A small reversal may be on the cards from 5,050: Thursday Closing Report

Over the short-term the Nifty may move in the range of 5,050 and 4,920

A good set of earnings reports and supportive global cues helped the market close higher today. If the index maintains itself above today’s high, we may see it reaching the level of 5,050. However, if the benchmark breaks today’s low, the first support is at 4,910. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) saw volume of 72.32 crore shares which is lower than yesterday’s.  

The market opened firm tracking good quarterly results posted by Indian companies and news that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) plans to expand its lending resources to help nations counter the slowdown emanating from the Eurozone debt crisis. The sentiments were also supported by the Asian bourses, which were trading with good gains in morning trade.

The Nifty opened at 4,995, up 39 points, and the Sensex added 123 points to its previous tally to resume trade at 16,574. The Sensex hit its intraday high of 16,662 in early trade itself, while the Nifty touched its mid-session high in late trade with the index at 5,024.

Quarterly earnings reports from Bajaj Auto and HDFC Bank, which were in line with market expectations, kept the momentum going in subsequent trade. The indices continued to remain firm in the second half of the day boosted by a firm opening of the key European markets.

Gains continued to accrue on brisk institutional buying in realty, metal, power and banking stocks in late trade. The market settled off the highs of the day, but saw the indices crossing their psychological levels. At the close, the Nifty gained 63 points at 5,018 and the Sensex jumped 192 points to finish at 16,644.

The advance-decline ratio on the NSE was 1201:572    .

Among the broader indices, the BSE Mid-cap index climbed 1.43% and the BSE Small-cap index advanced 1.24%.

The top sectoral gainers were BSE Realty (up 3.54%); BSE Metal (up 2.81%); BSE Power (up 2.43%); BSE Bankex (up 1.85%) and BSE PSU (up 1.51%). However, BSE IT (down 0.32%); BSE TECk (down 0.29%) and BSE Fast Moving Consumer Goods (down 0.02%) settled lower.

Sterlite Industries (up 6.77%); Tata Power (up 6.08%); Hindalco Industries (up 5.06%); DLF (up 4.62%) and NTPC (up 4.19%) were the top advancing stocks on the Sensex. BHEL (down 2.71%); Mahindra & Mahindra (down 1.68%); Bharti Airtel (down 0.83%); Infosys (down0.71%) and ITC (down 0.24%) were at the bottom of the index.

The top five stocks on the Nifty were Reliance Infrastructure (up 10.46%); Tata Power (up 6.54%); Sterlite Ind (up 6.30%); Jaiprakash Associates (up 6.06%) and NTPC (up 4.86%). The major losers were BHEL (down 2.69%); M&M (down 1.47%); Bharti Airtel (down 1.33%); Siemens (down 0.89%) and Infosys (down 0.84%).

Markets in Asia settled in the green on news that the IMF’s move to expand its lending resources would help nations deal with slowdown attributed to the European crisis. Financial stocks across the region clocked good gains following news that China is likely to allow banks to increase lending in the first quarter in a bid to boost growth.

The Shanghai Composite surged 1.31%; the Hang Seng climbed 1.30%; the Jakarta Composite rose 0.58%: the Nikkei 225 advanced 1.05%; the Straits Times rose 0.57% and the Seoul Composite settled 1.19% higher. Bucking the trend, the KLSE Composite shed 0.04% today. The Taiwanese market was closed for trade today. At the time of writing, the key indices in Europe were trading in the positive and US stock futures were flat.

Back home, foreign institutional investors were net buyers of equities amounting to Rs875.85 crore on Wednesday. On the other hand, domestic institutional investors were net sellers of shares totalling Rs590.27 crore.

Technology firm Take Solutions today released its web-based solution suite ‘PharmaReady 5.0’ for use by life science organisations for faster regulatory approvals of their new products. The product has a record of 100% submission acceptance by the regulatory authorities, the company claimed. The stock declined 4.08% to close at Rs24.70 on the NSE.

Satyam Computer Services, now Mahindra Satyam, on Wednesday said a US court has dismissed a lawsuit filed against the company by Upaid following the settlement between the two. The settlement included taxes, compliance costs, attorney’s fees and expenses and the settlement is exclusively for and on behalf of the company. Satyam rose 0.91% to Rs72.10 on the NSE today.

Somany Ceramics is eyeing the US, UK and European markets for exports. The company, which already exports its products to East and West African countries and the Middle East, is looking at new markets overseas. The scrip jumped 7.40% to Rs39.20 on the NSE.


