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Would You Arrest Romeo’s Juliet?

Bapoo Malcolm

Would You Arrest Romeo’s Juliet?new

Can mercy and death go together? Here lies the difference between euthanasia and murder

Do ‘Alternative Investments’ Serve Any Purpose?

Moneylife Digital Team

Do ‘Alternative Investments’ Serve Any Purpose?new

Remember, these investments have their own unseen set of risks

Value Atrophy

Moneylife Digital Team

Value Atrophynew

How we understand risk

Complacency About Stocks

R Balakrishnan

Complacency About Stocksnew

Don’t chase overvalued stocks. Future returns are good only if you buy stocks when they are undervalued

E-auction of coal blocks is a step in the right direction

AK Ramdas

E-auction of coal blocks is a step in the right directionnew

When the Ordinance to allow e-auction of the coal blocks to the actual end-users is passed, it would bring some stability in the market

BodyArmor's ‘Superiority’ Claims Challenged

BodyArmor's ‘Superiority’ Claims Challengednew

Issue heads to the FTC following a complaint from competing sports drink Gatorade

When US Companies Help the NSA

Nicole Collins Bronzan (ProPublica)

When US Companies Help the NSAnew

Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson on blurring borders in an Internet age and the tension between national security and personal privacy

CSR Reporting, legal and fiscal due diligence by NGOs

Moneylife Digital Team

CSR Reporting, legal and fiscal due diligence by NGOs

Moneylife's seminar with Mr Noshir Dadrawala on the various intricacies of the changed scenario as a result of the CSR norms applicable from this year, under the Companies Act 2013.

3% swing in votes cost Congress 40 seats in Maharashtra

Moneylife Digital Team 1 comment

3% swing in votes cost Congress 40 seats in Maharashtra

As against 21% in 2009, Congress got a vote share of 17.9% this time while its seat tally dropped hugely to 42 from 82 in Maharashtra assembly polls

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