people that I do not know what is going on? He said, I also don’t know what is going on. So if the minister doesn’t know what’s going on then don’t blame me if I don’t know what is going on,” said Dr Swamy with a laugh. “But I certainly think that Aadhaar is a disaster,” he added.
Dr Swamy’s speeches had drawn attention to the flaws in the biometric identification scheme, which is opposed by privacy groups and on the grounds of efficacy of its identification. Dr Swamy is the first leader of the BJP to have the courage to speak his mind and stick to his stand on this issue, despite the political cost that would probably be involved. 
A study conducted by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, judged the Aadhaar scheme “the most useless” and the Standing Committee of Parliament on Finance too had echoed the same view, Dr Swamy had said. He had also said, during his campaign speeches that Nilekani ought to be prosecuted under Section 13 (1) (G)/3 of the Prevention of the Corruption Act for squandering of resources on the Aadhaar scheme.
Hearing public interest litigations (PILs), the Supreme Court, had repeatedly directed the government not to make Aadhaar number mandatory to provide social benefit to citizens. In the hearing on 16 March 2015, the Bench of Justices J Chelameswar, SA Bobde and C Nagappan also expressing dissatisfaction at defiance of Court's repeated orders by the central and state governments.




1 year ago

Really admire the foresight and brilliance of Dr. Swamy. Only few people understand the greatness of this gem.

vivek monteiro

1 year ago

Why does moneylife keep giving so much coverage to Mr. Subramaniam Swamy ? Are there not more credible persons on the subjects under discussion- like Black money, or Aadhar ?

Why is Moneylife devaluing its own credibility by citing and promoting discredited politicians like Mr. Subramaniam Swamy ?


1 year ago

We do need a good identification card that is difficult to manipulate. If AADHAAR is bad, the errors should be flagged and rectifications carried out. To a layman who has seen Voter ID cards, Ration Cards, Driving Licences, this seems to be the most sophisticated one as finger prints and the retina too are scanned and are verifiable.


1 year ago

It is amusing to say the least that Subramanian Swamy is commenting about a project that he has apparently 'studied'!!! I for one would be very much interested to know exactly what has he 'studied' of the project and its implementation. And if his creative genius as a better manner in which the Identity of an individual can be established, it would be even more welcome to hear it out!! Surely the genius that he is, he must have already thought of a great solution to all the billions of rupees that are accounted for in the subsidies!! A champion that he is for Nationalist causes, Subramanian Swamy can even publish a white paper on his analysis of the project and its purported defects for the technical community to analyse and respond. Wonder why he doesn't seem to be interested in bringing this out?! Unfortunately, mediocrity is admired and celebrated in our country and this article is just another evidence! If he has studied Biometrics and its aspects, understood the algorithms that are being employed in the project and the security features that it embeds, I wonder just how he'd have been able to rant. He is adept at beating around the bush, and his response only shows his disinclination for pursuit of knowledge let alone admit to his wonderful lack of the same!



In Reply to Praveen 1 year ago

you have put it very simple language. Why SS stopped at Ananth Kumar he should have got his doubts clarified from NaMo because NaMo has taken the seat with single aim to remove any thing remotely connected with Congress. Still NaMo has been convinced by Nilakeni the benefits of Aadhaar, definitely there must be some major good in Aadhaar.


1 year ago

Dr Swamy is paranoid and is quite infamous for spreading disinformation . He should know the difference between the software provided by world class and the software provided by " foreign companies" . AAdhar is a world class project pioneered by world class companies , in which no single company has the KEYS to alter anything . It is the single biggest initiative to reduce the drain on the perpetual drain on the exchequer . Nandan should be honoured for his work that he did pro bono , rather than he be cast in a prison . Nandan never asked for the job . He was asked to get the job done by two successive governments . It is a tribute to PM Modi that he rose above politics and saw the merits in the AAdhar scheme. So what if he lost the elections . Has Dr Swamy ever won any ?


1 year ago

at present nearly most people have aadhaar card.particularly people living permanently in other states and other areas ,because of compulsion for gas subsidy. (eventhough the court order is different ).In future without compulsion voter's ID may be replaced for new applicants for above eighteen years. If we do like this after ten or fifteen years all have aadhaar card.precautions must be taken to maintain( as per Mr. swamy's discussion on )
secracy of our citizen.

Suketu Shah

2 years ago

Dr Swamy is dead right.However one must keep in mind Aadhar was started by Congress 4 yrs ago and by the time BJP came into power Aadhar was fully implemented already.


Sandeep Khurana

In Reply to Suketu Shah 2 years ago

Aadhar is not approved by parliament and SC has also objected to it and passed directions to govt to not make it compulsory for any service. BJP is under no compulsion to continue Congress wrongs. BJP knows it well but after PM Modi invited Nilekani, he had a change of heart, and adopted Congress's brainchild, perpetuating coercion on hapless citizens, coercing them to join scheme and to expand it further from where cong left. Aadhar gives extra power to the state at the cost of citizens and no wonder once in power BJP has had a change of heart. BJP Cong r in same boat and Dr Swamy could not have been more blunt holding his own minister to the U-turn.

MG Warrier

In Reply to Sandeep Khurana 2 years ago

Aadhaar like New(National) Pension System came in without any legal backing, hanged around with support from certain vested interests and now, are being supported by government. A Government which dared to dismantle Planning Commission should have reviewed the approach to Aadhaar and NPS.

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