Swarna Labh: Another collapsed MLM

The MLM company lured investors from several states by promising unusual high income on investing or buying gold products and further enrolling more people

Following the crack down on various multi-level marketing (MLM) companies in Rajasthan, another case Swarna Labh Tradelink has come to light. The MLM company had allegedly duped a number of investors not just from Rajasthan but also from other states like Orissa, Punjab and Maharashtra.
The company, selling gold jewellery, promised income on investing or buying its gold product and further enrolling more people in it. Initially it paid the promised amount. However later the cheques issued by Swarna Labh started bouncing.

One of the investor who is expecting more than Rs2.75 lakh from the company told Moneylife that, “Swarna Labh Tradelink has fraudulently collected multi crore rupees from Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. They have issued cheques, most of which have bounced. They are not even responding to our calls.”

Swarna Labh came under the scrutiny of Jaipur police, while investigating another ponzi scheme, Gold Sukh. According to a news report, while investigating the multi crore Gold Sukh scam, Rajasthan police raided the offices of other MLM companies including Swarna Labh which had business model similar to Gold Sukh, even as there were no formal complaints filed against them.
In November last year, Gold Sukh hit headlines after it allegedly duped 1.75 lakh investors for more than Rs300 crore. Gold Sukh promised returns 27 times than the investment in just 15 months and was able to lure many politicians, police officers and businessmen. The Jaipur police are probing the scheme and had also issued a Red Corner Notice, through Interpol, against directors of Gold Sukh, who are absconding.

Meanwhile there few other complaints posted on the discussion forums on the Internet. “I am also a member of Swarna Labh and this is a purely a fake company. I have invested my hard-earned money 2 years back and received only 4% of the invested money. I have done many follow up but they told me that now that plan has been scrapped and company doesn’t have fund. However they assured me that they will return my invested amount. Accordingly, he sent me a cheque of my invested money. But it bounced,” reads one such complaint posted on
Swarna Labh promised around 25% monthly income, 10-20% binary income, apart from income guaranteed on reference. Recently Moneylife reported that police from the Bhilwara district are investigating lot of MLM schemes offering investment and high returns on gold, while others are selling some kind of products.

Here is a list of 19 people whose cheques, issued by the company, bounced.




Vikas Gupta

5 years ago

Khudos to Rajasthan Govt. Please also look into other MLM Co.s like INSTANT FOREX who had vanished after galloping THousands of Crores of Rupees.


5 years ago

congratulations to rajasthan police

Chief Vs Mischief—A question of civil-military trust deficit

Whatever the outcome of the legal battle, it raises some pertinent questions. The way a minor issue like an error in his date of birth has been allowed to snowball, it appears a deliberate mischief against the army chief

Suddenly, the media is on fire calling general VK Singh’s petition in the Supreme Court ‘unprecedented in the history of independent India’as if it were also ‘awfully unlawful’for him to seek justice through a constitutionally defined legal recourse at the country’s most honourable Supreme Court. Some have hinted at his ‘greed to hang on for a few months more’ by getting his date of birth changed from 10 May 1950 to 10 May 1951. Of these two dates, the aggrieved general says, the former is wrong and the latter correct—a simple issue of an error that was settled long ago, at the time of his admission to the National Defence Academy. It is genuine ambition, not greed, in every promising youngster to climb to the top of his career—government services or private.  

Likewise for a youngster commissioned in the defence forces, there is no harm in his aspiring to reach the top. In fact, an earnest quest to excel isvery much needed and rightly fuelled in young officers everywhere for better overall accomplishments and evolution of future leadership. Once you reach the pinnacle of your ambition, your aspirations are largely fulfilled and a few months more or less in the chair do not matter. In general VK Singh’s case, he was fully entitled to be where he is today, irrespective of which of the two dates is taken as the basis of consideration for his promotion.Therefore, change or no change in the dates, his position remains unaffected. The question, however, is if there are two dates, which one is right and which one wrong? Only the right one must be kept, the ‘wrong’ must be removed from all records. Legally or ethically, is it ‘wrong’ to fight for what is ‘right’?

If ‘greed’ were his motive, the general had much more to gain from the post-retirement sinecures like a gubernatorial or ambassadorial appointments reportedly offered to him in bargain for letting the matter lie. That he could not be won over by such allurements only goes to prove that there is something more meets the eye in the vitiated atmosphere of civil-military trust deficit scenario between the ministry of defence (MoD) and the armed forces.

