132 companies see all-time low level in morning trade on BSE

Marketmen said the reason behind so many firms seeing all-time lows was the ripple effect of deepening worries of a global economic slowdown, which dragged the benchmark Sensex down in morning trade today

Mumbai: As many as 132 companies declined to their all-time low levels in morning trade on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) today as weak global cues dragged the benchmark Sensex down by over 300 points, reports PTI.

Among the companies that witnessed all-time lows were telecom PSU MTNL (down 4.84% to Rs34.35), Anil Ambani group firm Reliance Communications (down 4.15% to Rs72.65), telecom equipment manufacturer GTL Infra (down 3.80% to Rs10.61) and Network 18 group firm TV18 Broadcast (down 10.90% to Rs42.50).

In addition, ADAG company Reliance Power was down 2.86% to Rs81.40 and Sajjan Jindal-led JSW Energy was down 4.02% to Rs51.28.

The other major losers include telecommunications value-added services provider Onmobile Global, which fell 9.13% to a 52-week low of Rs55.70, KSK Energy (down 1.90% to Rs98.05), real estate firm DB Realty (down 3.36% to Rs64.55), state-run manganese ore producer MOIL (down 2.65% to Rs297.30) and state-run lender Punjab & Sind Bank (down 4.80% to Rs77).

Only seven companies, including Essar India, defied the broader market trend and soared to all-time high levels on the BSE.

The advances to declines ratio was huge, as only 552 scrips were advancing, while as many as 2,042 stocks were on a declining trend.

Marketmen said the reason behind so many firms seeing all-time lows was the ripple effect of deepening worries of a global economic slowdown, which dragged the benchmark Sensex down in morning trade today.

The Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex fell by 351.37 points in opening trade to 16,118.42 today, while the National Stock Exchange's 50-share Nifty index slipped below the 4,900-point mark with a fall of over 100 points.

Heavy selling was witnessed in IT and banking stocks, with blue-chips like Infosys, ICICI Bank, TCS and HDFC Bank falling sharply.

Meanwhile, Asian stock markets also plummeted by nearly 4% in intra-day trade today following overnight losses in the US market on weak economic data for the American economy and renewed concerns about the Eurozone debt crisis.


Hero: Not a heroic effort

Hum Mein Hai Hero’, the new ad to announce that Hero Honda is now Hero MotoCorp, is predictable and uninteresting

Hero is no longer married to Honda. It is now called Hero MotoCorp. And this momentous occasion could not be allowed to go unnoticed. The Hero guys decided some song and dance was the order of the day. So there's a brand new commercial on air, and the theme is 'Hum Mein Hai Hero'. It has an 'anthem' to it, so that's why it was released on 15th August.
I like the core idea, which is that everyone needs to find the hero within himself/herself. What that has to do with the corporate re-branding exercise I have no idea. Perhaps, and this is a conjecture, it is Hero's attempt at self-introspection; that they now need to discover life minus the help of Honda. If so, the connection is tenuous and has little relevance to the viewer. In fact, as a bike purchaser, I am a little worried on the impact on product quality minus the Japs.

Anyway, let's discuss the creative. While the idea of finding the hero in oneself is powerful, and it emanates from the brand name, which is a good thing, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The anthem-like jingle, composed by maestro AR Rahman, for a hefty fee of course, is quite dull and not happening. It does nothing for me. No flags flying feel which should have been the emotional response to this one. I must add here that the maestro is losing touch. Remember the silly jingle for the Commonwealth Games? I am now beginning to suspect Rahman's heart is in Hollywood and he's doing local work purely for the bucks.

Next, the stories in the ad-they are packed with unimaginative and trite situations. As you can predict, it's about people becoming heroes in their activities. So a little girl makes it as a gymnast. Another kid rocks it at a TV reality show. A sardarji (yes, you need one in a 'hamara desh' ad) decides to indulge in a steep climb, though he doesn't have the stamina. There's that trademark bungee jumper. And of course, there's a kid playing fabulous cricket shots. And lest you forget Hero is into bikes, the ad is peppered with bike shots.

In short, a very thakela ad. Very predictable and uninteresting imagery. What Hero needs to do is to tell us riveting real life stories of Indians who made it against all odds, whether those tales have to do with bikes or not. With a good core idea in place, the creative now needs to fly and bring out surprising situations.

Before we find the Hero in ourselves, the makers of this ad need to do so.




