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Do cooperative housing societies come under RTI ambit?

Vinita Deshmukh 1 comment

Do cooperative housing societies come under RTI ambit?new

Some recent decisions by Information Commissioner Prof M Sridhar Acharyulu mention that the President and Secretary of Co-operative Housing Societies are deemed PIOs under the RTI. The Supreme Court, however, has ruled that only cooperative societies owned, controlled or funded by the state fall under RTI ambit. Let’s take a look at this ever controversial and much discussed issue

High-level panel to tackle banks' bad loans: Official


High-level panel to tackle banks' bad loans: Officialnew

Noting the massive stressed assets of state-run banks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October said the government would infuse Rs.70,000 crore in these banks in the next few years

Prabhu’s plan to increase spend by 285% will transform Indian Railway, says Morgan Stanley

Moneylife Digital Team

Prabhu’s plan to increase spend by 285% will transform Indian Railway, says Morgan Stanleynew

Under-investment in Indian Railways over past 60 years has hurt passengers as well as the country’s manufacturing competitiveness. Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu’s promise to increase the spend by almost 285% over next five years will turnaround the transportation behemoth, says Morgan Stanley

Why men prefer knee-jerk reactions

Nury Vittachi (IANS)

Why men prefer knee-jerk reactionsnew

I was scolded by a friend named Kyra who said that the biggest cause of problems today was people handing out instant punishments without consulting trained negotiators like herself

Gold Monetisation Scheme: More Disadvantages?

Raj Pradhan

Gold Monetisation Scheme: More Disadvantages?new

It is not worth depositing your jewellery

Kerala HC judgement gives relief to e-commerce ventures

Shruti Agarwal 1 comment

Kerala HC judgement gives relief to e-commerce ventures

The absence of a separate taxonomy for the expanding e-commerce industry has put the e-commerce world into a dilemma. A recent judgment from the Kerala HC will be of much relief to the e-commerce companies

`Insurers are easier target for tax department than auto dealers'

Venkatachary Jagannathan (IANS)

`Insurers are easier target for tax department than auto dealers'

Some errant auto dealers did not remit the service tax component of the payments made to them for outsourced services. Instead of catching them, the tax department has gone after the 23 general insurers

Improving Road Safety, Emergency Care

Moneylife Digital Team

Improving Road Safety, Emergency Care

The need of the hour is to ensure effective help in accidents and legal protection for Good Samaritans

GHCL: Strong Growth

Moneylife Digital Team

GHCL: Strong Growth

Both, soda ash and textiles, are doing well

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