Whatever the outcome of the legal battle, it raises some pertinent questions. The way a minor issue like an error in his date of birth has been allowed to snowball, it appears a deliberate mischief against the army chief. The promotion process in respect of army officers is very comprehensively defined.  No ‘undertaking’ is ever taken from any officer at the time of his promotion. It appears weird that making a departure from its own established conventions the army headquarters proceeded to extract an ‘undertaking’ from VK Singh prior to granting him promotion. If there was an ambiguity about the correctness of the date in his records, a Court of Inquiry (C of I) should have been ordered to investigate what was wrong and the cause thereof. Why did the authorities hesitate to order a C of I? An obvious inference is that concerted efforts were in progress to suppress rather than reveal facts at that time. Two facts that the C of I could have revealed were:

1) that his correct date of birth is 10 May 1951 and not 1950; and

2) that the error was settled long ago, which rendered any document showing 1950 obsolete and irrelevant.

But rather than uncovering the truth, the authorities chose to impose their choice on an upcoming meritorious officer by way of extracting an ‘undertaking’ from him before clearing his promotion. If not blatant and outright blackmail, what will you call it?

Some more questions also prop up alongside. Who will be held responsible if the government loses the case? Will the government be magnanimous to treat general Singh honourably if he wins the case or will a witch-hunt be unleashed to fix him somehow? May be the government will go slow for now for two reasons—one, the case being currently sub-judice, the government will be wary of the Supreme Court staying its hostile move against the general; and two, any hasty action at a time when five states are going to assembly polls, which are viewed as a precursor to the general elections due in 2014, will be politically inopportune for the Congress. The adversity does, however, offer an opportunity, ironically though, to the government to rise above the narrow lanes of its maligned bureaucratic wheeling-dealing and accept with magnanimity whatever judgement the Supreme Court gives.

The verdict, even if against the government (as appears likely), can be used as an opportunity to show the world that ‘rule of law’ has indeed arrived in India and the government has the capacity not only to endure it but to nourish it at a time when public is crying hoarse for good governance and inner cleansing. Logically, the ministry’s legal advisors who tendered legal advice and the bureaucrats who rejected the general’s plea will have to be sternly dealt with in a manner that becomes an example of fair, transparent and speedy dispensation at the highest level. It is becoming increasingly expedient to introduce accountability in our bureaucratic functioning because rampant corruption has only encouraged inefficiency, sycophancy anddestroyed governmental credibility.

Sadly, bigger issues have remained buried under the debris of murk and mirth dwarfing an illustrious soldier by frustrating his efforts for an honourable resolution. In times like these, on-going civil-military acrimony can seriously harm our national interests from within as is clear from the long-pending modernisation programmes, mass dissatisfaction in the armed forces against what is largely perceived as short shrift, step-motherly treatment by the 6th Pay Commission, repeated government appeals against high court/Supreme Court rulings favouring ex-servicemen, non-implementation of recommendations given by Parliamentary Committees on issues concerning soldiers and ex-soldiers are some indicators of a stubborn attitude that helps none but eats into the vitals of nation’s last resort—the armed forces.

At a time when India is aspiring for a higher global role the need is intimate co-operation, trust-driven cohesion and integrated work culture between the MoD and the service headquarters of the armed forces.  This need becomes even more acute in view of the worsening security scenario across India’s western borders. China, too, will contest India’s quest for a global role as was evident from her objections to Indian naval ships at the South China Sea and her newfound interest in the Indian Ocean, even as her claim over Indian territories and military posturing across the Line of Actual Control continue unabated. The internal security environment, too, is worsening with militancy spreading to newer areas. When, if not now, will India wake up to realities?

It is high time the government decided to effectively implement the pending integration of the armed forces with the MoD, which has been always staffed with officers shockingly bereft of basic concepts of national defence and elementary knowledge about military matters. No other developed or developing country in the world has such a slip-shod defence organisation as India’s ministry of defence. Nations that humble their armies are doomed to be humbled by adversaries within and without. India’s proud achievements on the industrial front notwithstanding, she will not be acknowledged as a ‘global power’ unless she wields a credible coercive military power. Soldiers’ demands for genuine welfare and better treatment are therefore not so much for their personal comforts but most crucial for the nation’s honour, safety and wellbeing.

(Col Karan Kharb is a military veteran who commanded an infantry battalion with many successes in counter-terrorist operations. He was also actively involved in numerous high-risk operations as second in command of the elite 51 Special Action Group of the National Security Guard (NSG) widely known as ‘Black Cat Commandos’. He conducts leadership training and is the author of two bestsellers (“Made to Lead” and “Lead to Success”) on leadership development that have also been translated into foreign languages).