6 years ago

mr. ad guru,

i would really be willing to know where your soul is??

make us believe you arent conning innocents into buying anything that your clients ask you to sell only for the bucks?

as for the cwg track, we would be mighty impressed if you can leave the comfort of your 30sec zone and come out and create even a collage of images that can move or inspire the country. since neither a Cannes nor a Spikes has come your way, its safe to assume, your work hasn't even inspired the firang jury.


6 years ago

really ppl are becoming jealous of ARR...
just one or few ppl bad reviews cant get down ARR's name and fame...

I say this Hero ad song is loved by most of them... ppl enjoy it..!!!

And I stil wonder why some ppl keep criticizing CWG anthem.... that anthem really rocks hard... If that was a failure, then why should there be a huge noice and shouts when Rahman sang the song at the CWG stage... everyone should have got goosebumps when rahman sang the final high pitch note in that anthem.... that is more than enough for a rahman fan...

these bad reviews will not let rahman down.. he has reached our fans hearts... rahman is god..!!


6 years ago

Anil Thakraney, How the hell do u think you can get away with that. Do u think no one has the brain to find you are baised?


6 years ago

I am a die-hard A R Rahman fan myself...

But with lot of pain, I can only agree to the views of the author on the deteriorating magic in A R Rahman's music...

This one, just like the CWC anthem, the new Airtel signature tune and the Toyota ETIOS song (the Toyota Liva song was good) fails to impress....

But I beg to differ with the author's statement that Rahman's heart is in Hollywood (he is much betond Hollywood anytime!!)... and he does local stuff only for the bucks...

I think there is someother reason behind A R Rahman's poor tunes... may be he is over-worked... or he has risen to a new level of musical genius which we are unable to comprehend... may be...


6 years ago

such a biased article.. jealous of arr ..grow up guys.


6 years ago

Anil Thakraney u r an idiot and also anti-A.R.Rahman that is why you are talking like this. Go and get yourself treated in any psychiatric hospital.


6 years ago

de only thing on hero's mind was de rebranding.. dey first need to make sure every 1 is confortable callin dem Hero instead of HeroHonda.. and dat is basically wat this add does.. unimaginative..but it does have a connect with the common man and de brand.and de song is goes extra miles in making an impact and gettin de brand name into de viewers mind xactly wat it needs.. dont keep bullshitin abt ARR and hollywood...nice Ad and a very good song it real is an anthem.. for every Hero


6 years ago

Very valid article. On top of everything, Hero Munjal Moto went and played their launch rebranding whatever in London, where nobody really even noticed it too much.

The automobile industry in India is marked by a total drought in decent ad campaigns. I think the last decent one, which was not even an ad, was the photo of Jawaharlal Nehru releasing the first Tata Mercedes Benz truck made in Jamshedpur by TELCO decades ago.



In Reply to malq 6 years ago

The launch in London was during the riots and went largely unnoticed.


6 years ago

I agree - AR is loosing shine - this one, CWG and even Toyota.

For me this Etios Ad was a worst car ad.

Anna comes out of Tihar, heads towards fast venue

"We got freedom in 1947. Now the second freedom struggle has begun on 16th August. A revolution has started. The fight against corruption will continue whether I am alive or not," Anna Hazare told his supporters as he stepped out of jail

New Delhi: Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare came out of Tihar Jail on Friday to launch a fortnight-long protest demanding a strong Lokpal bill declaring that the fight against graft will continue whether he was 'alive or not', reports PTI.

Looking fit on his fourth day of fast, the 73-year old social activist came out of the jail premises and made a brief address to the waiting supporters that the 'second freedom struggle' has started.

"We got freedom in 1947. Now the second freedom struggle has begun on 16th August. A revolution has started. The fight against corruption will continue whether I am alive or not," he said as the hundreds of supporters waiting for him since early morning cheered and clapped.

Escorted by police officials, Mr Hazare came out and mounted a small podium erected just outside one of the gates of the prison that was his home for over 67 hours. He had refused to come out of the jail on Tuesday despite government ordering his unconditional release after his arrest in the morning to foil his indefinite hunger strike.

In the short speech, he declared that his campaign was aimed at making the country corruption-free.

Before getting on to a mini-truck heading a procession for a short distance, he appealed to his supporters not to indulge in violence or damage public property.

Flanked by his aides Arvind Kejriwal and Suresh Pathare, the Gandhian also invited them to join his protest that he would begin from the historic Ramlila grounds.

Greeted by rains, the procession made a slow progress as Anna waved to his supporters on his way towards Rajghat where he will pay obeisance to Mahatma Gandhi before proceeding to Amar Jawan Jyoti at the India Gate. From there he will go to Ramlila ground, the protest venue.


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