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5 Brand Names to Beware of this April Fools Day
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Medha Patkar quits AAP
Senior leader and anti-Narmada Dam activist Medha Patkar on Saturday said that she has quit the AAP following dissident leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan's expulsion from the party's national executive in Delhi.
Announcing her decision at a hurriedly convened press conference, Patkar expressed pain over the development and said: "Whatever happened in AAP meeting is inappropriate and I condemn it." 
Patkar said the violence and other happenings show disrespect to the party's senior leaders and did not augur well and so she has decided to quit.
Patkar is reported to have been unhappy with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's style of functioning.
Besides Patkar, several groups and activists of the National Alliance of Peoples' Movements are expected to follow suit.
On March 6, senior AAP leader Mayank Gandhi had unfurled the banner of revolt by revealing AAP internal meetings and later claimed he was being targeted. 



MG Warrier

2 years ago

The goings on within AAP or the criticism AAP is facing would not surprise those who have been watching the ‘evolution’ of AAP as a political party. The emergence of AAP on India’s political scene was welcomed by many including this writer. Not because we expected AAP to become a political alternative at a time when both left and right, as also the middle, if one existed, political forces and their leaderships were doing more harm to the country than good. AAP served as a timely ALARM or Wake-up Call for the people of India who left their destiny to the inefficient and corrupt political leadership. AAP has played its role as a change agent. For sustaining the change, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ should take charge.


Pradeep Kumar

In Reply to MG Warrier 2 years ago

We the people are often intellectually lethargic, reactive,and even more, often self serving in a very short sighted way.This is what I have learned from my last Loksabha experience, on having to lead at a tiny area in Kerala. I had no public experience of any sort till then. It was extremely difficult to keep up one's morale and patience. The so called PEOPLE will never rise up to do anything for themselves. The fired up leaders have to inspire, spoon feed and baby sit the public.That is why the country has gone to the dogs. Why should any person, other than a few with burning passion against corruption, either spoon feed or baby sit. We the people will never take charge (of anything)As for AAP, I love Moneylife's article "perfect victory". That precisely sums up my feelings and my heart is with AK.

Real Health Insurance!
This is with regard to “Health Insurance: Conflicting Data on Claims Ratio in IRDAI and IIB Reports” by Raj Pradhan. Insurance—particularly health insurance—is either unavailable at the age when the problems of health are bound to occur, however, good one's lifestyle may be. Real health in-surance would be when senior citizens, beyond 70 years of age and women who beyond 40 years of age, become more vulnerable to unexpected imbalances, also get health insurance with easy claim option. There should be easy access to health facility to all those who are not covered under either the government or banks’ or public sector undertakings’ schemes.
B Yerram Raju, online comment


Candid Assessment!

This is with regard to “History Will Not Be Kind to Dr Manmohan Singh” by Sucheta Dalal. This is one of the best written articles on Manmohan Singh. It has, rightly, gone into the details of the plunder under Manmohan Singh as prime minister. It has also, for the first time, gone into specifics of the looting that happened when he was the finance minister that can be attributed only to him. It is clear that it was his ability to be a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ that got him to occupy the position of power. Make no mistake about assessing him, whether you are a 35-year-old or 50-year-old. Ap-pearances are deceptive; Manmohan Singh proves that.
He was a facilitator for the loot and, thus, got to enjoy power. He was a good economist; hence, he definitely knew where this was leading him. But he was a better politician who was successfully managing perception. He knows that he cannot reclaim political ground. Hence, he is trying to sal-vage the ‘economist’ position as a reformer. He was certainly good for the moneybags, or suitcas-es, and enjoyed their patronage.
History has to judge him fairly and you have, correctly, started a candid assessment.
Krishna, online comment

II. Political Compulsions of Dr Manmohan Singh

This is a very well-written piece bringing out the administrative lapses of Dr Manmohan Singh and allowing ethics deficit to take over the entire economy. Scams after scams during his tenure were merrily tolerated and these accounted for the political compulsions which were taking shelter un-der his personal honesty and integrity. 
These compulsions led to the ignoring of expectations of the masses from a world-renowned economist who was to bring changes in the fortunes of the economy. All the dreams of the masses have been shattered and the economy has been allowed to be ruined in all respects—economically, socially, morally and ethically. The recurring damage inflicted on the economy due to his indecision and tolerating nonsense of the political leaders and bureaucrats, right under his nose, cannot be easily written off. All this would definitely find a place in the economic history of the country, as and when it is written. This is particularly true of the period from 2004 to 2014.
Gopalakrishnan Krishnan, online comment