Vinay Joshi

5 years ago

LET US FIRST REVISIT the WRIT petition heard & decreed [decided] upon of the Army Chief, Gen. Vijay Kumar Singh, by the apex court, who thought fit to petition the apex court.

The two judge bench, learned Justices R.M Lodha & H.L Gokhale said - Quote – ‘as a matter of fact, the question before us in the writ petition is not about declaration of actual date of birth of the petitioner BUT it concerns the recognition of a particular date of birth of petitioner of the Union Government in the official record’.

The bench added - ‘the matter was discussed in the army and the ministry and you accepted that it be 1950. If you had continued to show it to be 1951, you would probably have faced disciplinary action. You had reconciled to the position that for services, your date of birth is 1950.

Having given that commitment , it does not befit a meritorious officer like you to take a stand at the fag end of the career. Maybe it is an unfortunate happening or destiny but you accepted tha date of birth as 1950.

The bench continued - ‘We respect your pain and anguish but you have not been deprived or harassed. You have achieved what anyone can aspire. A person who has reached the highest position in the army gives repeated commitments. Why would he resile now? You agreed to leave it to the authorities to take a call on your date of birth. You gave repeated commitments that you will respect their decision’. --- UNQUOTE. -

Col. Karan, read the above with due diligence. OK!? NO right/wrong – NO good/bad. OK!?

On Govt agreeing to put balm on his bruised ego!!?
Why Gen. never approached the Army Tribunal before?

Col. Karan with due respect to you – there is no animosity as you think.
OK –

The Chandigarh bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal is hearing accusations by a serving Major General that Gen. Singh had spoilt his annual CR from July 2,2007 to June 30,2008 & from July 1,2008 to Oct 6,2008 for not acceding to Gen. Singh’s demand for changing his DoB.

This Maj.Gen was then a Brigadier & Dy. Military Sec, selection boards & complaints. He has prayed to quash the said reports written by Singh, then Lt.Gen .
The case put up for Feb 14,2012 hearing.

In Dec 2006, when Singh was commander of 2Corps, Ambala, had asked MS to change his recorded DoB.

Many aspects the Tribunal will decide upon. OK.


sohan modak

5 years ago

Whatever issues raised by Col Kharb, some are relevant and others irrelevant. The fact remains that if the birthdate given at the time of Gen Singh's entry to NDA were wrong, then he has deprived another potential fine soldier-officer from acceding entry to NDA. So Gen Singh should really step down on the date of his retirement based on NDA entry and stop this nonsense that is otherwise indicative of greed rather than a matter of honour. I have met quite a few officers who are shocked by the controversy created by Gen. Singh. This is certainly one time that the onus of mischief is on the shoulders of the Chief and not the Governement. Come on, General, become a Mister and stop this infamous show dealing a deathly blow to the reputation of courageous officers of our armed forces.


P M Ravindran

In Reply to sohan modak 5 years ago

Come on Sohan don't be any advocate for imposters. The Army Cheif's is not the only case where there have been problems with date of birth and in fact it is common enough to have well defined guidelines for resolving them. It is the babus and politicians who are now making creating a controversy where there never was one. Incidently, also keep abreast of the truth, because it has been amply clarified that V K Singh was eligible for admission to NDA with either of the dates of birth.


In Reply to P M Ravindran 5 years ago

Incredible that you say that babus and polititians are creating this controversy. The army could not settle this for over 40 years. VK Singh, does not go by decisions that his seniors gave him and keeps challenging the decisions, showing character not expected of a disciplined soldier. He then takes up with politicians and court, not the other way around. If Gen. VK Singh did not take up with political leaders, he retires basis date of birth on May 1950. This is gross inefficiency of the army and Col. Kharb has failed in not castigating his organisation, the army, and VK Singh, instead of trying to be political and blame the government.

P M Ravindran

5 years ago

Thanks to Col Karan Kharb and ML for this factual report. I am also shocked at the ignorance of most of those who have commented here. In fact even the Colonel has missed an important fact- that the identity card(s) issued to V K Singh since his cadet days always showed 1951 as his dob, implying that the mistake had been corrected well in time. The mischief seems to have been created by Gen J J Singh who seemed to have schemed to make another sardar-Lt Gen Bikram Singh- as COAS. Otherwise how did the application submitted to UPSC reach M S Branch when it should have been only with AG's Branch in Army HQs? Anyhow, I personally do not have even 10 pc hope that the apex court will do justice to Gen V K Singh. And my suggestion, to Gen Singh, is that if the apex court does not dispose his petition by end of Feb at least, he should put in his papers. That way he would also have got even with those trying to play foul with the traitors in government by denying Man Mohan Singh his choice of a sardar as the next Chief. It is only if Gen V K Singh retires on 31 May 2012 that Lt Gen Bikram Singh will get to be the next COAS. If he quits earlier than that it will be Lt Gen Ghosh who will be the next COAS!


5 years ago

It is unfortunate that public and media is getting involved into such minor issue like a date of birth.
It very serious in nature though it read as an issue related to date of birth.

It is a matter of ultimate indiscipline exposed to junior most rank and will get influenced and initiate to revolt or take the higher up to court.

If this was an issue of two date of birth by a junior cadre of army jawan in his records, he should have framed for forgery and removed from the Army without any trials.

Humble request.
Anyway the matter is in Supre court, media and people should not play around with the issue

sohan modak

5 years ago

Absolutely no mischief here. The chief passed his NDA entrance exam on the basis of the birthdate that he wishes to change post-facto. If that is done, his entry to NDA becomes quashed and that will be a mess. Why in the first place, he or his parents put the birth date in question at that time. In fact, seeing it in Indian way, there is a possibility of cheating in order to get into NDA.
No Sir, the birthdate on the NDA exam records must be allowed to stand.


5 years ago

Col. Kharb's article is a motivated article trying to make this out to be a civil versus army issue or even an issue versus the government. This is ficticious. Such a stance is against the national interest. It is a matter only for the army to decide, for one of it's own members. Is the army so inefficient that they cannot decide for 30 years? As far as I know from various comentators, Gen VK Singh had given in his own handwritting, the date of birth (DOB) of May 1950 in application/admission form for NDA. He did not apply for rectification within 2 years allowed as per army rules. So the fact that his intermediate certificate shows May 1951, becomes irrelevent. And accordingly, the army has on more than one occasion, has already given the decision that his career path and retirement date are accordingly fixed. But unlike a disciplined soldier, Gen. VK Singh has gone in appeal to the political level (an absolute no-no for a soldier) and the Supreme Court. Anathor question is regarding why Gen VK Singh used 1950 in his application to NDA. Was it because he was underage and he cheated to get admission? And now he wants the advantage of one more year of service! If he cheated for admission, he needs disciplinary action and not an extension of his service. The fact that his intermidiate certificate shows DOB of May 1951, can be acknowledged as a fact but his service & retirement date can only be as per the DOB noted at admission. Please also note that careers of many other army officers are effected, if we change DOB for one man's selfish interests.



In Reply to Mathai 5 years ago

Your view is the logical one that the General should have taken. The Gen has tarnished the image of the services for his personal gain once at time of entry via NDA and now while exiting.
His is a fit case for disciplinary action so none in future give incorrect information.
But by whom ?

P M Ravindran

In Reply to SJain 5 years ago

There is no dearth of ignoramuses in this country and then there are those who will kill even if all they stand to gain is just one rupee. Mathai and Jain certainly are ignoramuses on this issue but what they stand to gain by repeating lies is anybody's guess. V K Singh never gained anything by the error in his UPSC application form. And now he is just fighting for justice and by taking it to its logical end- taking it up with the apex court of the land- he has just exposed the traitors in our public offices. Whether he will get justice in the court remains to be seen. But that is the least of the worries in this case because if he doesn't get justice the court itself would have reinforced the general feeling that it exists for the rich and the powerful only!


5 years ago

General elections are due in 2014 and not 1914.
See even you can make little mistakes



In Reply to Sreepathi 5 years ago

Thanks for pointing it out. It is rectified.

P R Vaidya

5 years ago

Hundreds of persons in Govt service have an issue with the date of birth, particularly in his age group, when dates did not matter for parents. There are set rules to solve it. They can not be different for a clerk and an Army chief. He could have resolved this in his young age. Doing it now hints that he does it becasue of his position gets him a leverage and public/political support. It is unfair for lower ranks ifhe gets a special treatment. It is like Punjab DGP Gill getting away molesting Mrs Bajaj becasue he did a good job as a DGP. That is a wrong way to deliver justice.