III. Great Hopes from Dr Manmohan Singh

We had great hopes at the start of the millennium from Dr Manmohan Singh; but we were let down at the end of the decade because of his inaction. Because of him, India has wasted 10 years. We are 10 years behind schedule and we have a lot of catching up to do. Power shortage, spec-trum melee—you name it and we have a scam perpetrating in that sector.
Sujit Menon, by email

IV. Excellent Piece!

The piece on Dr Manmohan Singh is excellent. It takes me down memory lane not only to visits to Mumbai to cover the Harshad Mehta scam but also to savour the fresh air of liberalisation which, alas, ended too soon. 
I have pinned great expectations on Narendra Modi. I hope he, too, doesn’t let us down. In his case, the Opposition won’t let him work. 
NV Subramanian, by email

V. True Face of Dr Singh

Please accept my appreciation for the bold and fearless article written by Sucheta Dalal. Amongst legions of journalists and politicians, soft peddling over the issue of Dr Manmohan Singh’s integrity and honesty, Ms Dalal alone has had the courage to call a spade a spade. As we have gathered from the public outrage on social media, we, the ordinary citizens, are appalled at the extent to which this man compromised all the institutions he headed.
Yesterday, my maid, who earns Rs8,000/- per month brought certificates of two Ponzi schemes in which she invested a total of Rs65,000/- two years ago. Both the companies have shut shop since July 2014. When I checked on the Internet and told her so, her mouth fell and she was speechless. She has lost 50% of her life’s savings.
While Dr Singh gave a free hand to the rich to loot the country, he is also responsible for the ruin of millions of poor of this country. Being so highly qualified, I refuse to accept that he had no idea of the consequences of his policies and inactions.
I congratulate Moneylife for showing the true face of Dr Singh to the world.
Dr Vijaylaxmi Singh, by email

Deserves All Praise!

This is with regard to “Book Review of Bombay Mumbai—Life is Life, I Am Because of You” by Vayshnavi Ganesh. Many go through the life that the author, Amin, did when he was young. But only a few manage to pick themselves up and be what he is today. For that, he deserves all the praise and success he is getting. All the very best to him!
Sookie Skipper, online comment

Mesmerised by Charisma?

This is with regard to “Corporate Espionage and Worse: All Too Common” by Sucheta Dalal. In India, it is clear that only the shady survive and prosper. The supporters of the imprisoned businessman seem mesmerised by his charisma. In the past couple of years, we have seen the hide-and-seek game played out until the Supreme Court said ‘enough is enough’ and the fun and games stopped.
Kaviraj B Patil, online comment

Anaemic Growth?

This is with regard to “Government Spending: New Fuel for the Market?” by Debashis Basu and Jason Monteiro. I haven’t come across such a lucid commentary. Brilliant analysis. How I wish we had a manufacturing culture like the Germans to stay afloat in tough times. They never provided stimuli and still got out of anaemic growth in key sectors.
Joyce J Paul, online comment

Investigative Journalism Needed!

This is with regard to “Stock manipulation: Atlas Jewellery India”. Moneylife seems to be the only magazine investigating such wholescale rigging in the stock market. Everyone else seems too busy hawking financial products to do investigative journalism.
Salvadeswaran Srinivasan

A Genuine Heroine!

This is with regard to “ ‘Do one thing for the girl child today’, says Shaheen Mistri”. A genuine hero-ine in today’s world. She has the heart to want to help others in such a personal manner which is an inspiration for all of us. All the best to her and the organisation!
Sunil Kumar Hemnani

Will Financial Literacy Remain A Dream?

This is with regard to “Financial Marketing Vs Financial Education”. I do not know why this is news; nor is it surprising! The moment the public becomes financially literate, it will stop buying. So, busi-ness will logically spend on selling. If I ran a business, I would do the same. Financial literacy will be a dream in the next 2,000 years also.
R Balakrishnan 

IDP Requirements

This is with regard to “Driving Abroad?” by Veeresh Malik. IDP (international driving permit) issued in India is a ‘translation’ of the Indian driving licence with the passport number and vehicle catego-ry. IDP was quite easy to obtain once upon a time; it became difficult after 2004 and 2007. It is no longer that easy. One critical requirement at the RTO (Road Transport Office) is that the address of the applicant on the passport should match with the address of his driving licence. Why this is a crit-ical requirement is still not clear.


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