P M Ravindran

In Reply to P R Vaidya 5 years ago

I just have one request to the likes of Vaidya and Lokre- don't spread lies if you do not know the truth. The truth is that the corrections had been made and all relevant documents-including the Master Data Sheets prepared for consideration of the Boards for promotions-have been showing the dob as 1951 and NOT 1950. Even now it is only the UPSC application filled up for his admission to NDA which is quoted for the wrong date of birth. This controversy has been created by a former COAS JJ Singh (in connivance with the PM ) to make way for another sardar to be the COAS!

Dr VLLokre

In Reply to P R Vaidya 5 years ago

I totally agree.

nagesh kini

In Reply to Dr VLLokre 5 years ago

At least now the GOI should realise the need to put effective systems in place.
Does this require judicial intervention for course correction?

R N Jha

5 years ago

The writers operating from the writers building were the most useful for promoting the intest of The East India Company but their descendents, the today's bureaucrats are the worst sort of enemy of the Sovereign … Democratic Republic of India.
It seems our Hon'bles have deliberately opted to make themselves irrelivant putting their entire energy to acquire a little decent living !
Thanks to the unbelievable tolerance of We The People Of India.

Shibaji Dash

5 years ago

In the ages that preceded and immediately followed the 2nd World War, memory of events and personages survived for not more than a decade. Once the computing technology put an end to the elder’s talk being the sole source of remembrances and the descriptive reference to a ‘generation’ got abridged from 10 to 2/3 years (as is now) , memory of events and personages has become a casualty of fast paced mortality.
How many today recall a name called Dwight D. Eisenhower? He was the 5 star General and Chief of Army Staff and the US Army; Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during the 2nd World War; was 1st Supreme Commander of NATO in 1951. He went on to become the President of the US of America.
Those who were fresh in body and mind during the 2nd Indo-Pak war may recall ‘Patton’ as the name of a battle tank. The tank was named to ‘perpetuate’ the name of General George S. Patton who, many were convinced, was the most outstanding of all the Generals in the Europe’s theater of War that Eisenhower oversaw as the Supreme Commander. But when it came to do the ranking Eisenhower ranked Patton as No. 3 and Not No. 1. Patton who was given huge news space during the War and so long as controversy persisted about his heroics, got consigned to history until for a short spell his memory was revived in the 1970 by the 7 Oscar winning movie ‘Patton’.
We have deep respect for our entire blemish-less General Officers. General V.K. Singh’s case is very likely to be hit by more than one legal hurdle like acquiescence, latches, estoppels’ etc etc. High decibel shrill electronic media may impart a war-like-tone to otherwise professional gamesmanship in the Court room drama. For the actors in such drama, the underlying message in Garcia Marquez’s eponymous ‘true-to-life’ fiction: ‘The General in His Labyrinth’ has no place.
Who comes first? The nation or the individual? What comes first? Ethics in the interest of posterity or legal niceties? Who will locate ‘conscience’ where it’s like a ninepin in hay stacks of arguments and counter-arguments. ? In any case, how do these actors compare with the long forgotten heroes of the last World War.? Memory of 21st Century is much more notoriously short-lived.

Dr V L Lokre

5 years ago

Both parties have valid arguments. Let us wait for Supreme Court verdict.

govind shanbhag

5 years ago

Karan jee - To retire as Chief of Army of any country is a great job and honour. Although I sympathize with Singh Sir, take into consideration we are denying another official to hold this coveted post and who knows by delaying next persons posting for this coveted job, we might be doing injustice to him. As we understand in such postings one should have residual service of 2 years and after one year he may not become eligible also. It is better if thorough checking is done so that injustice to next person can also be eliminated.

Meenal Mamdani

5 years ago

A lot of irrelevant factors are cited by Col. Kharb in defense of Gen VK Singh.
Why did the general wait to press his case vociferously only at the nth hour? If indeed he brought it up earlier in his career but did not press it as he is doing now, what was the reason?
This incident does not shed a good light on the army administration as well as the person involved.

Babubhai Vaghela

5 years ago

Why Govt or General or Media not disclosing the very basic document viz his Birth Certificate when he was reportedly born in Army Hospital is intriguing. That document with hospital records can give absolutely clear picture as Birth is a fact of life and Birth Date cannot be an item to be interpreted.


nagesh kini

In Reply to Babubhai Vaghela 5 years ago

That Gen. Singh was born in a military hospital is news. Their recorded DOB ought to be taken as gospel truth.
SC should lay down clear cut guidelines on all such matters. There should be a proper forum to decide on such matters of personal interest. Such matters should not be allowed to clog our already overburdened judiciary.


In Reply to nagesh kini 5 years ago

Wherever born, hospital documents should confirm the time and date of his birth. SC must first confirm it.

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